Hometown Glory - Part Two

All right, round two! And to be perfectly honest, there's going to be a round three. I wasn't kidding when I said this city was literally overflowing with talent.  So once again, please enjoy this little feature on some of my faves, and check out their sites!  You're bound to find a new favourite or regular read out of these amazing girls (and guy). 

Alicia of aliciafashionista could very well be a famillar face to you at this point - not only did she join us on our last blogger meetup, but she was also at Obakki, the Van fashion show of the season.

To me, Alicia personifies West-Coast chic.  Effortlessly beautiful and with an impeccable eye for proportions, it's easy enough to fall into a two-hour daze of clicking through all her different outfit posts over the past few years.  Fun fact: Alicia and I share the same (random) blog birthday of April 13th!  Weird right?  Of all the blogs in all the towns in all the world, you had to start your blog on the same day as me Alicia...

Cee of the wonderful blog Coco and Vera is one of those people who I can not say enough good things about.  She's beautiful, sweet, funny, intelligent, has great style...the list could go on for awhile. We also share two important passions in common: a love for literature and a love for all things French.

Cee's actually the one who first came up with the idea of a blogger meetup, and for that, we're all a bit indebted to her because they've turned into such treasured and fun occassions for all of us involved.  I can honestly not wait for our next one!

Paul Melo is easily one of the most well-known bloggers to come out of our fair city, if not the most lauded and treasured blogger we have.  His street style journal Style Quotient documents his strolls through the streets of Vancouver, snapping our most stylish and inspiring locals.  As I mentioned in Part One of Hometown Glory, he recently contributed to Elle's Global Street Style feature.  Not only is it fabulous that Elle thought to include Vancouver in its roster of featured cities, but they could not have picked a better man for the job either.

Aside from being hugely talented (he not only regularly upkeeps his blog but also does amazing visual media work), Paul is also truly kind and supportive.  He was the first person in the industry that I got an opportunity to speak to when I first moved back to Vancouver this past September, and he imparted some pretty indispensable and valuable advice about the city's industry to me. Even now, when I find myself at a bit of a crossroads career-wise, I still reflect on his advice!  

The beautiful Veronika of Girl and Closet might very well be another familiar face to you, and not just because she's been a regular member of our blogger meetups.  Since her blog's birth in January, she has followers numbered in the 1000 range (if not more), regularly receives 100+ comments on her posts, and all in all her site's popularity has literally exploded across the blogosphere.  Chances are, you've probably stumbled across her blog already.

Though the numbers are staggering at first glance when you think about the fact that her blog's not even six months old yet, if you spend even a few minutes on her site, you quickly understand why she has become so popular.  The girl is not only has amazing style and is a stunning model, but she is also an extremely talented photographer.  Her blog reads like a magazine thanks to her high-calibre images and also because she includes helpful how-tos in terms of remixing outfits and throwing together looks. 

Kelsey of The Anthology is, like many of the other individuals featured, a very busy girl.  She not only holds down her job as a writer for an advertising agency, but she also contributes to Vitamin Daily, writes freelance, and upkeeps her wonderfully eclectic blog.

I don't often laugh out loud from reading (except for when I was younger and would read Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging...and by younger I mean last month), but Kelsey's blog will make me laugh at least once per read.  Like her style, she has this very effervescent quality about herself and it really translates itself well on her blog.  It's always a pleasure to spend some time on her site to catch up on her current inspirations, random musings, trip snapshots, and personal style.

There you have it - that's Part Two!  I really didn't think this feature would ever be more than a single post, but even I underestimated how many fabulous bloggers I'd want to feature.  Having said that, yes, definitely expect a Part Three in the next few days.  I will do it right before I am off to Mexico (FOUR DAYS!!!), and then I'm gone, gone in the wiiiiiind.

I puzzled over whether or not to get a guest blogger in while I was gone or to maybe schedule some posts, but instead of that I think it's best to just take the week off and dump a whole ton of Mexico pics on you when I get back.  And make no mistake...by "a ton", I mean a ton...both Matt and I are freakishly snap-happy and we've already made plans to bring his laptop so that we can upload and "start fresh" with our memory cards everyday.  "What weird dorks" you may be thinking.  I'd have to agree.


So as many of you know, Blogger was down for the past couple days and because of that, this post disappeared for a bit.  I'm going to republish it now, so sorry to anyone who's getting this in their feed twice!  Hope you're all having a great Friday :)

Images courtesy of aliciafashionista, Coco and Vera, Style Quotient,
Girl and Closet, The Anthology

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  2. Great idea!


  3. they all look GREAT! can't wait to check them out :)
    xoxo, Saskia

  4. I LOVE Cee!!! (I agree with what you say about her: beautiful, intelligent, with great style :)

  5. yahhhh! another beautiful installment of this awesome series Alex!!! and it's just so darn cool, especially since meeting you, veronika, cee & alicia. seeing them featured here makes me smile. wonderful descriptions for each lovely and the ones i'm not familiar with i'll have to check out soon too. cheers to you for this rousing appreciatory shout out. xo ♥

  6. This is such a great feature! I LOVE all these blogs and doubly love that there's so much style and general awesomeness in Vancouver!

    Have an amazzing trip!! Cant' wait to see the photos! xx

  7. i've been browsing through these blogs and LOVING them. i live in Mount Pleasant and i have to say it's so awesome seeing so much local talent. xo.


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