Don’t You Remember

Club Monaco sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, H&M booties,
earrings c/o Anjolee, skinnies c/o Raven Denim, blazer c/o Lost & Found

You know that scene in Amélie when she arranges for Bretodeau to find his lost tin box of childhood memorabilia in the telephone booth?

I had a very similar experience last night after finally tearing myself away from my laptop to tidy my room, which had become a complete mess during my back and forth travelling over reading week. Anyway, while cleaning I checked underneath my bed and found this little rosewood box hidden under a bunch of loose school papers. Though it was a tiny box, it somehow had housed this great little selection of some of the most defining moments of my entire life.

Stuffed in the box were pictures of the vineyard I lived on when I was a 15 year old expat in France, blurry snapshots from my friends and I’s escapades downtown during high school (we were weirdos…we used to leave school early and drink cheap wine on the art gallery steps with our best friend, this fat homeless guy Mickey), and a hot air balloon pin I brought all the way back from Québec with me when we moved out west, among other things.

I’m sure most of you aren’t as disorganized as I am and probably safely store away your most treasured memorabilia, but have any of you ever experienced the same happy accident of stumbling upon some lost gems?

  Aside from that happy discovery, I also got such a great little surprise Monday when I checked my Twitter feed and saw The Bay had included me in their “5 Canadian Blogs We Love” feature on their B Insider blog! I was featured alongside four beautiful and talented Vancouverites: Anya, Kelsey, Peter and Matina. Thanks again to the lovely people at The Bay!
Image of me pictured above courtesy of StyleQuotient
I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far! x To Vogue or Bust

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  1. 2.22.12

    Great photos and great outfit! You're so pretty! =)

    Have a nice day! =)

  2. 2.22.12

    Hi dear!
    Congratulations for the feature and love your burgundy pants!

  3. 2.22.12

    Great outfit!! I really want your sweater:)

  4. 2.22.12
    Karen said:

    Congrats on being featured on the bay blog!! Love your cords!!


  5. 2.22.12
    M said:
  6. 2.22.12

    beautiful!! love the outfit!

  7. 2.22.12

    Congrats on the feature, Alex! I love the wine & brown tones in your outfit. I'm fairly organized but it is fun nonetheless opening those boxes of things from the past and reading notes/letters my friends and I used to write to each other or even old yearbooks.

    xo, alison*elle

  8. 2.22.12

    The color combination is absolutely perfect. Your corduroys are just the right shade of crimson, and they go so well with your sweater. Congrats on the feature, too!


  9. 2.22.12
    lisa said:

    I'm sure I'm going to have my own share of Bretodeau moments when I move out. 🙂

    Congrats on the feature!

  10. 2.22.12
    Bre said:

    I have yet to see that movie, but I find money left in holiday cards all the time. It's an ongoing joke at my house.
    I swear you are the layering queen. You always make it looks so easy, beautiful, chic and not bulky.

  11. 2.22.12

    I seriously need pants this colour, why don't I have any?! I love the sweater under the blazer and the scarf, such great layering!! And congrats for the feature.
    i LOVE cleaning my room and finding stuff like that, I'm a pack rat and keep evvverything, I have movie stubs in a box and some of them date back to 2000. So ridiculous, it brings back memories though

  12. 2.22.12
    Ashley said:

    Congratulations on the feature, how exciting! You look gorgeous as always!

  13. 2.22.12
    Shannon said:

    You look gorgeous! Congrats on the amazing feature.

  14. 2.22.12

    Congrats to be on that 'Canadian blogger list'

    Love the pants (and love it even more that it matches the scarf)!

  15. 2.22.12
    Kristin said:

    I love this look! The colors go so perfectly together!

  16. 2.22.12

    OMG I love this look, beautiful color combination. Congrat on the feature !!!

  17. 2.23.12

    Congrats on being on the Canadian blogger list. 🙂

    You seriously look so stunning. The colors are so perfect.

