Beauty Starts at the Skin

As I mentioned in last week's video post, doing a few webisode-style posts is definitely something I'm going to be tackling more often! A huge part of my life is obviously devoted to fashion, but I've always been a big fitness, beauty, lifestyle and music person as well, and I really feel like film is really the best media to share these other interests with all of you! 

Anyway, this week it's all about skin care. I'm actually not blessed genetically with the most trouble-free skin. I've learnt to be extraordinarily meticulous when it comes to my skin care routine and through many episodes of trial and error, I feel like I'm getting closer to understanding how my skin works and how to treat it best (and most importantly, I've grown to feel confident in it and limit how much makeup I use!). 

Like most other things (fitness, diet and even fashion), with skin care, it's really not rocket science. Don't dehydrate your face (something oily-skinned girls may feel compelled to do, but don't - it backfires!), let your skin breathe and feed it well with proper nutrients and water. 

Hopefully you like the video - as always, any feedback would be amazing! You can find most of the products featured and many more at eBeauty.ca, my go-to beauty and skin care mecca.


  1. Thanks for sharing Alex, these are all great tips! I will need to try the facial scrub for sure


  2. I think I'll have to start looking at night creams! That pear one sounds amazing~


  3. Your skin is so stunning! And I will definitely be trying that scrub. So easy and cheap!

    ps: I got the necklace last night! Thank you so much! It is beautiful!

  4. Great video! I recently started trying honey and oats mask, I didn't know I could also use the oats to exfoliate. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Love your homemade exfoliator. I'm definitely gonna try this. Thanks for posting

  6. Love the video Alex! I'm intrigued by some of the products...thenks:)

    Jen xo

  7. Good tip with the simple oatmeal scrub, trying tonight! Thanks. -Heidi

  8. Love your voice, and the video. Your voice is really soothing! I need to try the oatmeal for exfoliating!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing, Alex!
    I find that I have to change my skin care regimen every few Months, unfortunately, so I'm always looking for new products. These are my favorite types of posts!
    ...I also love hearing what you sound like- it makes your blog more personal :)
    Eat Cake

  10. Alex - this is great! I love the voice over - makes it look & sound so much more professional!

    I would totally recommend listing the products you mention in the content. I am in desperate need of night creams & can't wait to try some! & am pumped to try that DIY exfoliater!

    Allie Wears

  11. This is such a great video! Good for you for doing one - I keep saying I will, but then I don't. Love Jurlique. And you look beautiful!


  12. I loved the video! I absolutely agree that taking care of our skin is very important and I always love seeing how others do it! Thanks for the good advice! xo, Christina


  13. You should definitely make videos more often. Your voice is so perfect for it & you look gorgeous!

  14. Oh! So cool! Loved it, thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the video! Wish that I could feel as comfortable on video- I always feel like my voice sounds weird and I get all nervous! Ha!

    x Lynzy


  16. So wonderful this video and great great tips. I will like to try that Jurlique oil, I use only oil for my face . It was a pleasure to see you in this video Alexandra!

  17. What a great video. Your tips are helpful, but the beautiful style of the video is especially impressive. Keep up the video blogging, girl. It's awesome. (It's a goal of mine this year, but I haven't really gotten started.)


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