Dans le Monde Entier

Club Monaco scarf and bracelet, Sam Edelman booties,
Badgley Mischka bag, belt from Mexico, dress c/o StylePiques,
blazer c/o Shoppalu, Birks bangle

I don’t know if it’s just the tweed, but this outfit screams “English countryside” to me. It kind of reminded me after the fact of how I used to dress when I was younger: instead of taking pieces and simply combining them into an outfit, I used to take very specific and at times obscure reference points (Lou Reed was a recurring one through first year) and use them to cultivate a look. Maybe I’ll try it out a bit more in the future – any requests?

I’m currently at my cabin right now and it’s been just what I needed. I love sitting here next to the fire and having absolutely nothing to do other than sip coffee and watch the ocean. Doctors should just prescribe cabin days from now on when people are feeling run down. Sometimes, even staying home with a cold isn’t enough…you really need to just fully remove yourself from everything and plant yourself in the middle of nowhere.
Hoping your weeks are off to a good start!

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  1. 2.13.12
    Liv said:

    You look very elegant. Tweed is very english countryside but your scarf is pure Parisian.

    Hope you're having a good start to monday.

  2. 2.13.12

    I love your "English Countryside" outfit ; ) That dress looks perfect on you! You have a cabin? At the ocean? Lucky girl! Enjoy your time there. I always get such a good rest when I'm at my family's cabin.

  3. 2.13.12
    Bonnie said:

    I need more tweed in my life. And by "need more" I really mean "get some" considering that I have none. Lame balls.
    P.S. Obsessed with your shoesies.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. 2.13.12

    So cute… kind of a more modern English countryside 🙂 Happy Monday, Alex! Hope you're having fun at your cabin.

    xo, alison*elle

  5. 2.13.12

    Cute look, love the blazer!

    Puck // ONEOFPOINTS.com

  6. 2.13.12
    Sandy Joe said:

    What a genius way to tie a belt! Absolutely LOVE IT.

    My peach lipstick was Make Up Forever Rouge Intense #39.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  7. 2.13.12

    i'm a new follower! i love this look, the scarf is a perfect addition

  8. 2.13.12
    MIRTE said:

    Lovely! Follow u now 🙂


  9. 2.13.12

    this outfit is gorgeous! i love all the neutral tones :)the scarf is magnificent!

  10. 2.13.12

    I love the blazer, such a great look!

  11. 2.13.12
    Nic said:

    beautiful outfit, I love the colors and the layering.


  12. 2.13.12

    Great dress!! Lovely blog 🙂

    The Thousand And One Mises

  13. 2.13.12

    I love this outfit, such wonderful neutrals together. Tweed always reminds me of english country too, or a sharply dressed professor (I had one who wore tweed jackets all the time and he was awesome). The blazer looks so great with the dress!
    I would love to be out at a cabin right now, it's so relaxing to get away just for a bit even. Have fun!!

  14. 2.14.12
    two birds said:

    This outfit is so chic. I love your blazer! And your cabin sounds so wonderfully relaxing. I could definitely use a cabin weekend!

  15. 2.14.12

    Gorgeous outfit girl! I love that jacket, it's adorable! I want it, and I want it now! 😉




  16. 2.14.12
    Heather said:

    Oooh I really like this! That jacket with the striped scarf is just perfect!


  17. 2.14.12
    Cee said:

    That jacket is very English countryside – all you need is a horse, and you'd be right there! Oh Shoppalu… So many gems. This post is reminding me that I haven't looked through their sectional for a while 🙂 Hope you're enjoying your time at the cabin, although we definitely missed seeing you yesterday. We must catch up soon. Perhaps a visit to Cafe Medina (for waffles, naturally) is in order?

  18. 2.14.12
    Squared said:

    wow! seriously like the layout of your blog and header! you also look beautiful on your pictures!
    interesting blog overall!
    let's follow each other 🙂

  19. 2.14.12
    chibiwow said:

    Must have this look, cool elegance. Got some nice style inspiration in your blog. Way to go.
    wow accounts for sale

  20. 2.14.12
    Well... said:

    Oooh, this look is very classic and elegant.
    I love the tweed and your orange-brown belt <3


  21. 2.14.12
    Myrna said:

    Love the tweed and this outfit. I must say that each time you wear these wedges I feel a huge bit of jealousy over them. What can I say i'm a sucker for wedges.



  22. 2.14.12

    Very pretty!! That dress and blazer go great together! also, just a side note- I can't get over how awesome your hair is lol, I definitely need tips from you lol it looks so healthy!
    Living in Color.

  23. 2.14.12

    your shoes are fantastic
    and i love that belt!

    xo katlin

  24. 2.14.12

    That jackets is FANTASTIC! Hope you enjoy your time in the cabin- sounds amazing 🙂 xo Pam

  25. 2.14.12
    MizzJ said:

    Totally cool blazer! I like how you paired it here, very preppy but not overly so. Can't wait to see what other types of looks you come up with it!

  26. 2.14.12
    Sam said:

    Hi sweety, Wishing you and your loved one Happy (Anti) Valentines Day! I love collecting tailored blazers like this one, its is so chic and dressy. Gorgeous look, love the scarf and tan accessories. My fav look of yours for this month so far.

  27. 2.14.12

    Such a wonderful look !
    It's make class and a little bit "british" ! I love your dress !

