Dance, Dance, Dance

Easily one of the most beautiful editorials I've ever seen, if not one of the most well-timed - it's probably no coincidence that this coincides with the big moment Black Swan is currently having! From the pages of the February issue of Vogue Russia, Denisa Dvorakova takes center stage amidst her group of ballerinas.

Images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

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  1. love the photos, it's the first time I see them :) I adore ballet, I did it for so many years!!



  2. I saw this editorial and it took my breath away! It's a great use to ballerinas in the background! I'm always fascinated by ballet dancers and movies about ballet! Hope you're having a wonderful week Alexandra! xoxoxoo

  3. Such a gorgeous editorial! So elegant. I love anything ballerina-esque.

  4. i also saved most of these images when i saw them! I am OBSESSED with ballet!! Have been for many years, though with all the hype surrounding it recently i'm being so spoiled with the influx of imagery!


  5. wow. so beautiful. i really love it. x


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