ShoeMint: My Footwear Mecca

Jeans c/o Gap Canada, Twenty8Twelve leather jacket, pumps c/o ShoeMint,
H&M top, Club Monaco clutch, bracelets c/o INPINK, necklace borrowed f/ Jen

There are very few things that can cheer this girl up as much as a brand spanking new pair of shoes. It might be a bit of a stereotype (hello, Carrie-Bradshaw-wannabe much?) but there is something about trying on a pair of beautiful new heels for the first time that always makes me think: "Whoever that person was who said material things can't bring you true happiness was a toootal moron."

Anyway, whether you're in the market for a new pair of pumps like my Adriennes or on the hunt for new boots, ShoeMint will have just about everything your heart desires. Not familiar with ShoeMint? It's the melding of Rachel Bilson's innate style, famed stylist Nicole Chavez's industry expertise and Steve Madden's decades-rich design experience...in other words, it's shoe mecca, and your personally tailored one-stop-shop for all things footwear.

If you're enticed (and if you're like most other red-blooded woman in the world, you probably are), today's a great day to make a stop by ShoeMint - the online shoe boutique is offering new shoppers 20% off if you visit this link! If you're like me and don't see the harm in doing some self-gifting during the coming holiday season (really, it's the only way to stay afloat in a sea of gift-giving, riiiiiiight), there couldn't be a better way of treating yourself this winter.

Happy Thursday lovelies!


  1. I love ShoeMint! Just when I think I have enough pairs of shoes, another pair comes along that I just have to have!!

    The Blue Hour

  2. Totally LOVE those shoes.



  3. Ah, those shoes! Awesome. I'll have to take a peek at Shoe Mint I keep hearing about them and they sound fabulous + you look AWESOME, adore how you've styled your jeans here!! xo

  4. Love those shoes so much! Great necklace as well!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  5. Stripes and animal prints together is my all time have!! throw in those fabulous shoes and I think I may have hyperventilated a little bit!! love love!!

  6. Beautiful look ! And AMAZING shoes ! love them ! And your necklace too !


    xoxo from Japan

  7. You look stunning! This outfit is so beautiful! xo, Christina


  8. very nice outfit..love your shoes, sunglasses, jacket ....everything on you..
    you look so beautiful :-)


  9. Oh man, I'm dying over these heels. The red, the pink, the CAP TOE! I dye. You look gorgeous as always. How do you do it?!

  10. I have soft spot for stripes and that is just one reason why I like this look of You dear Alexandra.Ahhhhh, and those pointed heels in absolutely gorgeous color combo- red & pink + leopard clutch. Fabulous look!Edgy and yet so chic with all those classic elements.

    xoxo Ra


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