Fall outfit inspiration with aritzia leather bag by To Vogue or BustI’m not gonna lie, despite the fact that glasses have basically been a major accessory in their own right for years and the fact that I’m pretty blind, I really struggle to enjoy wearing glasses. Between working out most days to being outdoors to just not always loving the look on me, I’ve struggled with making the most out of my frames.

How to pick the right glasses for your face with bailey nelson parker glasses by To Vogue or Bustfall 2017 trends outfit inspiration by To Vogue or BustFor me, my attitude towards being bespectacled really started to change when I found a pair that really suited me. I’ve been a huge fan of Bailey Nelson for ages for my sunglasses, so naturally, when I set out to find a frame style I really loved, they were my first go-to.

how to wear glasses by To Vogue or Bust where to find the best glasses in vancouver by To Vogue or Bust Because in some ways I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to glasses, I really wanted to make sure I settled on one pair and to pick them really strategically since I do wear them on long travel days, when I’m running errands, etc. There were a few things I focused on or did that made such a huge difference for me (especially when shopping or browsing online)…

how to style glasses outfit inspiration by To Vogue or Bust fall 2017 trend outfit ideas in white warren cashmere sweater by To Vogue or BustACCOUNT FOR MY FACE SHAPE

I have a very oval-shaped face and so while cat eyes are my go-to usually for sunnies because they balance my face out, I wanted something more casual or relaxed for my specs. I found a frame that still had that lift but was slightly more rounded to create a bit less of a statement. I loved the tortoise print though for its more bookish vibe! I was obviously looking for more of an everyday, staple pair but I think figuring out your face shape and then finding a sweet spot for your needs between making a style statement and being good staples is key!

best fall outfit ideas by To Vogue or BustTHINK OF YOUR PALETTE

I usually rock a lot of neutrals day-to-day but have light green eyes so usually solid dark frames don’t work for me—they just totally overwhelm my face. A tortoise like this frame is perfect for me, and while you can’t see it in these shots they have little flecks of green too that bring out my eyes! Take into account your skin colour, eye colour and the shades you usually wear in general, but especially trying to pick out a frame online!

how to wear leather leggings by To Vogue or BustFIT THEM TO YOUR LIFESTYLE

This casual pair works really well for me because they’re stylish yet laid-back enough to wear easily for travel, which is when they get used the most. But if I worked in an office job, depending on my work environment, I might want a more thin frame or a different finish (metallic, etc).

fall outfit ideas in aritzia leather leggings by To Vogue or BustMy goal for this fall? To rock these more on my off days from my workouts! I really loved them for this crisp day in Gastown running around the studio in a cute but casual look—leather leggings, my go-to suede ankle boots (love these ones on sale) and of course, this stunning cashmere sweater from White + Warren that I can not take off. I’m obsessed with W+W always but this sweater has been my new go-to. Love it!

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