3-Week Carry On Packing List For Italy

To Vogue or Bust shares a printable carry on packing list for Italy, answering the question what to pack for a trip to Italy

Doing 3-week carry-on packing lists has become something of a tradition for me, partially due to some practical reasons (I’m usually gone for around 3 weeks, you guys have messaged saying they help a lot, and it actually helps me think through what I’m packing before I even take off!) but more than anything, I honestly just can’t stand not travelling carry-on only no matter how long I’m gone for. I feel like it’s just one less thing to worry about, it makes travelling so much easier and quite frankly, I’ve liked my outfits so much more since making the full switch to carry-on only a few years ago!

To Vogue or Bust shares a printable carry on packing list for Italy, answering the question what to pack for a trip to Italy

The trick is to make a base of neutrals, pick your tonal colours (this trip had dusty pastels offset by some jewel tones) and keep in mind what fabrics will do best.

For example, this might be surprising but I actually love most silk blends, since they roll easily and take up no room (rolling also keeps wrinkles at bay – more on my packing tips here!). But other than that, I always just pick out the jewelry I’m planning on rocking for most of the trip (with maybe an earring set or ring or two to switch in and out to mix it up) and keep the beauty simple (the biggest tip I can give in this area is to go for cream or powder bases so that you don’t max out your liquids quota and to pack a couple lippies that you can layer up easily [I usually go for a rose and classic red] so that you can mix up different colours with lip balm). I pack a little toiletry kit but remember, shampoo, conditioner, etc can all be bought when you land! Cheaper to get those things wherever you are than to either have to pay any fees at the airport.

To Vogue or Bust shares a printable carry on packing list for Italy, answering the question what to pack for a trip to Italy

Now as I mentioned in my Italy: What You Need to Know and my 3-Week Italy Itinerary posts, Italy is such a diverse country and you’re not only going to be needing some variety for the climate itself, but each area has its own feel that you’ll want to dress for. We were also there in the late fall, so this is a list that’s catering to that season but the same basic principles would apply for summer. Just always think basics, basics, basics with some strategic pops of colour or accent pieces (and as I mentioned above, I usually try to keep these really similar, so maybe pops of blue or stripes for one trip [like Greece], or here lots of pastels and the like).

So without further ado, my full packing list below…make sure you pin or save this graphic for your next Italy trip!

To Vogue or Bust shares a printable carry on packing list for Italy, answering the question what to pack for a trip to Italy


2 neutral bottoms, 3 tops, 3 dresses, 1 skirt, 2 sweaters (1 pullover, 1 cardigan), 1 jacket, 1 hat, 3 scarves (1 warm, 2 lighter) 4 pair of shoes (2 foldable ballet flats, 1 pair of ankle boots & 1 pair of sneakers) + accessories (flat, easy-to-pack bag, jewelry, sunglasses, etc) – finally, depending on where you’re going in Italy, swimsuits are obviously a must as well!

Happy planning guys!

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  1. 11.15.16
    Jessica said:

    It’s amazing you made so many outfits with just a carry-on! The makeup tip is a good one; I have only ever used liquid foundation and really want to simplify my makeup routine for travel, but haven’t found any products that do the trick!

    Can’t wait for your other Italy posts! xo

    • 11.15.16
      Alex Grant said:

      Aw thanks lady! I’m doing a travel beauty post soon too to break down some of my faves – makes it so much easier to limit liquids, especially cause I’m a contacts wearer and that takes up all my quota usually! xo

      • 11.16.16
        Jessica said:

        That would be SO helpful!! Seriously, you’re my go-to for travel tips and tricks!

        Thankful there are fashionistas like you who take the time to care and share 😉

        • 11.16.16
          Alex Grant said:

          Aw that means so much!!! Thanks so much love xo

  2. 11.15.16
    Jackie said:

    WOW – you are clearly a seasoned pro by being able to pull off Italy in a carry-on. I can’t even go to New York for a long weekend without packing a full-sized suitcase. (Doesn’t that just make you cringe?)

    Weird question though…do you wash your clothes/underwear at some point? What about when you go hiking/get sweaty? LOL

    Something About That

    • 11.15.16
      Alex Grant said:

      Hey babe! Haha such a legit question – so what I typically do is just ensure that I have access to laundry about halfway through the trip and wash my basics, underwear, socks, PJ’s, etc so that I really just need to pack enough for 10 days ever at a time! Most hotels have laundry services but if I’m doing Airbnb, I just check and make sure about just over a week in the location has a washing machine! Two other options is to pack some travel packs of detergent (can get them from drugstores) to wash in the sink OR if you’re really in a bind, washing clothes with shampoo works just about as well as laundry detergent! Very last option is just to pick up the essentials if needed – always an H&M, Penny’s, etc to get underwear or whatever from and even then it’s a cheaper option then paying luggage fees with most airlines nowadays!

  3. 11.21.16
    C Berkley said:

    I like this list, it’s great and I am going to use it for my upcoming trip!


  4. 1.7.17
    Rachael said:

    Hi, I’m heading to Italy for a month and will hopefully be able to pack carry on as well. I was wondering when exactly you were in italy, I’m trying to get a handle on the weather. And did you pack any wet weather gear. That’s my greatest fear not packing the right clothes, like packing comfy flats and converse only to get stuck in the rain without proper boots and a rain jacket.

    • 4.3.17
      Alexandra Grant said:

      No wet weather gear but packing a mini umbrella is never a bad call, and I like my ECCO shoes (you can see it under my travel section!) because they’re waterproof but super cute, go with everything! 🙂

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