Something (Tiffany) Blue

 Jeffrey Campbell heels, DIY cut-offs, H&M top, Club Monaco wrap bracelet,
 Birks bracelet, bracelet c/o LOVE COCO

It's odd but at the same time makes sense that so many bloggers are such talented creative individuals. Odd because it seems like everyone (except me...I can't operate a glue gun to save my life) has some sort of amazing art-related talent, but at the same time it's fitting that so many people who are drawn to self-expression would be creatively inclined.

My friend Carolina is one of those bloggers-meets-creative-extraordinaires. She started her online boutique LOVE COCO recently and it's been incredible how quickly people have taken to it. Then again, it's hard not to take to her elegant yet wearable creations: Tiffany blue and pearls? I'm in. Anyway, be sure to check out her Etsy shop!

I get to see mi parentias tonight, so excited! I really want to show them all the magical things in our hood: the half-naked men lounging outside of the bars at 2 p.m., the homeless guy who sits in front of the pizza place with a new lewd/disturbing sign every day and smiles at you creepily if you make the mistake of engaging in eye contact...ah, the wonders of Church and Wellesley, aka The Gay Village! Love it here.

Hope you all have an amaaaazing weekend!


  1. It's a really beautiful bracelet - and have a great time with your parents!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. You are rocking these shorts! I love the Tiffany blue accessories so much and those cool shoes!
    Haha, and have fun showing your parents around ;)

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    Trendy Teal

  3. Love the bracelet and great style
    xo, Petra


  4. These photos... and you are absolutely stunning!! And that bracelet, swoon! I love it! I'll definitely peek at her shop, and Alex you've styled these jean shorts so beautifully - you're rocking this look, love! Happy Friday! xo V

  5. How do you make a white tank and cut-offs look runway ready? Unfair. I love this simple look, so perfect! Enjoy the time with your parents :)

  6. I'm so excited to check out her shop - I love Tiffany blue :)

  7. This is such a perfect simple summer look. Those shoes are soo amazing, and all your bracelets are gorgeous. Have a great weekend with your parents!!

  8. beautiful photos! I do not own a single pair of shorts that are not athletic shorts... i really need a jean pair like yours! Very cute accessories.. checking out your friends shop now :)

    xo Rachel


  9. I love you looking super laid back! I don't think I've ever seen you in cutoffs and a tank?

  10. Love the "Tiffany" blue bracelet. Cute pop of color.


  11. Great shoes and clutch. Jealous of your sunshine! (from a rainy UK)


  12. My favorite color! Your clutch is awesome. Have fun with the parents tonight!


  13. This place looks like a wonderful one.


  14. Love this simple summer look :)

  15. I have been swooning over that bracelet since you posted snapshots of it on Instagram. The design is adorable and that Tiffany blue shade couldn't suit you more perfectly! I've been thinking of picking one up myself - but in black, of course :) Love this super casual ensemble, your cutoffs are so beyond perfect, I'm always envious. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your parents, my friend! Sounds like you'll be introducing them to some characters ;)

  16. I'm loving your shorts! I just got a pair similar and can't wait to wear them :)


  17. This is the kind of look I could just live in. It's the best kind of simple chic where you look totally put together without looking like you tried really hard. The bracelet is beautiful. I LOVE that Tiffany blue colour and I'm a sucker for pearls. I hope you have the best time with your parents! It's so exciting that you get to show them around your new neighbourhood and let them in on this amazing experience. They must be very proud! XO

  18. yay glad to know you are enjoying toronto :D

  19. You look so relaxed here and I am sure you are feeling very excited about seeing your parents. I love Tiffany blue too! I recently purchased some new runners which ahev Tiffany blue laces and soles!! ;)
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  20. Looks like an exciting neighbourhood.



  21. It's so true that many bloggers are creative types that hand-make beautiful items. I've had my eye on Carolina's bracelets for a while now and this combination with the Tiffany blue ribbon is gorgeous and so you! I love the simplicity of your outfit, and how you amped it up with those amazing heels. Have a wonderful weekend with your parents!


  22. This is simple, but yet so super stylish summer look and your armparty is cute.She is talented. It's absolutely true about bloggers.Don't know why..it's so. I make jewelry as well, today had my first market, in my town. Gosh,I was so excited to any purchases ladies did.I felt so happy that somebody wanted something I have made.By that I mean- every jewelry piece has his own story, it's own charm which comes with my love and good thoughts I have put creating.That's why hand made is so precious.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your parents!

    xoxo Ra

  23. oh lovie! this cut off look enhanced with your bronze glow and wonderful Tiff blue accessories are all so fab together! Carolina's addition is a real stand out - thanks for sharing her story.

    hope you and your fams are having an absolute blast! enjoy the time together, sounds like just the thing you needed, so good to hear! xo ♥

  24. Cute clutch and bracelets!


  25. so simple yet chic! love your jorts!

    Lindsey Turner

  26. I love love love that clutch...where is it from?!


  27. gorgeous simple and casual!

  28. i like the outfit and your shoes.



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