Newborn photography

Callum Elliott

Born October 26, 2020 10:35PM in Vancouver, Canada

7lb 10 oz

Please welcome our little angel Callum Elliott, or Cal Pal as we like to call him. Cal came into this world with a calm and serene expression on his face on a beautiful October evening, taking us all by surprise since we’d officially given up on an earlier arrival and expected him to be past due. We feel blessed & lucky beyond words to be his parents. While we’re clearly biased, he is so perfect in our eyes. He is so beautiful and sweet and somehow already makes us laugh. I have so much to share and will be in the coming weeks as I continue to get my footing (we’re only 2 weeks in, after all) but hope you join us in welcoming this sweet boy to the world. We can’t wait to be his guides on this journey through life, and so excited for our biggest and most beautiful adventure yet.


  1. 1.23.21

    Aw~~ Congratulations!

  2. 3.10.21

    Congratulations! Hope everything is going beautifully.

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