Hometown Glory – Part Three

Here’s the third and final installment of “Hometown Glory”, my feature on Vancouver’s best of the best in the blogging world.  I know I may have forgotten some amazing bloggers, but I’ve run out of time with my departure to Mexico creeping just around the corner (in other words, tomorrow) and will have to just do with what I already had prepared!

Thank you everyone for your great feedback regarding this little three-piece report – after having gotten to know some of the bloggers here in Van and familiarized myself with all of their wonderful blogs, I felt like it was almost my duty to spread the gospel about them!  I’m so glad that many of my readers have found new favourites and that, at the very least, everyone seems to have enjoyed getting to know some of the featured bloggers.  Hopefully everyone will get a chance to check out the following bloggers too 🙂

Lynn of a hearted girl is another fixture from our blogger meetup dates.  Before we actually met one another, we were “blogger friends” for quite some time, and like many other bloggers that she’s gotten to know, I always especially looked forward to her comments.  She is quite literally one of the most positive, giving, and supportive people that I’ve ever met and I could sense this even over the web.

When we finally met in March, it was pretty mind-blowing to see and experience all of her amazingly infectious energy in person.  I think the thing that really sets Lynn’s blog apart from the others is that she is so intensely passionate and in love with all of her varied interests (hence the name “hearted girl”), and that lust for life makes for a really exciting and engrossing read. If you want uplifting, Lynn’s got it.

Despite the fact that Monika just began her blog The Doctor’s Closet this past February, the blog has already made huge leaps and bounds in terms of popularity and really cemented Monika as an important personality in the local fashion industry.

Though my thing is really only fashion blogging, I have always loved food/decor/health blogs as well.  I never try to bring those features into my own blog because I have a fairly strong feeling those pieces would majorly bomb, but I love blogs like Monika’s that somehow incorporate them all and manage to make it work wonderfully.

For example, check out this feature Monika did on her home – the pictures literally look like they’re straight out of a magazine!  I think that’s the defining attribute that allows her to be so successful at blogging about a vast array of things: she actually knows what she’s doing and is amazing at it! 

I actually knew Olivia of Style Struck from back in our days of working at the West Vancouver Cactus Club, so I can personally attest to the fact that she’s not only one of Vancouver’s most in-the-know bloggers, she’s also one of the loveliest you could meet in person.

With her beautiful blonde bob and penchant for leopard, vibrant colours, and ultra-femme styling, Olivia’s style is a real breath of fresh air here in Vancouver.  She’s also the quintessential girl-about-town, and her reporting of the city’s hottest events is always something I look forward to reading. 

Melissa of the self-titled blog Miss Melissa is another blogger with know-how in a variety of areas.  Aside from her wonderfully styled outfit posts, she also has a recipe section, a how-to section (that hair tutorial is actually a big help – in terms of hair styling, I usually just default to my tried-and-true style: air-dried), great reporting on the city’s events, and more.

Her blog is one of those great sites that has such a varied and well-executed group of postings that you could easily get lost in it for a few hours (I speak from personal experience here).

I always look forward to what the beautiful Cara of A Fashion Love Affair’s next outfit post will be.  Though her style is always chic and pulled-together, she is one of those people who can effortlessly transition from an ultra-femme, retro-inpsired ensemble to a boho-esque look and yet always look like herself. 

I appreciate people who have a look and stick to it (in fact, some of my all-time favourite bloggers do just that), but there’s also something to be said for people who know how to mix it up and manage to do so without appearing disingenuous.  I personally can not, and so I really admire Cara for always looking fabulous and somehow managing to do it in a different way each time.

Anya’s blog I’m the It Girl is easily one the most well-known blogs out of Vancouver, if not Canada.  Proof: she was Elle Canada’s pick last year for Top Fashion Blog and gets a massive amount of hits every day of readers tuning in for her Gossip Girl recaps, Item of the Week features, and much, much more. 

Anya is a fixture in the Vancouver fashion social scene and is a must on any PR rep’s invite list.  Her own personal style is a beautiful mix of subdued modernism and classic silhouettes.  If you’re new to Vancouver blogs, hers would be a wonderful place to start.

The aptly-named Prairie Girl in the City documents Jen, a former prairie girl who made the move to Vancouver, and her experiences in the local fashion industry, her fashion inspirations, and her general musings.

If you want a good look into the local industry and its social scene, Jen’s blog is the perfect one-stop-shop.  She documents the going-ons of the city beautifully, and I love that she always includes what’s going on in her own life too.  Some bloggers make the choice to not open up too much on their sites, which, depending on the type of content one has on their blog, could be a wise decision.  Having said that though, when it comes to personal blogs, I tend to gravitate to the ones in which you actually get to know the person through their entries.  Jen’s is definitely like that, and that’s why I visit so regularly!

And that’s it – Vancouver’s very own Hometown Glory!

I guess now I need to drag myself back up to my room to pack.  I have never been a good packer and tend to go about it in an extremely disorganized, haphazard way.  I’m actually kind of scared to go into my room because it’s basically imploded on itself with suitcases and clothes and I may never get out once I set foot in there.

Wish me luck, and I’ll be sure to say a final goodbye tomorrow!  Hope you’re all having a relaxed and restful Sunday!

Images courtesy of hearted girl, The Doctor’s Closet, Style Struck, I’m the It Girl,
Miss Melissa, Prairie Girl in the City, A Fashion Love Affair

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  1. 5.15.11
    Melissa said:

    Thanks so much for including me in this amazing group of bloggers! I feel so honoured! xo

  2. 5.15.11
    Cee said:

    What a wonderful final installment in this series- there are some blogs I know and love well, and some that I'll be investigating shortly 🙂 Have a wonderful, wonderful trip to Mexico! Enjoy some sun for me, since we don't seem likely to get any here 😉

  3. 5.16.11

    Alexandra! These are all amazing group of bloggers! So talented and I enjoyed checking out all of their blogs! I'm so happy that more and more wonderful fashion blogs are emerging and it's really empowering to see all these girls being successful and doing what they love!

    You must be so excited for your Mexico vacation Alexandra! I hope you have lots of fun and feeling so relaxed and refreshed when you come back! Don't forget to take pictures and have a safe trip tomorrow! 🙂 xoxoxooo

  4. 5.16.11

    Alexandra, you are so dear!!!! thank you beyond words for including me, i am super honored and surprised to see myself among these stellar fashion stylers. the things you wrote touch me and are very sweet, i'm so happy we met here in blogland and also in person. you are a truly sensational spirit, i feel blessed to know you. thank you so much!

    i gotta get running to work soon but wanted to write a note now and then come back later to check out the other girls spots, it's rad to know how many Vancouverite's are doing it up this way. happy trips lovely!!!!! you just have the very best time ever and we'll see you soon, tan and all. xo ♥

  5. 5.16.11
    Cara said:

    Thank you so much for your lovely words Alexandra! It means so much to be recognized by another blogger, especially one whom I am a HUGE fan of!
    I hope you have an amazing, sun-filled trip to Mexico!
    xoxo Cara

  6. 5.17.11

    thank you again so much alexandra!!! Loved all three posts you did on local fashion bloggers! so fun getting to know new ones and getting to know more about the ones that i already check daily!!! you're are too sweet for words to have written all of that!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    Mon xo

  7. 5.19.11
    Samantha said:

    Love this post! It's so great that you have so many other fashion bloggers in your area! I wish there were meetups in my area! :o(



  8. 5.28.11
    Anya said:

    Thanks for this feature.

    xo, Anya

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