As Simple as a Summer Dress

Nothing to see here folks…well no actually, please come look, but admittedly there isn’t much “styling” going on.  Just Matt and I off to celebrate our three and a half year anniversary (mostly just an excuse to go out for dinner) and I decided to keep it simple by wearing a pretty printed summer dress and kept the accessories to a minimum.

Buffalo dress, H&M wedges & rings,
Badgley Mischka bag, Blue Ruby earrings 

As is the case with basically any of my Gastown-set shots, I had just wrapped up work and was therefore in my “work gear”: hair pulled back in an updo or braid, comfy wedges, and a bag big enough to lug around my laptop and random chargers.  Stylin’!

Though I’d just finished a long day of work, Matt and I ended up having the most lovely night thanks to Cork & Fin (and, I suppose, the mutual enjoyment of one another’s company).  I don’t think I’ve had a dining experience that has been quite so amazing in a long, long time.  The food and wine selection were both exquisite, but one of the finer points of the evening for me was the service.

I actually lived on a vineyard in France between the ages of 15-16 years old and went to the local agricole et viticole lycée while there.  During that time I developed a pretty huge appreciation for the scientific expertise, intuitive art, and hard work that goes into both making and educating oneself about wine.  It was fabulous having the amazing sommelier Doug take us through the incredibly curated wine list – his suggestion (the Plan Pégaux, if anyone’s interested) was out of this world and it was special for me to hear someone speak so passionately about wine again.  Our server Ali was also fantastic and her attentiveness and suggestions made the entire experience even more enjoyable.

I know it sounds like I was paid by the restaurant to write a glowing review, but honest to God, I actually just fell head over heels for the place! Despite my numerous tweets raving about the joint, I have yet to be offered an “Eat For Free, Good For One Lifetime” card…though, in my opinion, that would be a great idea.  Do yourself a favor and visit this amazing spot if you’re living in or visiting Vancouver!

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  1. 8.27.11

    Love that buffalo dress. That print is awesome.

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  2. 8.27.11

    I love this buffalo dress, it's got such a gorgeous pattern on it and the colours are so great. Sounds like a wonderful evening with the man! Sometimes an easy summer dress is just whats needed

  3. 8.27.11
    Cee said:

    I am going to have to register my shock here… I didn't even know Buffalo was still around, never mind designin gorgeous hankerchief style dresses like this one! The look may be simple, but it really doesn't need anything else to look put together and beautiful. I have yet to pay a visit to Cork & Fin… I'm trying to curb my habit of constantly eating (and drinking) in excess, God knows why… but your glowing review makes me think I need to pretend that isn't the case for (yet another) evening 🙂

  4. 8.28.11
    Naghmeh said:

    I love that dress and your bag. the colours really suit you and that braid looks so perfect mine is always so messy!
    sadly I don't live in Vancouver otherwise I would have definitely tried it after that review 😉

  5. 8.28.11

    Of course, you're such a beautiful girl! You remind me of Megan Fox, sans the wretched attitude and baby canine teeth.


  6. 8.28.11
    Leonie said:

    Love this dress, the colors are beautiful! I don't think it needs any accessories – it's should be the center of attention 😉

    Thanks for the tip on Cork & Fin. My dad will come visit me in three weeks and I am trying to figure out what things we could do/explore during his visit (including dining). If you have more tips, please send them my way as I don't know the city too well yet!

    And… congrats on your anniversary of course! 🙂
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  7. 8.28.11
    hélène said:

    This place sure does sound amazing! Should i ever make it back to vancouver one day, my foodie self will def need to check it out. Also, you look gorgeous, and i love all those beach photos on your instagram!! 🙂


  8. 8.29.11
    Jen said:

    Ohhh the food looks good! My birthday is coming up so that sounds like the perfect excuse to go indulge in a yummy new restaurant! Congrats to you and Matt on your 3.5 years and what a pretty casual dress- you look hot, Alex!

    Have a great week lovely!

  9. 8.29.11
    MizzJ said:

    Food looks yum! Congrats on your anniversary! hehe I think your free food for life card idea is a good one! There are a few places I definitely wouldn't getting that for.

  10. 8.29.11
    Sandy Joe said:

    I'm a huge fan of wild patterns and that dress is wonderful. I love the dip dye effect on the hemline. Lovely!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  11. 8.30.11

    lovely dress!

  12. 8.30.11
    Lily said:

    I absolutely love Gastown. It's quickly become my favorite go-to area. I can't wait to spend some time there with you on Saturday. 🙂

    Congratulations to you and Matt on your guys' 3.5 year anniversary! Love the simplicity of your outfit. That print on that Buffalo dress is beautiful.


  13. 8.31.11

    what, wait – you seriously lived in a vineyard in france for a year? that's like what happens in movies. seriously dreamy.

  14. 8.31.11
    Jen said:

    Great dress. I love your blog. I'm totally following now. <3

    Check out mine.

  15. 1.27.12
    Anonymous said:

    magic norks ! xxxx

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