Put it in Neutral

Club Monaco coat & skirt, Aldo shoes, bag c/o Mary Nichols,
Wilfred blouse, ring c/o Social Experiment

  I may be a big colour person, but sometimes it’s just really refreshing and palette-cleansing so to speak to do a full nude look (nude colours that is…though walking around naked would be palette-cleansing too I suppose). The only pops of colour in this look are the turquoise in the little gold necklace Matt got me from a vendor years ago and the beautiful and chic Saint Patrick’s Day tattoo that is refusing to come off my hand.

I went shopping yesterday for summer dresses and when I came out of my room, the fitting room attendant openly stared at the temp tattoos all over my arms. Given that it’s about four days after the holiday now, I look like I’m really way too into Saint Patrick’s Day (see my last post). Some are starting to peel off, but does anyone have a magic solution? I’ve done rubbing alcohol, intense loofahing and even harsh dish soap. Help me, otherwise I will forever more be the weird freak girl that really, really loves leprechauns and shamrocks.

 Other than the situation with my little green friends, today should be a very full day! I have a feeling coffee will be my best friend and constant companion. 
Hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. 3.21.12

    those heels are divine! love the nude palette!
    xo, Tina

  2. 3.21.12

    Very pretty love the skirt!

  3. 3.21.12
    Leah said:

    In love with that lace skirt!

  4. 3.21.12
    Shannon said:

    What a lovely look. Love all the neutral tones on you.


  5. 3.21.12

    haha, no, I'm sorry I don't have a solution for your tatoe problem… but you could hide it like you did in this outfit with a coat? or a cardigan?
    xxx Anita

    (and of course I love your outfit, but I do this every day, honestly, i really adore your style and your blog!)

  6. 3.21.12

    I love the neutral outfit, the skirt is so pretty and those shoes are pretty darn great too!!

  7. 3.21.12

    Is rubbing alcohol the same as nailpolish remover? Otherwise I'd suggest trying the last! It often works for me =)

    I adore your outfit by the way! I love the colourpalette you went with! xo

  8. 3.21.12

    I can't believe they are still not budging! Those are some hardy temporary tattoos. Isn't oil supposed to help remove things? Although that just might make you really greasy…

    xo, alison*elle

  9. 3.21.12
    lisa said:

    You look so pretty in neutrals, I don't blame you for wanting to wear them head to toe!

  10. 3.21.12

    Love the lace skirt:)


  11. 3.21.12

    Indeed color always suits you perfectly but you look just as gorgeous with muted or neutral hues. Love the two toned coat and how effortless and elegant you look!

  12. 3.21.12
    @ragbizns said:

    GREAT spring outfit…if only our weather would co-operate a bit more!

  13. 3.21.12
    two birds said:

    i can't believe rubbing alcohol didn't work! it works for us every time, but maybe that's because the tattoos have usually been on my kids for 3 weeks, already! i love this skirt on you! you and your beautifully rosy cheeks can pull off these neutral tones with no problems!

  14. 3.21.12
    Carmen said:

    Really beautiful!
    I love the combination of the long blouse and the skirt 🙂

  15. 3.21.12

    Hahahahaha, so funny that you went nutso with the temp tattoos!

    Those booties are heaven omg. And the skirt! I need to swing by Club Monaco soon, they always have the prettiest white and neutral pieces when summer's about to roll in.

  16. 3.21.12
    claude said:

    I love that skirt of yours!

  17. 3.21.12
    amuseume said:

    I'm totally laughing at the not-so-temporary tattoos. When I first saw the post I noticed the shoes first and those are some KILLER summer sandals, totally love them. That touch of colour on the necklace is lovely for a nude look, especially as it holds sentiment to you. Great post as always!

  18. 3.21.12

    This look is just perfect. I love the peek of lace under the shirt and the neutral colors are just lovely. You look so pretty.


  19. 3.21.12

    you look so pretty!!
    kisses from prague

  20. 3.21.12

    Try slathering on some olive oil or baby oil and then rubbing at it with a brush or sponge or paper towels after it's soaked in the oil a bit.

  21. 3.21.12

    Loving your blog tweeks, it's looking super pretty over here!! And I hear you, although I adore colour it's sometimes so nice to reach for some fabulous neutrals – you did a beautiful job putting this one together!! And I LOVE these photos! xo

  22. 3.21.12

    Love the jacket! I am a neutral girl typically, so this look is right up my alley!

  23. 3.21.12
    Amanda said:

    One of my fav looks yet! PS- I've used baby oil before and it worked. Worth a try!!

  24. 3.21.12
    Marisa said:

    Wow, I can't believe you were able to go bare-legged with open toe shoes! Love this look! The neutrals are so dreamy and the scalloped detail on your dress make it even more romantic. Good luck with the tattoos…


  25. 3.21.12
    Sam said:

    Hi dear, I like these blush colours that you wear, I think you're skilled at putting them together and they really do suit you. the shirt is such a beautiful piece, is that a lace skirt with it or attached? Have you tried nail polish remover to get the tattoos out?

