Kiss With a Fist

So I’m still in the midst of my wisdom teeth/dry sockets recovery, but am finally able to walk about town and eat most foods – definitely some cause for celebration!

As of late, I’ve decided to stick to a very casual dress code since being comfortable is definitely key for me right now, so of course, out come the denim cut-offs! To me, summer-casual is at its best in a pair of denim cut-offs and a loose white tank. I’ve owned this particular pair for four years and quite literally live in them most summers.

All photos were taken by the amazing photographer Anne McHale…hit up her site to check out the rest of her work!


Talula white tank (stolen from my lovely roommate Lisa’s closet)
Aldo brown leather sandals
Marc by Marc Jacobs olive leather bag
Vintage gold and pearl chain
Vintage denim cut-offs

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  1. 6.27.10

    Gorgeous pictures! Love the light rays on the brink and of course, your beautiful face.
    Great Post!

  2. 6.27.10

    great summer outfit!

  3. 6.28.10
    Jackie said:

    I rotate through 3 pairs of shorts every summer as well. They are just so comfortable and easy to dress up or down.

  4. 6.28.10
    hélène said:

    You look great! And you're right, there's nothing more important than comfort in the summer!

  5. 6.28.10

    Beautiful.. Everything is so gorgeous!

  6. 6.28.10
    Sarah said:

    this is so lovely! U captured the light so well! Hope you feel better soon xxx

  7. 6.28.10

    Amazing photo! Great look…love it!

  8. 6.28.10
    Jammer said:

    gorgeous pictures! I love your outfit 🙂

  9. 6.28.10
    LA said:

    How gorgeous!

    Simple and cute outfit for summer!


  10. 6.28.10
    Lorena said:

    I do the same – hot Summer days are always accompanied by denim cutoffs because they're so easy and casual. In the Summer a lot of the time I can't really bothered to think too much about what I'm wearing, I just want to lounge around in the sun and go to the beach.

  11. 6.28.10

    your outfit is amazing and perfect for sumemrtime 🙂

  12. 6.28.10

    omg i love your blog! so cute! great title 😉

  13. 6.29.10

    I like it! It is so ideal for summer, and it looks great on you.


  14. 6.29.10
    Clypi said:

    the pics are really cute

    nice outfit

  15. 6.29.10
    Prutha said:

    i need to find me denim cut offs that will fit my ultra wideeeeee hips and thunder thighs …

    love ur look… very fab

    follow if u like what u see?


  16. 6.29.10

    Thanks for the sweet comments everyone, am feeling much better and will be posting another outfit soon!

    Love Alexandra

  17. 6.29.10

    Oh I completely agree with you about the cut offs, I would be lost in the summer without mine! Love the photos, you look gorgeous!

  18. 7.1.10

    loving your talula tank, you have great style =)

    stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

    xx .sabo skirt.

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