My Inspiration: Summer Lovin’

As a die-hard summer girl, I am seriously struggling with this late-onset summer we’ve got going on here in Western Canada. All I can do is look at sunshiney-day pictures to keep myself going. Seriously….my skin is becoming translucent it’s so pale and starved for Vitamin D! People are looking at me like I’m a freak.

Summer days, driftin’ away, to uh-oh those summer nights….

Images courtesy of, Elle Ribera, Elle May L., Ebba Z., and Ilanka V. of,,,

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  1. 5.26.10

    No, it will be in stores in week 22! So very soon!! I literally can't wait. Thanks :-))

  2. 5.26.10

    These pictures remind me of the importance of the sun for good mood and overall cheerfulness.

  3. 5.26.10
    ann said:

    beautiful pictures! i love that blazer and all the shorts! have a wonderuful day!

  4. 5.27.10
    Jonesy said:

    super duper cute sunglasses!

  5. 5.29.10
    Jason said:

    What's the temperature like in Western Canada now? The weather in NYC has been fluctuating a lot.

  6. 5.29.10

    Oh it's consistent here…rained yesterday, rained today, and there will be rain tomorrow!

    It's actually pretty depressing. If you have any sun in NYC, send it my way!

  7. 5.29.10
    Froso said:

    Those pictures really put me in a summer mood too! Thanks for sharing, your blog is so cute, Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana.

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