Symphony in Blue

H&M skirt, Wilfred shirt, vintage belt, Rebecca Minkoff clutch,
cape c/o StylePiques, Belle by Sigerson Morrison flats, necklace c/o Shoppalu

Being as busy as I have been this past year, I figured out a colour palette of warm tones that worked seamlessly together in order to make dressing in the near-unconscious hours of the early morning easier. Though it’s made my mornings run a bit more smoothly, I have really missed all of the blues and greens that I used to wear more. Since spring finally feels like it’s on its way, I broke out a couple of my favourite ocean-toned hues yesterday and made friendly with them again. It was also the perfect opportunity to showcase my new turquoise and silver necklace from Shoppalu – so in love with it!

Did any of you watch the Oscars last night? I actually thought there were quite a few good turn-outs on the red carpet, but seriously, Gwyneth Paltrow killed it in Tom Ford! My favourite for sure. I was shocked when I was listening to the CBC this morning and the fashion commentator said the dress looked like a hygienic product – I thought it was so elegant and strong. Who were your favourites?
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend lovelies! x To Vogue or Bust

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  1. 2.27.12
    xoxoCat said:

    Honestly, I thought she would've done better without the cape.

  2. 2.27.12
    Tina said:
  3. 2.27.12

    Love the cape, so chic!

  4. 2.27.12

    I think the Artist was a great choice! But no, unfortunately, I didn't watch it, but I read about it today in the newspapers.
    Your outfit is great, I'm trying to improve my closet this year, I wish I would already be at the point where you are!
    xxx Anita

  5. 2.27.12

    I'm in love with your skirt and cape! such a lovely outfit, you look stunning! I also am obsessed with your necklace!

  6. 2.27.12
    lisa said:

    I like all the blues in this outfit and the fun print. As far as best dressed Oscar attendees go, I loved Gwyneth Paltrow's look. The cape totally made the dress.

  7. 2.27.12

    i like your look
    pretty woman :XX

  8. 2.27.12

    you look gorgeous! i love the mix of colors you are wearing!!

  9. 2.27.12
    two birds said:

    Gwyneth was in my top three for sure. She looked amazing. You also look amazing in all of these blues and greens. Gorgeous color palette!

  10. 2.27.12

    You look gorgeous in that royal purple color and I love the details of your little necklace.


  11. 2.27.12
    Bonnie said:

    Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford literally made me gasp out loud. I don't even like her, but she looked amazing.
    Your necklace is so pretty! I love the colors.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. 2.27.12
    Jen said:

    You've been so smart to simplify your wardrobe to make dressing in the mornings easier, but it's refreshing to see you in blues! You look lovely 🙂 That cape is a toughie to style and I love seeing how different your outfits around it have been so far. Can't wait to see how else you wear it! I loved Gwyneth's dress too. So funny how dresses that people who actually like fashion enjoy are the ones that the general public deem the biggest flops!

    Hope you have a great week Alex!

  13. 2.27.12

    You look great in blues and greens, Alex, and I love your new necklace. Happy Monday! 🙂

    xo, alison*elle

  14. 2.27.12
    Shannon said:

    Beautiful color combination. Love the clutch!

  15. 2.27.12

    Obsessed with this belt! and totally agree about Gwyneth.

  16. 2.27.12

    Lovely outfit! I thought Gwyneth Paltrow looked fantastic (& I also loved Emma Stone's dress) 🙂

  17. 2.27.12
    Naghmeh said:

    love that skirt! and these blues look so gorgeous on you 🙂
    I thought that Tom Ford dress was beyond gorgeous, so I don't know what these people were saying! Rooney Mara was another favourite of mine and so was Emma Stone 🙂

  18. 2.27.12
    Oniea Ivanov said:

    I love high waisted skirts!

  19. 2.27.12

    This is such an amazing shade of blue on you!!! I love the floral skirt, perfect for spring. And that cape is such a great piece. AH I wish I could have stayed in Vancouver!!

  20. 2.28.12
    Mabel said:

    You look gorgeous as always, that shade of blue is perfect for you!

    My favorite look was Michelle Williams. I thought she looked perfect and I loved the little bow on her dress.

    Mabel Time

  21. 2.28.12
    amuseume said:

    Love the cape, adds great shape to the outfit. And, wow! Your green eyes look amazing in some of these photos! The cute on the skirt is adorable with a great matching belt that picks off the print. Lovely =)

  22. 2.28.12
    Wren said:

    Love the colours. Perfect for a crisp morning.