  26. 3.21.12
    Judy said:

    Great shoes and skirt! I don't know of any other solution that would get them out, :/ sorry. Maybe nail polish remover? Those must be some tough tattoos…Hopefully they'll be out soon!


  27. 3.21.12
    jess said:

    I love the way the lace skirt peeks out from the skirt.

  28. 3.22.12
    jules said:

    love that skirt!~

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  29. 3.22.12
    Wren said:

    This outfit is awesome! I love the blending of all the neutrals.


  30. 3.22.12

    love the skirt! especially the scallops : )

  31. 3.22.12

    look at those legs! love the skirt


  32. 3.22.12
    Katie said:

    These tattoos are killing me. I wish I had some advice for you! I love the scalloped edge to the skirt- very cute and flirty 🙂

    Katie- Hems For Her

  33. 3.22.12
    Rachel said:

    I love the scallop hem and these colors! So neutral and natural yet very suitable for spring!

    xo Rachel


  34. 3.22.12

    Im glad your little green friends are making for all sorts of awkward glances. Maybe peopole think they're permanent and you're super hard core irish.
    I love the lace skirt with this blouse, these colours are incredibly perfect together! Perfect for spring 🙂

  35. 3.22.12

    Wonderful pictures, and what a lovely outfit 🙂


  36. 3.22.12
    Cee said:

    Oh pally, I cannot believe I could still see those tattoos on you today – they are strong! I wish I knew how to help, but I'm allergic to temp. tattoos, haven't had one on since I got a nasty batch of hives on my face when I was seven. [Always with the allergies, I know.] Seriously though, in spite of the appearance of green and gold, this nude look is lovely. I'm a serious fan of any look that involves that lace skirt, as you well know, and the peachy blouse is just perfect with it.

    So lovely to see you tonight, we must do it again soon!

  37. 3.22.12
    Leila said:

    You look amazing! I love neutral color schemes; this one looks really fresh and pretty. 🙂 As for temp. tattoos, I have no idea unfortunately.. what a dilemma! 😛 Must be some strong stuff.

  38. 3.22.12
    Well... said:

    Haha oh yes, that little sexy Irish tattoo is my favorite part of this look 😉
    Lol, okay, actually, I just LOVE this neutral outfit! The white lace shorts, soft pink blouse, nude jacket…just wow, comes together to make such a lovely outfit. Definitely refreshing!

    Trendy Teal

  39. 3.22.12

    looove the lace skirt! Have you tried using oil (baby oil, oil that comes with wax removal kits, etc) to remove those tattoos?

  40. 3.22.12

    PS- regardless, the tattoos are a cute addition haha

  41. 3.22.12

    I could not agree more! LOVE LOVE the creamy colors. xx

  42. 3.22.12
    Laura said:

    You look so beautiful in these colors and the combination is great, so classy!:*

  43. 3.22.12

    so pretty! we lovee the dress!


  44. 3.22.12

    the nude tnoes are soooo pretty on you – with the lace!!! xxx

    absolutely flawless.

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  45. 3.22.12

    You look so cute. I love nude colours!

    Love, Joyce

  46. 3.22.12

    This is so beautiful Alexandra, a nude colour palette just looks so chic and expensive I think!

    Emma xo

  47. 3.22.12

    Ooooooh you look so stunningly beautiful! These type of looks are perfect on you!! And I am completely obsessed with those shoes! x

  48. 3.22.12

    In this case less is more! perfect style very girly and sweet!

  49. 3.22.12
    Heather said:

    Ha – great minds think alike! I also had a pop of turquoise in my necklace – too funny! That skirt is just to die for.. you look so beautiful girl!


  50. 3.22.12
    stylezza said:

    definitely a Jessica Biel look!

  51. 3.22.12
    yiqin; said:

    omg how stunning do you look <3

  52. 3.22.12
    eDina said:

    gosh I want this coat, it is so awesome!



  53. 3.22.12
    Erin said:

    Love the neutrals, and the sweet scalloped edge in that lace skirt


  54. 3.22.12

    That skirt is amazing!!!

    Your whole outfit looks perfect!!

    Mon xo


  55. 3.22.12

    Gorgeous my dear! Adore the shoes & that coat!!!

    Friend in Fashion

  56. 3.22.12
    Akiko said:

    Such a stylish and lovely outfit! Love the neutral colors and you look amazing:) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  57. 3.22.12

    So pretty! Love all the blush tones…pairs perfectly with your skin tone you gorgeous angel!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving some blog love, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  58. 3.22.12

    You pull that look of so perfectly!! When ever I see your photos I think that you should be a famous actress or model. You have such a gorgeous unique look!

