Mouthful of Diamonds

I was so excited to style this top from the beautiful Cara of a fashion love affair. The cool-toned colours and hammered metal detailing immediately drew me in and I was quick to dibs it!

Since this was one of the last semi-nice days for the next week or so, I decided to do one final ode to summer by pairing the shimmery top with my yellow Club Monaco skirt and going sans jacket.

Kimchi Blue blouse, Club Monaco skirt, Michael Kors pumps, H&M ring

I seriously hate this expression but THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. I’m a die-hard night owl and have seriously been struggling with waking up so early every morning. I’ve been feeling perma-exhausted lately and more than anything, I’m just looking forward to a good long sleep at some point during the weekend. If anyone has amazing tips for getting used to a new sleep schedule, hit me up.

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  1. 9.30.11

    You look absolutely gorgeous here!! I love these colours together, the top is so pretty and that skirt has such great movement!! So great. TGIF indeed, I am in need of the weekend 🙂

  2. 9.30.11

    Love everything, I can't tell if I prefer the top or the skirt or the shoes…. I am fascinated with everything.

  3. 9.30.11
    Cara said:

    Love the way you styled the top Alex, it looks beautiful with the yellow skirt, and I love the way you captured the sparkle in the sun! Beautiful!
    Happy Weekend,
    xo Cara

  4. 9.30.11

    I have problems waking up early too and I tend to use my weekends catching up on sleep. TGIF! That lemon yellow CM skirt looks great on you… I had tried that on but yellow's definitley not my colour.

    xo, alison*elle

  5. 9.30.11
    lisa said:

    TGIF indeed! Early wake-up times are rough.

  6. 10.1.11

    Alexandra! It's such a gorgeous skirt and the color is absolutely divine on you! I'm also a night owl as well but there's no way I look as fresh-faced as you! I need a miracle makeup that makes me look like I get a full 8-hour sleep everynight, haha. xoxxoxoo

  7. 10.1.11
    Cee said:

    I'm very much with you on the TGIF thing, I have to say. Being cubicle-bound five days a week will do that to you 😛 I wish I could point you in the direction of more sleep, but except on special occasions, I'm always in bed by ten- I think I might secret be eighty years old; I also have an absurd fondness for hard candies 🙂 But I digress… I love the way you styled Cara's top, I never thought of pairing it with "our" skirt but the colour combination is just stunning. And I'm still envious of those gray pumps. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  8. 10.1.11
    M said:

    This look is gorgeous! I love how you styled everything 🙂

    <3 form San Francisco

  9. 10.1.11
    MizzJ said:

    You look absolutely gorgeous!!

    I so agree with you on the weekends and sleep thing. I usually like to go out and blow some steam on weekends, but lately I just feel too tired to put in that effort!

  10. 10.1.11
    t said:
  11. 10.1.11
    Sam said:

    Pleated skirt looks great on you.
    Lovely outfit!

  12. 10.1.11

    ah, i got a new expression…. TGIA – cos the A's for Alex! your dibs call paid off big time lades, Cara's top with your yellow chiffon skirt is making spellbinding magic together! doesn't hurt either how your eyes come alive reflecting its sea-foamed qualities.

    wishing you a restful weekend Alex, you've been workin' hard and deserve it. tuck in and enjoy! xoox ♥

  13. 10.1.11

    //I completly agree! I love that men's fashion is really starting to grow more, and have more options! 🙂 I love this, you look stunning 🙂

  14. 10.2.11

    Beautiful skirt!

    Xo Ashleigh

  15. 10.2.11
    Lu said:

    oh thanks for your comment!!
    fantastic outfit

  16. 10.3.11
    Charlotte said:

    Love this skirt, beautiful colour. so fresh! xx

  17. 10.7.11

    I love love love this outfit and the colors!

    Nicole Marie

  18. 1.27.12
    Anonymous said:

    pure elegant beauty x

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