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10 Essentials to Have For Baby’s Arrival

It’s pretty surreal looking at my pregnancy progress tracker & seeing the percentage left in tiny, single digit numbers (think we have 2% left now). I’ve been saying it basically from the get-go and even now at the tail end when you’d expect that time would’ve slowed down, for whatever reason it still feels like it’s going at lightning speed for me. While it feels like we’ve been busy at work in our place and getting ready for at least the last couple of months, I’m grateful to still have …

A Small Space Nursery

When we first found out we were pregnant in February, one of the first things that sent us reeling a bit was whether or not we’d need to move for…

Our Complete Baby Registry

Ah the registry…my most epic pregnancy-related post probably so far, and one I’ve had to rewrite a couple times! I’d actually written out a couple drafts of this post and…



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