  23. 2.28.12
    Cee said:

    This outfit is so you, pally. I've loved the colour palette you've been working with this winter, but seeing you back in blue is sort of like a fashion homecoming. I always love that skirt, I so wish I had figured out how to style it but at the same time, it suits you so well that I imagine my efforts would have pald in comparison 🙂

    Although I didn't watch the Oscars, I have to weigh in on Gwyneth. Not a fan. But I allow my general bias against Gwyneth and her self-help-nonsense empire cloud my fashion judgement, I'm sure 😉 I was a big fan of Michelle Williams' dress, but my absolute favourite was Viola Davis' emerald green gown. So stunning.


    PS: Saturday was fabulous, and thanks for all the photos. We must do it again soon.

  24. 2.28.12
  25. 2.28.12
    Heather said:

    I absolutely LOVE this skirt – it looks beautiful with this belt! Are there any colors you don't look amazing in!?


  26. 2.28.12

    You are stunning!! I love the accents of green! And I think you are one of the only people who can pull of a cape! 🙂 Not way!


  27. 2.28.12
    Well... said:

    Gorgeous photos! I love your skirt and the bold blues you incorporated with it <3 That necklace is a beautiful touch to it as well. You are stunning 🙂
    Really love this outfit!

  28. 2.28.12

    ahh i love this outfit. the necklace really adds something to the look.

  29. 2.28.12

    Beautiful skirt! I love the print. And that cape-coat is a fave of mine : ) I agree with you – Gwyneth Paltrow KILLED it! She was my fave by far! So stunning.

  30. 2.28.12
    S❥r❥h said:

    I love the blue hues on you! And I do think Gwyneth Paltrow looks quite lovely indeed. Your newest follower <3 Sarah

    Follow back? :]

  31. 2.28.12
    Ramona said:

    I like how you mixed and matched blue and green in you look and doesn't over power one or other colour but works together beautifully. I think blue brings out your eye colour so amazingly, absolutely wonderful.
    You have new follower!

    xoxo Ra

  32. 2.28.12

    I am obsessed with this colour combo! The printed skirt is extra beautiful, was it a recent H&M purchase? And that vintage belt is great, so perfect for spring xo

  33. 2.28.12

    i love your clutch!


  34. 2.28.12

    Love your skirt and clutch!! Gr8 blog :)….Wanna follow each other with GFC, Twitter and Facebook ?


  35. 2.28.12

    Loveeee your clutch ! and you always look fab, dear !

  36. 2.28.12
    Leonie said:

    Wow that skirt is amazing! Loving the bright blues and greens in this outfit, they definitely look great on you. I watched the Oscars a little bit as well, I think Emma Stone was my favorite. Again. I don't know what it is… Perhaps the bow! Haha (of course)

    xo Leonie

    Dotted Gold

  37. 2.28.12

    What striking colours! Love your skirt & you look so pretty in the pictures!
    Although I didn't watch the Oscars (I had to mark students' tests), I did see a few of the looks & loved Gwyneth's gown. She reminded me of the ever so elegant Grace Kelly.
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  38. 2.28.12
    Jess ♡ said:

    Absolutely gorgeous look, those colours are envy-inducing! Every time it starts to feel like spring in Vancouver I swear it starts snowing. Now that I said it, watch it happen. I just gave all of us Vancouver bloggers 1000 years of crappy photo taking weather. Oops 😉

    I loved Gwyneth's dress, sometimes the simple dresses speak the greatest volumes (in my humble opinion). I also loved Rooney's dress, she looks so innocent compared to her Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's character.

    Hope you're having a fantastic week! xo

  39. 2.28.12
    Dora said:

    That belt is really fantastic! Love, love,love it !

  40. 2.28.12

    Beautiful post!
    You have such a great blog!
    Follow you!

  41. 2.28.12

    Gorgeous outfit.Love this colors! I must say that your eyes of 5th photo looks amazing!:)

  42. 2.28.12

    You're beautiful.
    I love the look.

  43. 2.28.12
    Sam said:

    I haven't seen you in these colours in ages…its Gorgeous Alexandra! Love the mix of blue and emerald, the clutch and belt add to the perfect choice of accessories.

  44. 2.28.12
    Megan said:

    I love this outfit on you! The colors look stunning with your hair and complexion – and that clutch is adorable!

