Sand, Surf, and Way Too Much Guacamole


Outfit 1: Talula silk tank, Club Monaco skirt,
H&M belt, Gap sandals, H&M clutch, vendor necklace

Outfit 2: American Eagle dress, H&M wedges,
Urban Outfitters clutch, Club Monaco earrings, Birk bracelet 

I’m baaaaaaaack!  While I’m already missing the sun and relaxing days filled with nothingness, I am glad to finally be reunited with my phone, my bed, my laptop, and of course my blog and amazing readers.  I’m shocked that I was actually able to (happily) stay away from all forms of technology other than cameras for a whole week…I was definitely expecting some anxiety from tech-withdrawal symptoms, but nada.  I obviously really needed some time away from being constantly plugged in. 

Personally, though I could always use a vacation, I was in particular need of some time away over the past few months to do some reflection on both my professional and personal life, and I feel like that little break really did me some good.  I’m happy to be home now and start carrying out these revamped plans!
Just as I predicted, Matt and I managed to accumulate a shocking amount of pictures between the two of us – think well over 1500.  For one week.  To say that we are snap-happy as a couple is definitely an understatement.

As promised, I’m going to share my week away at the beautiful Riu Pacifico Palace with a few entries since there is zero chance that I’d ever be able to fit an adequate selection of pics in one entry.  I hope you all had an amazing week and I’m excited to share my time away with you!

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  1. 5.25.11

    YAY! So glad you had fun, I agree that a break from everything back home is really nice. Especially in Mexico, as it's pretty much the most relaxing vacay ever. Biggest dilemma of the day is "beach or pool?"
    Super jealous of your colour and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. You look gorgeous and relaxed. Happy that you're back and excited to see ya this weekend xo

  2. 5.25.11
    Melissa said:

    Your pictures look amazing! Kind of jealous of your tan haha.

    I'm glad you were able to relax and reflect. Vacations are perfect for that.

    Looking forward to your pictures!

  3. 5.25.11

    looks like you had an amazing time!
    your AE dress is so precious and perfect for the beach 🙂

  4. 5.25.11
    Di said:

    looks splendidly relaxing and beautiful~ it's def necessary to take some time off to reflect and regain mojo/energy to get back into a healthy productive flow 🙂 you look gorggg in all the photos! your skin and eyes are glistening~
    xo Diana

  5. 5.26.11
    Cee said:

    Oh, you have a tan! I'm unbearably jealous, especially considering the lovely weather we've been having here since you've been gone. It looks like you had a fabulous time- in spite of my weird neuroses, even the sand looks appealing 🙂 I applaud you for taking the time off from technology, too. I haven't managed it yet, but maybe one day! (And just so you know, unless you turned into an avocado, there is no way you could possibly have eaten too much guacamole :D) Can't wait to see more photos, and to see you on Sunday!

  6. 5.26.11

    beautiful pictures! beautiful views! beautiful outfits!

  7. 5.26.11

    Welcome back!! I adore these gorgeous pictures and I definitely can't wait to see more. Did you say holiday? A break from technology? Ahh, sounds like heaven. And I adore that gorgeous white dress on you, so pretty. Can't wait to see you and your glorious tan on Sunday. xx veronika

  8. 5.26.11
    lamia said:

    Glad you're back Alexandra!! you look stunning !!!

    Have you ever heard about HERÔME care products ???
    Plz let me know by leaving a comment on my last post !!

  9. 5.26.11
    Cara said:

    Wow, you look gorgeous in these photos!! I love the first outfit with the blue blouse, so pretty…The white dress looks gorgeous too, especially with your tan (jealous, yes…) and love your hair pulled back! So excited to see more from your fabulous trip, welcome home 😉
    xo Cara

  10. 5.29.11

    okay gorgeous, i'm starting from the bottom and working my way up b/c this is sooooo much goodness, i gotta take it one step at a time. i am ultra happy the trip was mad amounts of fun, sun and the raddest beach jumps ever in all the world! killer shot lades….KILLER! look at you, all tanned and gorgeous.

    you held up well, in the face of internet-less-ness ; ) welcome home, we missed you! ♥

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