Ladylike With a Twist

Club Monaco clutch, vintage belt, bfrend bracelet & black lace dress (both from Violet Hill)

I’ve never really been able to describe my style in a succint or clear way, but I feel like I always follow this one general rule: no matter what I wear, at least one element of my look needs to be “undone.”

While this rule might sound counterintuitive, it’s something that just makes me feel most like myself. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than feeling like I’m too done up.

Take this beautiful dress from Violet Hill for example: I am head over heels for its ladylike silhouette, but if I put on a face and did my hair, I’d have felt I was trying too hard. Instead, I decided to just let my hair air dry, braided it into a messy fishtail and kept my face bare aside from my lips.

Bailey came over to get some attention – look at how cute he is, even for a 90 year old (in dog years). I’m sure only my fellow dog-owners will get this, but the thought of leaving my old boy for four months kills me, mostly because he can’t understand why I’m gone. Dogs obviously can’t really understand why someone just ups and leaves for a prolonged period of time, and every time I’ve gone in the past, it’s really confused him. Wish I could bring him with me!
On a cheerier note, I had such a great weekend! I love party weekends, but sometimes it’s really nice to just relax, spend time with friends and be productive too. Lots of eating (as usual…you guys should be used to me talking about food by now), running and wine-sipping.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend! To Vogue or Bust

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  1. 4.2.12

    aww what a cute dog you have! you look gorgeous in this dress!
    xo, Tina

  2. 4.2.12
    Megan said:

    That's your face bare?! Oh man, you have gorgeous skin! Love this outfit, and I agree about not wanting to look too done up.

    Glad to hear you had a nice weekend 🙂 Cheers to a lovely week as well!!

  3. 4.2.12

    beautiful dress! yes a dog owner and lover I completely understand xo

  4. 4.2.12

    lovely styling! you look so chic and lovely!

    xoxo, andie

  5. 4.2.12
    Selene said:

    …and the puppy of course <3

  6. 4.2.12

    Beautiful dress!

  7. 4.2.12
    Shannon said:

    I love eyelet dresses. Yours is the perfect feminine shape. And I love the touch of color in your belt. So perfectly summery.

  8. 4.2.12

    Love this look, Alex! And Bailey is so cute… I wish I had a dog so bad!

    xo, alison*elle

  9. 4.2.12
    Erin said:

    I love the look! Those bracelets are a great touch too. And congrats on the internship at FASHION!! So cool to see you reach your goals!

  10. 4.2.12
    Heather said:

    Omgosh your dog is adorable. I love that face! I also love your whole look

  11. 4.2.12

    Aww pup is such a cutie, I know it's so hard to leave them for any length of time. I feel bad when I'm at school and then work when Duke is at home.
    I am SO in love with this dress, it's gorgeous, perfect LBD. The teal belt is perfec with it and I know what you mean about having to have something "undone". You look gorgeous!

  12. 4.2.12
    Rachel said:

    LOVE YOUR DRESS!!! All of your looks are so classy and you always look soo pretty!!

    xO rachel

  13. 4.2.12
    hattitude said:

    Hattitude Style Blog

    i love this dress. the scalloped edges are beautiful! that trq belt with it is perfect. it matches your Bfrend bracelet so sweetly. w

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  14. 4.2.12
    Bonnie said:

    When my cat was alive, I cried when I had to leave her for three days. You want to make them understand why you have to go … but you can't. It's heart-breaking.

    I really like your "undone" look, and I think it is a great way to describe your style.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. 4.2.12
    Asher said:

    What a beautiful dress! I love that belt with it as well!

  16. 4.2.12

    I love your lady like outfit !! 😀

    A chic kiss 😉

  17. 4.2.12

    That dress is to *die* for: and you look great rocking the black dress, red lips, it really suits you! I think you would also look fab with your hair up, à la Audrey Hepburn, but maybe you're right, it might come off a bit weddingy for someone so young. I work with this girl in her twenties, and no matter what the setting, she is always 'mother of the bride- ed' to the max, so funny (seriously, white trouser suits, fancy hats, always heels etc…) girlfriend needs a chill pill : )

  18. 4.2.12

    Love your dress and how you belted it! It's so cute on you. And awwww Bailey! Look at that face! I can see why it's going to be so hard to leave him : (

  19. 4.2.12

    Wow amazing dress and nice photos!!! Absolutely great blog!
    If you want, check out my blog

  20. 4.2.12
    Sandy Joe said:

    Channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn? You look amazing doll. I am still drooling over those platforms! Sigh sigh sigh.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  21. 4.2.12

    wow, you dog is soo cute! I may have missed something, even if I read your blog every day – where are you going? and why do you need to leave him here? He is sooo cute!! If I'd live near you, I'd come over and cheer him up a bit!
    and it's true, your dress is very lovely and indeed very ladylike!

    xxx Anita

  22. 4.2.12
    Katie said:

    That first photo is stunning! And I know what you mean about wanting to like a little "undone"- perfection is overrated- although you are pretty damn close! Your baby will miss you, but he won't be mad at you- that's the good thing about dogs! So sweet and loyal!