    I loved Kristen Wiig and Emma Stone, I thought they looked beautiful – and they're also my favorite ladies in Hollywood 🙂

  45. 2.28.12

    The colour combination is lovely! Love the touch of mint in the accesories. Perfect.

  46. 2.28.12
    Ashley said:

    Wow, I am loving this look! You look so classy and chic!

    I loved Cameron Diaz and Michelle Williams, they both looked gorgeous at the Oscars!

  47. 2.28.12
    Sarah said:

    this is ridiculously cute! I love all your little accessories especially the green purse 🙂 xo

  48. 2.28.12
  49. 2.28.12
    Gabriele said:

    Oh I love your colour combinations.. 🙂 That necklace is just adorable, i love it! I love wearing blue!
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

  50. 2.28.12

    spring has just been teasing here. yesterday was nice and sunny, today is overcast and snowing. i guess i'll just keep my spring clothes on the back burner for a little longer
    xo TJ.

  51. 2.28.12
    Melody said:

    I love the belt and the purple! 🙂 You're great at picking out color combinations.

  52. 2.28.12

    You look so beautiful, love the skirt!

  53. 2.28.12
    yiqin; said:

    LOVE the shorts<3

  54. 2.28.12

    Such a great outfit, love the blues and greens together and the cape style jacket pulls it together perfectly xo

  55. 2.28.12
    Liv said:

    Shoppalu is so great – such a fun necklace. Nice to see a change from the warm tones of late to the lavender, blue and green.

  56. 2.28.12

    Gwyneth and Michelle were my favorites for sure. Anyone who didn't like Gwyneth's cape just can't appreciate an envelope-pushing risk taker.

  57. 2.28.12
    Elekon said:

    Gorgeous, Alexandra! perfect styling! voted for you in contest too:)

  58. 2.28.12
    Marisa said:

    Such lovely colours in this outfit! You remind me of a mermaid in these shades of blue and green 🙂 Michelle Williams was my absolute fave at the Oscars. I would have preferred Gwyneth's dress without the cape but I appreciate the fashion risk she took.


  59. 2.28.12

    I adore the cape, and that necklace!! I need to experiment more with prints.

    And I loved Gwyneth's dress too!! It was one of my favorites!

    <3 Kelly

  60. 2.28.12

    Nice combination of colours!! I love it


  61. 2.29.12

    Such a gorgeous color story to beat the blues away…Love the capelet and how truly Euro it feels paired with a mini! super chic, you're such a stunna honey!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  62. 2.29.12

    I loved Emma Stone's stunning red dress. You look phenomenal, as always. I adore cool colors such as blue and green, they are so beautiful and calming!

  63. 2.29.12

    This is such a stunning look on you Alexandra! I love the mix of blues and greens 🙂

  64. 2.29.12

    You look so stylist as always, Love this outfit.

  65. 2.29.12

    Hi!! Your blog looks amazing as well as this post!!
    Would love to follow eachother! 😀

    Love always, vanilla x

  66. 2.29.12
    Lexxie' said:

    What beautiful eyes you have…


  67. 2.29.12
    Selene said:

    Thank you for the loveluy comment babe!!! your outfit is always fresh and feminine…love it!

  68. 2.29.12

    Loving the reach jewel colors which compliment your eyes perfectly!



  69. 2.29.12
    Annie said:

    Such a pretty outfit! Loving the pattern on that skirt – and the accessories are gorgeous 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  70. 2.29.12
    Courtney said:

    I am OBSESSED with your coat. I went hunting for one of these ages ago but I couldn't find one… the closest I came was to a red cape but the seam was hanging down and it was messy looking. Yours is so perfect.

    I Can Be Many Things

  71. 2.29.12
    yiqin; said:

    lovely clutch <3

  72. 2.29.12

    I really am in LOVE with the accessoiries in this outfit! everything looks so pretty! I adore the gold bukle of that belt! 🙂 xo Nikki

  73. 2.29.12

    I love this skirt so much and it's so wonderful to see you in color! It suits your skin tone so well. The accessories are also 100% top notch and perfect. The setting for these photos is lovely as well. For some reason, I love it.

  74. 3.4.12

    is it marc jacobs clutch there?

  75. 3.11.12
    VeRo! said:

    your photos could be on sartorialist or facehunter for sure!!!!

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