Dear Diary…

So like any new diary/journal/public forum where I spill too many TMI details about my life on a regular basis, I feel the need to get on a first-name basis and tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Alexandra and I am about to set off on a little adventure in the treacherous and ever-changing world of fashion.

I am by no means like Garance Doré, Scott Schuman, or Jane Aldridge. I certainly idolize all of them, but at the moment, they are miles and miles away from me, floating off in a sparkly world of established fashion bloggers. I do not currently live a glamorous lifestyle, nor do I have the access to or funds for heaps of beautiful, expensive clothing (though I DO save my pennies and invest in beautiful pieces…which is why I have no car, house, or any real investments). What I do have is an irrevocable fascination (read: obsession) with fashion and the culture that surrounds it.

In the past year, I took my LSAT, completed what felt like millions of law school and other graduate studies applications, and all in all made my mum and dad very proud of me. And yet, despite these little feats that might seem to most like solid academic accomplishments, I somehow know that the outcome of those applications won’t matter. Whether I get in or not, I know I will never wholeheartedly love being a lawyer.

Since I picked up my first Vogue at the age of ten, fashion, and more specifically, fashion journalism, has ensnared and entranced me. Though I may try my best at times to do the practical thing and try to ignore what I really love, fashion and writing have always popped back up and distracted me from the more “serious” professions I may have been pursuing at the time. To me, fashion has always been like one of those friends who may not have all that much stability or security to offer to you. Yet, despite that, they somehow or another allow you to be so entirely yourself that consequently, you can’t help but love them and love yourself when you’re with them. Shouldn’t I do what I love, even if it offers no real promise of money or stability, rather than wasting three years of my life training to become a lawyer and then not really loving my job?

Anyway, having said all of that, you may be wondering, “Well what exactly is this rambling girl going to do now? If law school is out of the question, what on Earth is she going to do with her life?”. That is an excellent question! …I have no idea. And really, no concrete plans. At all.

So, that is the focus of this blog…figuring out what exactly I’m going to do. I have at least several things playing in my favour here: 1) I care about what I am pursuing now, and though I may lack a certain level of emotional maturity, I am fairly certain that caring about what you do is a good thing both for your well-being and your career, 2) I am head-strong and tenacious (almost to a fault), and when I set my sights on something, I will one way or another make it happen, and finally, 3) I have a bit of work as a journalist already so the writing is something already underway. One small step in this ever-reaching, never-ending staircase…TO VOGUE!

All right, I think that’s enough for an introduction. One way or another, this will be a good story. Stay tuned.

To Vogue or Bust