    Katie- Hems For Her

  23. 4.2.12

    I LOVE the turquoise belt! It really gives the look a pop.
    "Undone" is well better than stuffy and you do the look very well. 🙂

  24. 4.2.12

    1. I want to steal Bailey 2. You are so pretty 3. Adore the hockey net in the background, so patriotic 😉 4. Perfect choice from Violet Hill 5. Hope your week is off to a great start xo

  25. 4.2.12

    I love the dress with the pop of turquoise! You look fantastic!

  26. 4.2.12

    These photos are gorgeous and that dress looks amazing with the belt- great style!

  27. 4.3.12
    Judy said:

    You look stunning! I like that this look isn't too done up. & Your dog is adorable!


  28. 4.3.12
    Cee said:

    Bailey is such a star. Seriously. Just had to put that out there 🙂

    I just love the dress you picked up at Violet Hill, pally, that the turquoise belt is such a lovely touch. The undone thing is definitely an area where we differ – undone is a look I'm still trying to master; guaranteed I would have paired this dress with stilettos and a high bun.

    Enjoy your last week at school, my darling. Happy early graduation!

  29. 4.3.12
    Ramona said:

    I know what you mean, I never knew how to describe my style, but it never had been done up.Thats true. You have put it in perfect words.

    You look amazing, I absolutely love your green belt with this classic lace dress and studded clutch it gives edginess to this lady like look. Alexandra, great styling!

    Bailey just couldn't more adorable. I just want to hug him.

    Have a wonderful week darling!

    xoxo Ra

  30. 4.3.12
    xoxoCat said:

    I need to take some pointers! I always feel like I'm trying too hard.

  31. 4.3.12
    Ida said:

    Such a beautiful dress. That is perfect.

  32. 4.3.12
    MizzJ said:

    hahah I'm so used to being around Mr. Artist's golden, that the first thing I thought of when I saw Bailey was "OMG you are getting hair ALL OVER that pretty dress!" Dogs are worth it though 🙂 Maybe you can skype with Bailey once in awhile hehe

  33. 4.3.12
    jess said:

    That dress looks so pretty on you.

  34. 4.3.12
    Laura said:

    You look absolutely gorgeous in this black dress, I also love your belt and your dog a so sweet!:X

  35. 4.3.12
    Cecylia said:

    aww you are so gorgeous! Are you a model? Come see my dog 🙂 it's a lot smaller 😀

  36. 4.3.12

    Yep, the little "undone" touches make this perfect. Totally accessible. You look gorgeous!

  37. 4.3.12
    becks said:

    you look gorgeous! love the red lips with your black dress! x

  38. 4.3.12
    Jackie said:

    I totally agree, if things are too done-up or "perfect" I just don't feel right. I always love your little "undone" elements!

  39. 4.3.12

    Your dog is lovely! 🙂
    You look gorgeous with that black dress.

  40. 4.3.12
    Julye said:

    very cute outfit – love your belt 😉 !!

  41. 4.3.12

    That's such a stunning dress! It's great with the pops of colour and I love your hair like that. Well played, lady!

    Emma xo

  42. 4.3.12

    So cute, love this lace dress.
    Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm following now,
    Hope you'll follow me back


  43. 4.3.12

    I love your ladylike style in these pics! you're very on trend 🙂 gorgeous!!!

  44. 4.3.12
    Gigi said:

    You're just so chic ♥

  45. 4.3.12

    Hi, love your clutch 🙂

  46. 4.3.12
    Fabrizia said:

    I like your post so much! These pictures are really gorgeous!
    I’ve just wrote a new post, tell me what do you think about it!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  47. 4.3.12
    Heather said:

    I want that dress! It's PERFECT! And yes! I agree with your classification of your style, and that's why I LOVE IT! It's so effortless… easy… and always fabulous!


  48. 4.3.12

    You look wonderful baby 😉

  49. 4.3.12
    mymy said:

    U look lovely !
    Love the lighting and your sandals 🙂

  50. 4.3.12
    Sunkissed said:

    You look so beautiful Alexandra !

  51. 4.3.12

    cute look.. I like the pop of color with that belt on the outfit.. and yeah, I like what you said about adding your own personal touch, that's what matters in the end.. being yourself.. translating your personality with your clothes… cool blog..take care!

  52. 4.3.12

    What a wonderful philosophy. It definitely works for you and for this dress especially. This is exactly the way to tone down fancy. The belt also makes it a little less over the top, but in a good way.

  53. 4.3.12
    Sam said:

    This is the first time I'm getting to see a very feminine, ladylike style on you and it is totally outstanding! You look gorgeous, the dress is an instant classic, so beautifully framed with the belt and lovely clutch.

  54. 4.3.12
    Nav said:

    love the pastel green against black!

  55. 4.3.12
    yiqin; said:

    i am inspired to plait my hair now <3

  56. 4.3.12

    This kinda outfit suits you so well! You are a very feminine lady !

  57. 4.3.12

    LOVE that dress, you look so pretty!


