Mon Amie la Rose

As promised, here’s the first in a series entitled “Alex Steals Her Blogger Friends’ Clothes Then Restyles Them and Takes Pictures!”. When my wonderful friend Cee of Coco and Vera showed us this pleated rose Zara number, I knew I had to grab it: the ultra-femme details and cut are right up my alley.

Zara silk blouse and skirt, H&M booties, earrings & ring,
vintage clutch & belt, great-grandma’s ring

I’ve been really into what I like to call “macaron” colours as of late: pretty pastels like soft butter yellow, pistachio green, and dusty rose have quite literally taken over my closet. Standing in front of my closet with Cee’s rose skirt in hand, I instinctively grabbed my new and already very-worn Zara silk blouse in this beautiful light grey-green (one of my recently acquired “macaron” pieces), some cream accents to brighten the look, and warm brown leather accessories to round off the whole thing.

Matt and I are off to watch a matinée of Drive in a minute here and I’m way too excited…I really have no idea what the movie is about, I’m definitely just in it for Gosling. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and declare Gosling as the new Clooney. I don’t think there’s a single woman (or man) who, regardless of what her “type” is, doesn’t find him attractive. I’m usually into really funny guys (Jason Segel, Conan O’Brien), drummers (Dave Grohl…my lifelong love), or big burly guys (cue in the whole New Zealand rugby team). Someone could seriously write a thesis on this phenomenon…what makes these few men (Pitt, Clooney, Gosling) appeal to everyone?

Forget journalism school, this is my new mission in life! Just joking (sort of). Hope all you lovelies have a great Sunday and spend some time thinking about this very deep and thought-provoking issue 🙂

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  1. 9.25.11

    "Macaron" colours, that is such a perfect term! I'm definitely drawn to those types of hues too. Happy Sunday 🙂

    xo, alison*elle

  2. 9.25.11
    Cee said:

    Yep, it's official, I'm a lot shorter than you are- this skirt is knee-length on me! Too funny that I've been thinking of myself as your height all this time, I'm clearly delusional 🙂 I love how you styled this skirt as a mini, though. The idea of macaron colours completely made me smile, and your green silk blouse really is gorgeous. I especially love the last shot of you, it really captures your natural radiance 🙂 Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, doll.

  3. 9.26.11
    MizzJ said:

    Hehe macaron colors is certainly accurate! Love your blouse, I've been pondering whether to get one at Zara or not and this makes it quite tempting.

  4. 9.26.11
    Miranda said:

    Wow I just love the mix of the colors and fabrics, the whole look is perfection


  5. 9.26.11
    Leonie said:

    This outfit is absolutely gorgeous! I love it how you call them 'macaron colors' – because they totally look like it.

    The skirt looks great on you, the length really suits you. Successful clothes swapping!

    Under My Umbrella

    PS. I guess I am the only one who doesn't find Ryan Gosling attractive. BUT I haven't seen him in either Crazy, Stupid, Love or Drive – so perhaps that will change my mind 😉 George Clooney on the other hand… YES!

  6. 9.26.11

    Alex this is such a beautiful look, and I'm loving your choice of pasteled hues, really soft & pretty. And you've styled this impeccably -of course! Also a big yay, for our swaps… love, love that we can all share clothes. Have a great week hun and can't wait to see more of your swapped goodies. xo veronika

  7. 9.26.11
    Joanna said:

    love the soft tones! you look amazing! love the whole outfit!

  8. 9.26.11

    This is such an amazing combination, those colours look soooo good together!! I love the skirt with its pleating.
    I'm a total sucker for burly guys or funny guys, but ryan gosling is so attractive. I loved Drive, so intense!

  9. 9.26.11

    i love this outfit girl. you are stunning. love the color combo!!
    xo TJ

  10. 9.26.11
    Jen said:

    This is so beautiful, Alex! I can't personally pull of "macaron" colours but you do it so well. The mix of the subdued green blouse and Cee's skirt is truly beautiful. And the belt is amazing! Where do you do your vintage shopping?

    Hope you have a great week, and that you find some time to rest in your crazy schedule!

  11. 9.26.11
    Lu said:

    oh love your blog and sytle.
    Follow you right now. I´m so plased if you follow me back.


  12. 9.26.11
    Ellie said:

    Love this outfit! The colors are incredible!


  13. 9.26.11
    Cara said:

    Beautiful color combination Alex, and loving your legs in this look, va va voom!
    You look gorgeous as always, so fun that we have started the clothing swap, I love seeing what everyone does with the pieces!
    xo Cara

  14. 9.26.11

    Love the blouse and skirt combo! Very chic and simple! And Gosling is just amazing, I have no words to describe how amazing he is, aside from amazing. But even that does not fully describe him. lol.

    <3 Kelly

  15. 9.26.11

    You. Look. Gorgeous, Alexandra! I love the colors of the blouse and skirt. I don't know why anyone would want to give them away! But their loss is your gain, right? ; )

  16. 9.27.11
    lisa said:

    Mint green and light pink look so good on you! The blouse plays off the colour of your eyes beautifully.

  17. 9.27.11

    Ok, I have to say it… not attracted to the Gosling! I don't know, I just don't get it – more for you I guess : )
    Great outfit colour combo – that belt looks like Gucci to me. Hope it wasn't a windy day, looks like that skirt has 'Marilyn moment' potential : 0


  18. 9.27.11

    oh macaron colors! so beautiful and refreshing! love the minty green blouse! you look very pretty!

  19. 9.27.11
    Aarti said:

    that last picture of you is gorgeous!


  20. 9.28.11

    fantastic blog!!!follow you,follow me???kiss

  21. 9.29.11

    holy pastel colored take my breath aways!!!!!!! you outdid yourself here Alex, gorgeous shots and even more terrifically alluring YOU! the title you came up with rocks – you really know how to name it and claim it : )

    Gosling is a sure fire dream boat and Canadian which makes it extra rad! hope you had a great time. Sean & i haven't been out to see a flick in a long time, gotta get on that, there's so many new ones that look great. hmmmm, has he trumped Scott Caan's appeal or what?! baha. kidding, i know where your true heart lies and you've got your own way cool boyf in Matt. just don't let him see the knee jerk drool action when viewing Ryan, could any of us help ourselves with that reflex…i think not! xoox ♥

  22. 10.1.11
    M said:

    Again, gorgeous color combination! I also love your previous post on some makeup tips 🙂 Such a simple yet amazing look. New fan!

    <3 from San Francisco

  23. 10.1.11
    Sam said:

    Stunning look, the mint & peach colours work so well together. I need to invest in these shades

  24. 10.10.11

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