  59. 3.23.12

    oh my gosh Alex, you go from devastatingly gorgeous beauty to hilarious temp tattoo covered party at the Irish disco extravaganza!!!! bahaha, i loved that and i adore this soft hue tonal balance you're sporting too.

    i dunno man, i'd be tempted to try one of those magic erasers, like the kind you use on the walls or even goo gone might work….here's hoping by now the mischief is managed 😉

    happy mid-week wishes lovely one…thanks again for all the you know what's. you are true blue and such a sweet friend. xo ♥

  60. 3.23.12
    Ka$h! said:

    ahh you look beautiful! im sure youve heard this before but you look like Liv Tyler! :)))

    asfor your temp tattoos, hehe! just keep trying i guess!:)))
    XOXO Kasia

  61. 3.23.12
    Heather said:

    I love love love your shoes!! And I love the romantic feel to your skirt.

    Have you tried something like Brillo pads? they are scrubbing pads for dishes.


  62. 3.23.12

    I love this look Alexandra! the nude colors , the mix of textures and these bootie are pure adorable !

  63. 3.23.12
    Natasha said:

    You look gorgeous in neutrals, and colour! I wish the snow and muck would dissapear here so that I could pull out some lighter shades 🙂

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

  64. 3.23.12
    Leonie said:

    You might be a color person at heart, but you rock these kind of neutral outfits! The accessories – like the tan bag and dainty necklace – give it just the right amount of 'pop'. Pretty!

    xo Leonie

    Infamous Floral

  65. 3.23.12
    MizzJ said:

    Oh my gosh that's awful that the tattoos are still there! So much for being "temporary", that is false advertising!

  66. 3.23.12
    Jenny Ong said:

    You are such a darn pretty girl :). Love the Aldo shoes. x

  67. 3.23.12
    Ivana said:

    Love this outfit so much, especially that gorgeous Club Monaco skirt! Sometimes it's great to forget all the brights and put together a classy neutral outfit!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  68. 3.23.12
    C A T H said:

    found your blog today Alex =)
    you've such gorgeous eyes!!

    ps. I like the colour palette of this look very much.
    it's certainly something that will go well throughout the day.

    Style Hostess

  69. 3.23.12

    Love the blush/pastel shades, so pretty!

  70. 3.23.12
    Megan said:

    You look GORGEOUS!! Neutrals suit you so well. This jacket is absolutely beautiful, and I love it with the lace skirt.

    Something that may not be the healthiest, but should work, is using nail polish remover. Just put a little bit on a Q-Tip and rub it along your skin and it should take it right off.

    Have a great weekend!

  71. 3.23.12
    Kristin said:

    Adore the colour scheme here. That jacket is so perfect!



  72. 3.23.12

    Hey Honey, I found your Blog, i Love Your Style. Great Style & Nice Blog. I follow YOU, i hope you follow me back. Kisses from germany ;**

  73. 3.23.12
    Bunnie said:

    Alexandera! You look so feminine. And I agree with you, this is such a palette cleanse! This outfit is definitely the next best thing to walking around naked!! 😉

  74. 3.23.12

    I love all neutral on you! It 100% makes me wish I had more neutral clothes. I love the white lace peeking out. Is that a skirt or shorts? It's so beautiful. And I'm still in love with the temp tattoos. They make you look AWESOME! Have a lovely weekend!

  75. 3.23.12

    Such a lovely dress on you!

    Be Frassy

  76. 3.23.12

    I love everything you're wearing, dear!
    Great outfit again! <3

  77. 3.23.12

    You look gorgeous in neutrals…
    And I love your outfit!

  78. 3.23.12

    neutrals looked good on you..

    thanks for the sweet comments and visit us again.




  79. 3.23.12
    Amanda said:

    oh just gorgeous!

  80. 3.23.12

    Beautiful outfit, love the skirt! Just read your last post & it made me giggle, the tattoos look rather fun!

  81. 3.24.12

    Funny! I use baby oil to remove the temporary ones. Love this color palette on you! Enjoy the weekend!

  82. 3.24.12
    Danie said:

    this outfit is fantastic!!! love it!


  83. 3.24.12

    Love the neutrals, you look beautiful. The delicate necklace is a nice little pop of color.

    MK Style Diaries

  84. 3.25.12
    Elisabeth said:

    OMG! Love the skirt and shoes! I wish I could walk with similar shoes in Helsinki already, but since it's only early early spring, I will still have to wait a month or two.
    Concerning your comment on my blog, Maria is truly tall! But I'm used to it, my boyfriend is also 30 cm taller than me. I'm about 10 cm shorter than the average Finn so it's a fact, concerning my length, I'm born in the wrong country. You're more than welcome for the award inspiratista!

    E from Helsinki

  85. 3.26.12


    X ELLE

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