TNA scarf, H&M sweater, Joe Fresh faux fur, Sam Edelman booties,
Club Monaco dress & tights, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, men’s belt from Mexico

A small miracle has happened here in Vancouver: the sun has returned. Looking back on these pics that were taken last Saturday during a coffee date with my lovely friend Cee, I can instantly recall how disgusting it was outside. Slush, rain, wind, the works. I’m so excited to finally shoot in the sun this weekend, especially because I have so many lovely new things to debut!

Cee and I had an amazing catch-up at Thierry Chocolates, which has fast become my favourite local destination for sweet treats. Aside from making the best pain au chocolat I’ve had since returning from France (not to mention their macarons and liquid chocolate, which are both out of this world), the people there are also beyond kind. I filmed a TV sequence there the other day for a film assignment I had for school and they were so welcoming and helpful. Thank you again to the lovely people at Thierry for both your amazing treats and service!

My lovely pal – what a beauty!

Almond croissant, cranberry and chestnut macarons and a cocoa-dusted macaron. My own personal version of Heaven.

Not to sound like a Whiny Wanda (I just made that up on the spot and am really impressed with myself), but this has maaaaybe been one of the worst weeks school-wise of my life ever. And by that I mean it has definitely been the worst. I’m trying to keep in mind that the short-term pain can lead to long-term gain (thanks to my lovely friends and boyfriend for reminding me of that today) but that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying it along the way. Needless to say, instead of forcing myself to sit in all weekend and work even more, I’m going out tonight and blowing off some steam. Wine-time, here I come!

Hope you all have an incredible weekend lovelies! To Vogue or Bust

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  1. 2.3.12

    love that you guys took pics of each other. looking beautiful! you are so right – short term pain for REALLY long term gain. you can do this! in the meantime, hugs and WINE! enjoy x

  2. 2.3.12
    Shannon said:

    You look gorgeous! Love the tights.

  3. 2.3.12

    I really like the colors in this outfit … they flow so well together!! keep your chin up girl … you can do it!!

  4. 2.4.12

    i still have never had a macaroon. all of these images are beautiful, and your jacket is just perfect. so happy to hear that the sun is making it's appearance!
    xo TJ

  5. 2.4.12

    Wow that really does sound like heaven!

  6. 2.4.12

    Im so sorry it's been such a stressful week, but you definitely need to take a night off and have fun! Taking time out is sometimes the best thing to do
    I absolutely love this outfit, that dress with all the layers is so perfect for the crappy weather. I love all the colours here!! Your jacket looks sooo cozy

  7. 2.4.12
    Cee said:

    I loved this outfit so much in person, pally – every single piece is absolutely stunning. I'll forever be most envious of your Joe Fresh fur coat, though. They didn't make any this year and I was devastated 🙁 What a shame that you've had an unamazing week, but believe me, I've been right there with you. But just remember, there is an end in sight. And wine cures all things 😉

  8. 2.4.12

    Both you girls look gorgeous AND that coffee and food looks DELICIOUS! It must be dinner time lol. I do love Thierry's, so much dessert goodness. Really hope you have a better week next week, really hate to hear that you've been so stressed. At least it's Friday :D?!

  9. 2.4.12
    Marcella said:

    It seems like the weather is always conspiring against us bloggers. Every time I receive a bunch of new things in the post, I can never get any photos done because it rains nonstop all of a sudden!

    Nothing's better than discovering an amazing chocolate shop 😉 Currently addicted to belgian hot chocolates at a little boutique store I found.

    Love the colours you're wearing, the combination of dusty pink, camel and navy is so feminine and chic!

    x Marcella

  10. 2.4.12

    beautiful touch of camel color in your outfit !

  11. 2.4.12
    Robyn said:

    This color combination is perfect. I want to copy the entire look. Glad to hear it's warming up, even if you don't get to enjoy it quite yet bc of school. Good luck getting through everything.

  12. 2.4.12

    love the layers ! beautiful color match !

    And I can't wait to see your photos in sunlight ! And have a nice wine-time !

    xoxo from japan

  13. 2.4.12
    Leonie said:

    Aw well at least you deserved this horrible week and I hope you're enjoying a good glass of wine by now (or 2, or 3…)!

    As usual, I really like all the lovely colors in your outfit. That scarf looks so soft and your bag is gorgeous. I have to say, I am not a big fan of big (faux) fur coats, because they usually look so "overwhelming" (couldn't think of a better word). But you're really rocking the fur, it looks super pretty!