  18. 2.23.12
    Cee said:

    Aw pally, you know how much I love those pants, they really do fit you like a glove. And how cute that you found a box of treasures! I've moved so many times over the years that my treasures are spread out all over the place… I'm definitely not going to be finding a box of them hiding anywhere in my bedroom. But c'est la vie 🙂 Congrats on your Bay feature – how fabulous! Can't wait to see your beautiful face this weekend.

  19. 2.23.12
    two birds said:

    I often find little bits of memorabilia in places I forgot I put them. So fun to stumble upon those things. The wine drinking escapades sound fun! I am so in love with this outfit. The camel color pieces with the wine color pants and scarf are so gorgeous!

  20. 2.23.12

    You manage to look always wonderful ! All the details are wonderful incorporated !

  21. 2.23.12
    Liv said:

    Eeek your denim! I love it.

    I love stumbling upon old stuff esp. from HS. it's fun to look through and see what might have meant so much to you back then and whether things have changed. So jealous that you lived in France as a teen – what a great experience.

  22. 2.23.12

    Beautiful, love the colors!

  23. 2.23.12
    Marisa said:

    It's those gorgeous burgundy pants again! I love seeing all the different ways you style them. I hear you about finding hidden gems, it's definitely a fun trip down memory lane when you find them. Congrats again on the feature 🙂


  24. 2.23.12

    These colours are so beautiful together! This is a perfect look to wear now and transition into Spring!

    Jen xo

  25. 2.23.12
    NaNa said:

    lovin the chestnut & burgundy tones! nice work xoxo ;p

  26. 2.23.12
    Fabliha said:

    you look so stunning! I love the colour palette of this outfit

  27. 2.23.12
    Dora said:

    You really rock this earthy tones outfits! XX

  28. 2.23.12
    yiqin; said:

    totalyl rocked those pants

    • 2.23.12
      Sandra said:

      Hey, I've been looking through your blog and have to admit I really love it – and not only your outfits, but also your writing style 🙂 I've also had problems when it comes to find trousers as I have hourglass figure (just like you).. So it's really helpful to find blogger who has some good ideas and takes into account the part of body from waist to bottom! Thanks! :))) / Sandra from Europe

  29. 2.23.12
    Bunnie said:

    You look amazing! The color of the outfit and your red lips go together so well. But I guess it's not too hard when you're naturally gorgeous! Congrats on being chosen as one of the Bay's fave bloggers in Canada! That's a big deal.

  30. 2.23.12

    Gorgeous ! I really love this pant's color !

  31. 2.23.12
    IBWV said:

    lovin the sweater!!!

    For fashion inspiration check out my mood boards and follow me at:

  32. 2.23.12
    Sunkissed said:

    that is such a sweet story – you look lovely, that sweater is so pretty !

  33. 2.23.12
    Alana said:

    I love all the colors you put together in this outfit! I've been obsessed with colored pants and these ones are no exception. They are the perfect pink. Congrats on The Bay feature that is amazing! Well deserved. So glad you found me too! And that Miss Alicia introduced us:) You'll have to let me know when you girls have meet ups, I'm always looking for an excuse to go to Vancouver.

  34. 2.23.12
    Elisabeth said:

    Stumbling upon memories is the best! I'm a very nostalgic person so I love to wallow in memories, sometimes even too much.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog again. Nice to have you back as a reader! 🙂
    And oh yeah, we maybe got our snow late this winter, but we'll sure have it until nobody else does anymore, haha!

    E from Helsinki

  35. 2.23.12
    Jackie said:

    I love this outfit! Finding old memorabilia is the best! Congrats on your award!!

  36. 2.23.12

    Congrats on The Bay feature, it's well deserved! Love finding old treasures at home. You look so chic and beautiful, as always! Your blog is one of my top reads!

  37. 2.23.12

    Congrats on the shout out! I love digging through old memorabilia, and every time I'm home in Canada, I find myself dragging out the old boxes and having a good laugh. Last time I was delighted to find a diary entry charting why 10 was such a rough age ending with the conclusion that 11 would probably worse and I might as well just give up. What a cynic!

  38. 2.23.12
    Indy said:

    I love the color of those pants! So pretty!