  58. 4.3.12
    S. Lopez said:

    Lovely dress, you look stunning!


  59. 4.3.12

    you are so chic darling !
    would you like to follow each other?:X

  60. 4.3.12

    You look so gorgeous!
    We can follow each othor on bloglovin if you want?

    Love, Joyce

  61. 4.3.12
    Lexxie` said:

    I have 2 dogs, and everytime when I'm gone, I can see the sorrow through their eyes… it's so painful. You knoww… dogs are the only one that will never judge us. They love us no matter what.
    Golden-dogs are so cute!

  62. 4.3.12
    eDina said:

    dogs <3

  63. 4.3.12

    you look so pretty.

  64. 4.3.12
    Marisa said:

    You and your dog and so cute! Maybe you can Facetime with him while you're gone? lol. As for your outfit it's the perfect combination of being pulled together in a not too "done" way as you say. Your fishtail braid is perfect and so are you with your bare face!


  65. 4.3.12

    This is such a sweet photo with your dog…
    and that sandals looked familiar.

  66. 4.3.12
    Well... said:

    Haha, I love your undone touches! Yeah, this dress is very pretty even without a full face of makeup and styled hair. You look beautiful 🙂
    Adore the bright teal belt and colorful bracelets! Such cool touches.
    Also, your dog is a cutie pie! Haha, old but still charming <3
    I know what you mean. Just leaving on a roadtrip for 2 weeks makes me sad when we can't take Prince.

    Trendy Teal

  67. 4.3.12

    My fave part of this is actually your shoes but I don't think you mentioned what they are. They look like they're perfect for a summer lawn party.

    Nala sends Bailey some puppy kisses! I'm sure Bailey will miss you lots too when you're gone but he'll be in good hands I'm sure.

    party weekends are the best. Speaking of, hope you have a good Easter long weekend.

  68. 4.4.12

    I love the lighting in your photos!! Between that and the dress (and of course the puppy), it's picture perfect!!

  69. 4.4.12

    Cutest dog ever, cutest outfit ever!


  70. 4.4.12
    Sarah said:

    I love your braid and this is one gorgeous dress. Beautiful! xo

  71. 4.4.12

    adorable pictures, great dress.


  72. 4.4.12
    Joyce said:

    Your dress is so pretty and I love the pretty belt with it!

  73. 4.4.12
    Leonie said:

    This is such a beautiful dress, Alex! Glad you decided to go back to Violet Hill (;-)). No but seriously, I am in love with your dress. If you guys ever decide to do a clothing swap again, and you decide to throw this item into the mix… then I call DIBS on it!

    Happy (almost) Wednesday! xo Leonie

    Have you heard of Blogger's Wardrobe yet?

  74. 4.4.12

    Love the dress! Love what you did with the whole outfit. Cute doggie too!

  75. 4.4.12
    Jules M said:

    Love your styling choices. I couldnt agree more…I like to balance a pretty, slightly fussy dress with laid back jewelry & makeup…it just feels so effortless. You look great!

  76. 4.4.12



    X ELLE

  77. 4.4.12

    Those cat-eye sunnies are amazing! Super chic and very Audrey in my opinion! Your look is amazing!



  78. 4.4.12
    Ivana said:

    You look so so so beautiful! I love your style approach, personally, I've never managed to look good with my hair "undone" lol, it doesn't make me happy. But I love your whole look, that dress is simply fabulous and I love the way you styled it! Perfection!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  79. 4.4.12

    That belts looks perfect with the dress!
    Looking great, dear! <3

  80. 4.4.12
    Leah said:

    LOVE that dress on you! And fishtail braid suits it so well. Thanks for your sweet comment! The wedding has definitely come up super fast!

  81. 4.4.12
    Hannah said:

    I love everything about this look! The dress with that belt is gorgeous. And I love the braid!

    xo, H

  82. 4.4.12
    Annie said:

    You look SO gorgeous in that dress…and the undone hair looks perfect! Bailey is seriously the cutest – I have a yellow lab named Monty back at my parent's house, and it kills me that he can't live with me in my tiny apt! But just think how happy Bailey will be to see you when you go back 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  83. 4.4.12
    michaela said:

    you look like Liv Tyler! 🙂 🙂 Your dress is lovely and your cat eye glasses match perfectly with the outfit!I have a similar pair of sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent!following you! 🙂

  84. 4.5.12

    i love our effortless hair and your dress. just perfection. I'm so glad that I just accidentally stumbled across your blog, you sense of style is awesome, and you are so pretty too! Would love to follow you now, thanks! follow me too. xO!

  85. 4.6.12
    Romi Ya said:

    Amazing post! Love Martina's Necklace as well. Amazing!

    Thanks for your comment and entering my giveaway too!! Best of luck! xx

    NECKLACE GIVEAWAY Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  86. 4.6.12
    Rachhh. said:

    You look so pretty! The dress it lovely and i love your heels! xo

  87. 4.7.12

    You are a very beautiful girl and I love your dress!

  88. 4.9.12

    This is such a cute outfit, you look so lovely! xx

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