    Enjoy your weekend! xo

  14. 2.4.12

    Lovely outfit, perfect for a catch up with a friend. I am new to this whole macarons craze. I found some that are gluten free & with a cup of peppermint tea, they went down a treat! Enjoy yourself and have a wine for me!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  15. 2.4.12
    Kelly said:

    you do layering so well my dear! i love it! i also found you on the refinery 29 thing and i voted!! thanks if you voted back/already!


  16. 2.4.12

    Lovely outfit! The macarons look amazing, nom nom!<3

  17. 2.4.12

    I really like your outfit, it looks very warm and cosy!
    xxx Anita

  18. 2.4.12
    Jodi said:

    I love your outfits babe!!
    xox J

  19. 2.4.12

    You both look beautiful, I love your look, great layering! I'm sad to hear school is stressing you out, hope things get better soon. Also can't wait to see your new looks!

  20. 2.4.12

    Who knew warm weather wears could look so fabulous? You pull off a cold weather look so well!


  21. 2.4.12

    Those booties are so cute!!

  22. 2.4.12

    Nice pics 🙂

  23. 2.4.12

    i love the colour palette of your outfit.. toast, burgundy, blue.. i´m in love with it!!!. Have a great weekend full of wine :O!

  24. 2.4.12

    the red around ur neck…
    is it a collar or a scarf?
    looks so comfy!

    lovely look once again!

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    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  25. 2.4.12
    lisa said:

    Enjoy the weekend! I can't get over all this sunshine. It's like a midwinter gift.

  26. 2.5.12

    That looks so yummy
    Love the comfy outfit, looking great

  27. 2.5.12

    i am wanda and i find your alliteration offensive |:

    naaaah, i'm just kidding, haha :p

    i live in a summer-all-year-old country so i kind of envy countries that allow you to wear ANY sort of coat at all, but i'm sure this is just one of those "glass is greener" things (;

    – steph j from

  28. 2.5.12
    Gazelle said:

    here in Paris, it's getting colder and colder ! love the "macaron" ! nice outfit !

  29. 2.5.12

    Sorry to hear you had a bad week : ( I hope you were able to blow off some steam this weekend! And a new week awaits you! I love your outfit, the scarf makes it so cozy and you look beautiful as always. Like a model, seriously! xo

  30. 2.5.12
    Sam said:

    Hi dear, your street style is always so unique. I am sorry to hear about your terrible week, I hope that it gets better. I hope the yum macaroons cheered you up a bit?

  31. 2.6.12
    Heather said:

    Gorgeous scarf – I love the colors you combined and those tights! I hear ya on the crappy slush – bring on Spring!


  32. 2.6.12
    jamie said:

    dear alexandra,

    goodness girl, you rock.

    love, me.

    p.s id love to see the short video you filmed 🙂

  33. 2.6.12

    I love the color of your tights. They're beautiful and I'm so sorry that school is going poorly. Hang in there, darling!

  34. 2.6.12

    Don't you just love macaroons??

    P.S. Love your shoes!

  35. 2.6.12

    I love your cozy layers! You make winter dressing look so effortless and chic. I hope school gets better! Hang in there!

  36. 2.6.12
    Britta said:

    Oh I absolutely love Thierry! I came upon it in fall last year, and I dream about going back all the time <3 They really are the best macarons that I have found in Vancouver. I actually did a post on the adorable cafe back in October too! My friends just went this week and said it's open quite late; I think I have a new favourite study spot 🙂

    I love the colour combination you chose here; I don't own very many of these hues, but I wish I did. Great styling!


  37. 2.6.12

    Love cappuccino!!! You look super pretty!

    The Life After

  38. 2.6.12
    Stevia said:

    Oh macaroon!!!
    I love your whole outfit
    It looks super chic and super warm!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  39. 2.6.12

    You look stunning as usual, you make every outfit look amazing and chic, love your style.

    Plus now I am in the mood for some sweets!

  40. 2.7.12
    Jen said:

    omg the food looks sooooo yummy I'm definitely going to try that place sometime soon!

  41. 2.7.12

    aw Cee how fun!! those macaroons looks so delish 😉 X

  42. 2.7.12
    mymy said:

    u girls are really cute =) love the coat ure wearing !

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