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The Fleece Edit

I feel like I should give a good explanation for why I’ve been so MIA on here but honestly, I’ve got nothing! Just Cal and life being crazier/fuller than ever and still learning how to do it all (other mamas out there, is there a point that you start to just feel like you…manage it all?). A quick little life update if you don’t follow along on social platforms: we went on our first trip (can’t wait to share more, Cal was such a trooper and it was so much…

The Chop

Notice anything a little different? Perhaps something to the tune of like…15 inches of hair gone? Yup, that’s right, me and my hair guru Chris Weber did it! For years…

My Shopbop Haul

After literally the hottest summer I can remember here in Vancouver (and elsewhere in BC…seriously, we’ve got to fight climate change, this summer was devastating), I am thankful for the…

My Summer Edit

I’m up at the cabin again, and basically back and forth from the Sunshine Coast as much as humanly possible, which means I’m in my vacay, off-duty clothes 24/7. Rounding…



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