  39. 2.23.12

    Congrats! You look really lovely, per usual 🙂


  40. 2.23.12
    Sam said:

    I remember that scene in the movie! How lucky to find all those hidden treasures. A heartiest congratulations on the feature!! You so deserve it! your style is always amazing, like today…a stunning coloured jeans and scarf and a chic jacket. Lovely!

  41. 2.24.12
    Heather said:

    Burgundy is so your color! And yes, awhile ago I found a bunch of old high school boyfriend letters… it was too funny 🙂


  42. 2.24.12

    What a beautiful story, Alex and I love Amelie!!! And your post made me giggle because my room is in shambles at the moment from a hectic week as well. When I tidy my room, I normally stumble upon money which is a nice surprise. Maybe I should go clean my room so I can get paid 😉 Love your mix of different fabric textures and a BIG congrats on the Bay feature! xo

  43. 2.24.12
    Annie said:

    Love the buttons on the jacket, your sweater and the color of those pants! Would love if you followed back! xoxo

  44. 2.24.12

    FIrst off- Congratulations!!! love your blog. And secondly I so love the textures of this outfit.

  45. 2.24.12
    Hannah said:

    Love love love the color of your scarf and pants!

    xo, H

  46. 2.24.12

    Another great post from you! I LOVE IT!!!

    love //

  47. 2.24.12

    great outfit and a really beautiful lady!!! love your eyes sweetie… you are a pro in modelling… love your taste in fashion… kisses!!!

  48. 2.24.12
    Daria said:

    loooove this outfit, such pleasant colours!

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  49. 2.24.12
    Mica said:

    Lovely colours in this outfit! 🙂

  50. 2.24.12

    You look beautiful – so elegant! xo

  51. 2.24.12

    baby this post is marvellous!!
    A_C'est moi

  52. 2.24.12
    Heather said:

    OOOO love your cardigan. And i like how you paired it up with a chunky sweater.

  53. 2.24.12
    Gabriele said:

    love your jumper and scarf. I also love how you paired that brown belt! Great outfit once again. 🙂
    Much love, gabriele. xx

  54. 2.24.12

    My dearest one such a nostalgic and dreamy experience, the one you described. I could almost feel your heart pounding after stumbling upon this childhood treasure. I can totally relate as I often find myself dreaming of playing with my childhood toys and discovering artifacts long forgotten but so dear to me.
    As far as your look today, I just adore the brown and caramel shades on you; you have a unique way of transforming these colors in a very contemporary and fashion-forward way combining vintage elements with up to date pieces! 😉

  55. 2.24.12

    congrats on the feature! love your pants and Marc bag

  56. 2.24.12

    LOVE it! Followed you too 🙂

    Hope you can follow me back <3

  57. 2.24.12

    Congrats for the feauture . Is always nice to be recogniced!
    The colour palete on this shot is great! I love all those colours!


  58. 2.24.12
    Kate S said:

    I just love the colors in your outfit! That blazer is my favorite part. =]


  59. 2.24.12

    Aw how lovely to find something like that!! Beautiful photos!

  60. 2.24.12
    Mary said:

    Great colours! i like your look a lot!

  61. 2.25.12

    oh Alex, congratulations on the feature!!! how cool is that? really rad report and your look has me buzzing with eye fulls of awesome. can't get enough of the berry & cinnamon combo, it's so pretty together and on you it's super flattering. girl, you gotta scan those treasured photos and get em' up on le blog, would love to peek into that part of your life. sounds magical! xo ♥

  62. 2.26.12
    Rea said:

    nice one! love the sweater!

  63. 2.27.12

    I seriously love this outfit!! It's a perfect color combination for a nice winter day!! Perfection!!! In love with everything in this outfit!! So wearable and comfortable!!

  64. 3.4.12
    Marie said:

    really love this marc jacobs bag 🙂 Follow?

    Kisses, Marie.

  65. 3.10.12

    canadian blogs grow even more popular lately!
    beautiful memories, beautiful clothes. love the color combination

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