  28. 2.14.12

    I'm having a great week so far, as I hope you are. Your cabin sounds like the perfect escape (I need one of those too!!).
    Loving the tweed on you. It reminds me of Ralph Lauren's tweed blazers, which are so fabulous! I like the black and white, as oposed to the usual earthy tones. It's more striking.
    For the Love of Audrey

  29. 2.14.12
    Mica said:

    Great outfit! The scarf is perfect with it 🙂


  30. 2.14.12
    NaNa said:

    very well tailored blazer, lovin the look to beat the chill =) xoxo

  31. 2.14.12
    Emily said:

    That outfit is definitely countryside attire, and it looks very comfortable. I would have say I think more Doctors should just prescribe time away in general. At a cabin or lake or whatever. Just tell you to unplug and get out of town.

  32. 2.14.12
    Dora said:

    You look darling! XX

  33. 2.14.12
    Megan said:

    I agree, removing yourself from everything and unwinding is often the best medicine. Love that last photo! I think you look stunning as always, and I'm digging the English Countryside vibe 🙂 Have a great day!

  34. 2.14.12
    MosaMuse said:

    cute and chic!
    happy valentines day!


  35. 2.14.12

    i love how you tied the belt


  36. 2.14.12
    Wren said:

    I'm glad you are having a marvelous time at your cabin. I know every student deserves this week. I love the simplicity of that dress and how you dressed it up a bit. Beautiful


  37. 2.14.12

    Lovely dress, and I love your wedges!
    Looking great, dear <3

  38. 2.14.12
    nadja said:

    love your style, girl
    very classic and chick

  39. 2.14.12

    Very pretty outfit 🙂

  40. 2.14.12

    Great outfit, love your bag!

  41. 2.14.12

    I love the jacket. I've never been able to pull of tweed. I'm not exactly sure why. However, it looks wonderful on you paired with the neutrals. A few days at a cabin sounds exactly like what I need too!

  42. 2.14.12
    Jackie said:

    Your look is lovely, that bag is especially fab! I totally agree with you too, I am in dire need of a vacation.

  43. 2.14.12

    i just love this look

  44. 2.14.12

    I love your style. You look glamourous and elegant! 🙂


    A chic kiss 😉

  45. 2.14.12
    Heather said:

    LOVE the tweed jacket with the stripe scarf. It's a great mix.


  46. 2.14.12

    You look beautiful, love how you've knotted the belt!


  47. 2.15.12
    Bunnie said:

    The outfit is so gorgeous! I love all the colors and textures. I don't think I own any tweed…. I probably shouldn't have admitted that.

  48. 2.15.12

    I really love your style !! you look sooo beautiful .. Love the colors =)

    MK Style Diaries

  49. 2.15.12
    amuseume said:

    I love the soft touch of colour on your lips, it really tops off the whole ensemble. The colour of the bag is beautiful, I'm sure its complimenting with everything! This outfit is relaxed and sophisticated at the same time, so pretty!

  50. 2.15.12
    Kelly said:

    goodness i love that jacket! looking super cute lady!


  51. 2.15.12

    I love how you incorporate that belt in your outfit !

  52. 2.15.12
    Jennifer said:

    So pretty – the neutral color of your dress is pretty!

    xo Jennifer


  53. 2.15.12
    jamie said:

    english country side with a sexy and modern twist! and girlfriend before you cut your hair, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihdDaNkqAYc

    i mean, its so obvious but i wish i could have seen this video before i chopped off my long locks. i seriously regret it but i really needed a change so.. i guess its okay 🙂 plus im looking into extensions so then it'll be majorly ok then, haha. i hope you all are having a great time at the cabin, dear!

    happy valentines day!!
    xo jamie

  54. 2.15.12
    Violetta said:

    adorable look!!! <3

  55. 2.15.12
    yiqin; said:

    the pop of color from your belt is awesome

  56. 2.15.12

    LOVELY!! xoxo

    GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG http://www.lettherebelightbitch.blogspot.com

  57. 2.15.12
    Lyosha said:

    very cute look! I love the coordination of colours and the shapes of blazer and skirt are very pretty together!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm your newest follower

  58. 2.15.12
    Tina said:

    Love your blog! Love the way you chose the belt to highlight your outfit!
    I'm your latest follower on bloglovin!

  59. 2.15.12
    Gabriele said:

    love your outfit, it's perfect and so classy! 🙂 Love the blazer, dress and belt.

  60. 2.15.12

    it does look english countryside,.. but in a good way..locing the bag!

  61. 2.15.12



    X ELLE

  62. 2.16.12

    love the your outfit! totally gorgeous from head to toe!

  63. 2.17.12

    well, i'd dearly love to see what you came up with in reference to Lou Reed….dude, all that man wears is black on black and shades are a consistent theme. how'd you do it? super curious! i LOVE the tweed styles though, really chic and i also totally am grooving on your (slightly) longer side swept bangs. way to work it lades!!! still living off the fumes from your cabin post. good gosh, everyone should have such a tremendous getaway. i think the world would be such a chill place if that were the case! xo ♥

  64. 2.17.12
    Fabliha said:

    you look amazing! I love the colour palette of this outfit



  65. 2.17.12

    Sophisticated and so elegant!! The color palette is wintery and so warm!

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