O Christmas Tree

Parka ℅ Old Navy, cape ℅ Loft 82, jeans ℅ James Jeans,
boots ℅ Sole Society, Forever21 shirt, Joe Fresh toque & scarf

My family takes Christmas…seriously. We have at least 12 important traditions that must be observed every year – all of us crammed into my little sister’s room for a sleepover on Christmas Eve, waking up at 5AM and making Mum and Dad coffee at 7AM Christmas morning and having high tea before the Nutcracker (which we’re doing next week, woot!). However, one of the most important traditions we have is our trek an hour out of town to cut down two Christmas trees (this year three, one for Matt and I!). This year was a bit different because not only were both my older sister and little brother out of town or abroad, but we also didn’t have Bailey, which meant my little sister and I, abandoned as we were, had to make it as fun and positive as possible despite less-than-perfect conditions!
Thankfully, that really didn’t take much effort. Just give us a tree cart, some sugar to get hopped up on and we’re pretty much good to go. What I did have trouble with was how to still look somewhat cute without completely freezing my ass off. I know anyone who does’t live on the coast will roll their eyes when I say this (Vancouver temperatures are famously mild), but it really and truly was so cold this weekend, I could hardly stand it. I have this particularly lame tendency to tear up when I get really cold and to whimper, so needless to say, layering was absolutely key.
Cue in my favourite keep-warm trick: the cape-under-parka trick, also seen here last year. Cheery red stripes, festive gloves and my favourite hoodie-and-scarf pair lately helped to keep the look from looking too Michelin Man-esque, plus the perfect pop of cherry red thanks to Lush’s Santa Baby lip tint! Such a cute colour.
Since this is Matt and I’s first Christmas tree together though, we now have a whole other predicament we didn’t even think about until we got our tree all set up in the stand…what will its topper be??? Ornaments are easy enough, but I feel like for tradition’s sake, you kind of have to commit to your topper since it’s sort of the main show. My family’s got an angel and a Ukrainian bauble-type topper for our two trees, but for whatever reason, I’m thinking a star for us. What do you guys use for your trees?

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  1. 12.9.13
    Kimberly said:

    Such a fun idea for a post – love all these pictures & your cute and cozy outfit! 🙂


  2. 12.9.13

    What's the style of the Sole Society boots you're wearing? I'm considering a pair from there, and really like the color of the ones you're wearing.

  3. 12.9.13
    RoselyC said:

    You did great job with the layering. We use an angel but next year I am thinking about using a star and maybe alternating them each year.

  4. 12.9.13

    Such a cute post Alex! Ever since moving to Alberta from Ontario I've learned what intense cold is but even in mind temperatures I still tear up from the cold! haha you look gorgeous btw! Love that pic with you and your sis! x

  5. 12.9.13

    This is so cute!!! Loving the stripes and parka!

  6. 12.9.13
    Emily said:

    What an adorable tree picking outfit! This sounds like such a fun tradition 🙂 Makes me wish we actually cut our own instead of buying pre-cut!

  7. 12.9.13
    Annick said:

    We had a star last year for a tree topper, but this year is a creepy lit up angel my bf's dad decided to gift us. It's ugly as hell, but I kind of like the idea that it was gifted, and I know it'll mean a lot to his dad when he sees it up there. Sometimes you make aesthetic sacrifices for the happiness of others!

    Lovely bundled up look Alexandra! I must use your cape/parka technique for when it gets colder on the east coast!

    Bold Subtlety

  8. 12.9.13
    Amanda said:

    We just got our first tree too! Went with the tried-and-true star 🙂

  9. 12.9.13

    These are beautiful photos! I absolutely love your boots. Hope you're enjoying the snow! xo

  10. 12.9.13

    I miss the Christmas tree-cutting expeditions from when I was a kid back in Toronto…but definitely NOT the cold!! In fact, my husband and I don't even HAVE a tree; it would be a disaster with our three ferrets!! But we did pick up a wreath this weekend for the inside of our condo door…I just love that evergreen fragrance!! Your outfit – and photos! – are adorable; you look warm and toasty, and not cold at all!!


  11. 12.10.13
    Marisa said:

    This is just way too adorable, Alex! Plus you make dressing for the freezing temps we had over the weekend look so good! You layer so fabulously. As for the tree topper, we have a cluster of cherries with two bells attached together that have been on top of my tree since I was a kid. A star is always a classic, something I've always wanted but never had as a topper, but did have as ornaments.


  12. 12.10.13

    These photos are so freaking cute!!!!

  13. 12.10.13
    Sabrina said:

    pretty lighting 🙂

  14. 12.10.13
    RedRoom said:

    Awww those photos are so cute. 🙂

  15. 12.10.13

    I gravitate towards a star over an angel … maybe its because of the star of Bethlehem. Love your outfit and your photos are so fun.

    Have a stunning week
    Simply Sassy Style

  16. 12.10.13
    Petra said:

    Love these pictures. Looks like you had an amazing time and your outfit is pretty cool too. We also take christmas very seriously and have also a lot of traditions but it is so great. Love this time of the year.
    xo, Petra


  17. 12.11.13

    How adorable are these photos? Going to get a tree is one of my favourite traditions. Always so fun, and they smell so wonderful too!

  18. 12.11.13
    Kate said:

    Aw, this is such a cute post! You and your sister are adorable, I love that your family has so many Christmas traditions! Our family has gone through SO many transitions, from Dad moving to the states for a few years meaning Christmas was spent in rented suites, to having siblings spend the holidays with their spouses family, etc! So we've sort of lost a lot of our traditions, but still always make time to spend together! This will be my first Christmas with JUST Shawn and I – it will be quiet but lovely! As for the tree topper, we went with a star, too! We always had an angel growing up, but a star felt more us! Love love love the pop of red stripes here! Makes the whole outfit so festive! xo!

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