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It was that time of the month again – blogger meetup time that is!  Our group expands everytime and it’s always so amazing to reconnect with the bloggers I already know well and to get to know some lovely new faces better too.

I met up with Cee of Coco and Vera first and we were soon joined by Mina of Faboulista.  After a brief yet shocking encounter with a “lady of the night”, Louise of Fifth Sparrow managed to make her way to us, as did Cara of a fashion love affair.  I came up with the amazing (ridiculously corny) idea of us doing that famous Beatles shot of us crossing the street – pretty stupendous right? ….right?!

We then meandered over to Cobre Restaurant, one of my favourite spots in the city, and were joined by the lovely Lynn of hearted girl.  The tapas at Cobre are out of this world, and given that these blogger meet-ups usually involve alcohol in one way or another, we of course indulged in several jugs of their delicious rosé sangria.  I was so happy that Jen of Prairie Girl in the City and Melissa of Miss Melissa were able to join us later in the evening too – I’ve only met these girls a couple times, but both are so lovely and fun to be around.  So happy that our blogger family here in Van is growing and developing, it’s really special that we’re not only able to form connections through our blogs but in our normal day-to-day lives as well.

From left to right: Cara, Melissa, me, Cee, Jen, Mina, Louise

Thank you to both Ian Lloyd (Cee’s wonderful husband) and Louise for the pictures!

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  1. 8.30.11
    Ivory said:

    These photos are so gorgeous! I love!

    Ivory x

  2. 8.30.11

    can i join the family? hehe, i'm from surrey actually, but still part of vancouver, right? :):) hehe. you guys look gorgeous!


  3. 8.30.11

    Such beautiful bloggers! I love the one with all of you in the street. You all look gorgeous : )

  4. 8.30.11
    MizzJ said:

    Sounds so fun!

  5. 8.31.11

    Ah, what an amazing looking night, and group of ladies for that matter! You looked absolutely radiant Alexandra, love your necklace & dress pairing. And SO bummed that I missed out on this tremendous looking night. But can't wait to see you gals at the next one. xo veronika

  6. 8.31.11

    wow good for you for doing these meetups. I don't know most of those blogs so i'll be checking them out for sure. love all the group pictures.

  7. 8.31.11
    Jen said:

    You ladies look so lovely. And I love your shoes. <3


  8. 8.31.11

    everybody looks so gorgeous! I especially love everyone's shoes 🙂

  9. 8.31.11
    Cee said:

    The Beatles style photo idea definitely was stupendous… I love the way the photos turned out! But then I might be biased, considering how found I am of all of the gorgeous people in them. It was fabulous to see you as always, and to enjoy a couple of pitchers of sangria with you 🙂 And I love that necklace every time I see it, but always forget to ask, where on earth did you find something so unique? I must know.
    PS: Coming to visit you at work ASAP 🙂

  10. 8.31.11

    alex thx so much for organzing this wonderful evening. i had a blast with all the girls. the beatles walk was so fun. i loved the shots. only wished i wore more graceful shoes. btw one of my readers loved the earings u wore at the ishara party and asked me to ask u where they r from. i guess she really wants a pair. hope to see again soon!

  11. 8.31.11
    Vale ♥ said:

    What a lovely group of fashion girls ! 🙂
    I like your blog, if you want we could follow each other, just let me know ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  12. 8.31.11
    Leonie said:

    Lovely pictures – and I think the Beatles walk idea was great. Looks like you girls had an amazing time 🙂
    NEW OUTFIT POST: Celebrating Shangri-La

  13. 8.31.11
    Ann said:

    I love the pics,

    especially the first one

    so fabulously stylish ♥

  14. 8.31.11
    Cara said:

    It was such a wonderful night Alex, thank you for getting it all organized, and the photos came out great, your idea for the Beatles walk was genious!! Loved our amazing meal and can't wait for the next get together!
    xo Cara

  15. 8.31.11
    TOPCOAT said:

    Looks amazing, loving that first photo! xx

  16. 9.1.11
    t said:

    Looks like such fun times! I wanna join the next one!! 🙂

  17. 9.4.11

    yahhhhhh! i have loved these shots of you girls and it sure was a great gathering. meeting new friends and catching up with you & Cee was awesome!!!!

    i think the best part about the after shots is that i can actually admire everyone's outfits a big bunch. when we're all there i'm focusing on faces, expressions and stories so i don't catch all the fine elements each girl has got going on. it's rad to relive it here, you're all so beautiful. xoox ♥

  18. 9.4.11
    Nuha said:

    the pictures of you girls crossing the street is so so cute! love it! and great blog by the way 🙂

  19. 9.4.11

    ohh how fun love it!!! you all look stunning!! xx

  20. 9.27.11

    oh nice to find some other Vancouver bloggers.
    i have a giveaway.

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