Wandering Stars

Heels c/o Sole Society, Billabong dress c/o West 49, Twenty8Twelve leather jacket,
bag c/o Mary Nichols, Coach studs, Wilfred belt

Do you guys know that it’s Mercury Retrograde right now? I can’t say with all honesty that I really fully understand it, but I do find this article from Refinery29 pretty handy. In essence, to the best of my understanding this isn’t the best time for big/impulsive decisions, but an amazing time to regroup, recharge and reassess, something which I’ve been feeling more and more naturally inclined to do lately anyway. I’m usually quite impulsive by nature and I don’t ordinarily take the time to really think things through – it’s a typically Aries trait that can sometimes be really great (you tend to take on more risk and consequently reap more reward) but I’ve always been envious of people who have the discipline and strength to rein themselves in, taking the time to strategically and methodically plan out their projects. 
I don’t know if I really believe in Mercury Retrograde but I am feeling quite happy about this sudden shift I’ve felt in myself that’s allowed me to just relax and think things through. It’s kind of a boring thing to feel grateful for but if any of you are similarly impulsive, I’m sure you can relate.
Another thing that’s good about this time of year? The fact that finally we should be expecting some more sunshine after months of temperamental weather – all the more reason to wear these stunning Sole Society heels more often! I don’t know if you saw my last post about Sole Society, but I am fully in love with their beautiful selection of covetable wedges, and these red wedges are no exception. Oh, and my fellow Canadians, just a heads up – Sole Society now ships to Canada! So shop away 🙂

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  1. 6.25.13
    Emma said:

    The top part of the dress is gorgeous!


  2. 6.25.13

    I love how you added the leather jacket to this look! xo


  3. 6.25.13

    this dress is so pretty! I love how you paired it with a leather jacket to make it a little edgier.


  4. 6.25.13
    Alissa said:

    Uh…yeah, definitely had no idea about the Mercury…whatever grade! All I know is that I love summer for it's long evenings!

  5. 6.25.13

    I've read up on it a few times, definitely good to know!! I find it so hard to let myself relax, my days off are usually jam packed with gym, running errands, seeing friends, blog stuff etc. Thankfully I'm going camping for the long weekend and will get to unwind
    I absolutely love this combination, something so classic about black, white and red. That white dress is a great summer piece, love it toughened up with the leather jacket

  6. 6.25.13
    Annick said:

    Sole Society ships to Canada?! Yay! Love the bright red wedges – perfect for summer! Gorgeous dress as well! You look amazing as always Alexandra!

    Bold Subtlety

  7. 6.26.13

    Love that dress!it really is the prefect summer sun dress and i reminds me of long lazy days on the beach and sunset walks in Maui!

  8. 6.27.13
    Stefani said:

    Such an interesting dress! Love your red wedges too! So chic!

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