H&M dress, Club Monaco wrap bracelet, Birks bracelet

 My getaway to our cabin on the Sunshine Coast was exactly what I needed to recharge and reboot. I felt entirely burnt out before leaving and after three very restful days of canoeing, running, napping and eating, I’m happy to say I am allllll better. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably heard about all the incredible wildlife my sister and I saw. The biggest highlight of the entire trip was definitely when we were surrounded by a pod of about 75-100 seals near Myrtle Rock. Seals are my favourite animals and I was literally having a bit of a Kristen-Bell-meets-a-sloth moment, it was so unreal!

As you can see from the pics, the weather was ridiculously beautiful! It was definitely the year’s first hint at spring and my sister and I took full advantage of it. I thought it’d be a great opportunity to pay a bit of an homage to everyone’s faaaaavourite holiday…Valentine’s Day! Especially because technically, it was Valentine’s Day. This femme H&M dress was an obvious pick!
I hope you’ve all been having a good week as well! To Vogue or Bust

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  1. 2.15.12
    Jen said:

    Cute, cute, cute! The dress looks great on you!

  2. 2.15.12
    Megan said:

    Looks beautiful and relaxing! Love that dress, very cute for V-Day 🙂

  3. 2.15.12
    Myrna said:

    Love that dress ! You look very summery !


  4. 2.15.12
    claude said:

    beautiful! all of it!
    It's so unreal to see you in a dress and the sun in the background as we have
    temperatures around the freezing point over here at the moment, with lots of rain
    and a little snow at times, really depressing weather as you may imagine.
    so these pictures somehow lightened up my grey day 😉


  5. 2.15.12
    Faith said:

    that def. looks so relaxing. i love how happy and relaxed you look too!

    sometimes a getaway from reality is what the doctor orders 🙂

  6. 2.15.12

    You time at the cabin sounds absolutely perfect and just what you needed. And how gorgeous is it up there?? So jealous!

    xo, alison*elle

  7. 2.15.12
    Tina said:

    Your red dress is very cute! You are gorgeous too!


  8. 2.15.12
    pavlyn said:

    These pictures are adorable – its been so cold in Toronto the past few days, its a nice reminder that there is still sunshine in some places!!!!

  9. 2.15.12

    It looks beautiful and super relaxing!

    That dress on you is perfect, you look stunning as always!

  10. 2.15.12
    Ajvn said:

    so nice pictures!! 🙂 I love your dress!! 🙂

  11. 2.15.12

    This sounds like the most relaxing time ever, nothing better than a weekend at the cabin to recharge!! These pictures are so amazing, you're seriously stunning!!! And I absolutely adore this dress, such a beautiful fit and the pattern is awesome, perfect for valentines day!

  12. 2.15.12

    what a great dress, love all the photos … so warm and summery!!

  13. 2.15.12
    Bonnie said:

    Whyyyy couldn't you have swung by and picked me up? I bet we could have some crazy escapades together. I needed a break this weekend! 🙂
    This dress of yours is crazy beautiful, by the way.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. 2.15.12
    Anca said:

    Just seeing these pictures made my day a little brighter :D. You look absolutely stunning and the scenery is breathtaking! I think there's not one thing in these pictures I don't love!

    kisses from coralista

  15. 2.15.12

    Great pics Alexandra! I can't believe you're wearing a sundress in the winter. In CANADA! It's' so cute by the way. And OH MY GOD can we talk about how awesome that Kristen Bell video was?? I think I watched it 7 times!

  16. 2.15.12

    Love this dress. It is so pretty and feminine 🙂


  17. 2.15.12

    your eyes are so pretty!
    i love the darling print of this dress.

    xo katlin

  18. 2.15.12
    Casey said:

    Gorgeous! The sunshine coast sounds incredible! What a perfectly sunny dress; so glad it was a great trip!

  19. 2.15.12
    Shannon said:

    Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous place and gorgeous dress.

  20. 2.15.12

    You are so photogenic, all your pictures come out beautifully!


  21. 2.15.12

    So jealous fo the warm weather you got to experience! Would love to wear a skinny strap dress in this cold weather 🙂

  22. 2.15.12
    Marisa said:

    Beautiful!!! Glad you were able to recharge and have gorgeous weather to help energize your weekend even more 🙂


  23. 2.15.12

    Those pics are gorgeous!!! Adore your lovely dress:) Following you on Bloglovin:)

  24. 2.15.12
    Sam said:

    Hi hun, this place is so beautiful, where is it's location exactly. These photos are so different from the winter weather ones you've previously posted. its nice to see some sunshine on your side and a pretty sundress. Red is your colour! you own it!

  25. 2.15.12

    Jealous of the sun you're getting. Gorgeous red sundress on you. If the groundhog is correct, spring should arrive early. But not early enough. Want sun and warm temperature NOW!

  26. 2.15.12

    honestly, your blog gets better and better each time i read it. love the use of light. and you are beautiful as always 🙂
    xo TJ

  27. 2.16.12
    two birds said:

    You and your sister are gorgeous! I love your red dress so much. And your cabin getaway sounds like it was fabulous!

  28. 2.16.12
    Katie said:

    Dress= Perfection! Pictures= Perfection

    You are so beautiful! I think I need some sideswept bangs like you've got going on!
    Katie- Hems For Her

  29. 2.16.12
    Well... said:

    Oh wow, definitely sounds like the perfect little getaway! Its absolutely beautiful there <3 I'm feeling the twinge of jealousy getting to me haha.
    You both are such beautiful women!
    I really love your dress too, it's got such great colors and print. 🙂

  30. 2.16.12
    Cee said:

    Pally, I cannot believe that you were barefoot and wearing a sleeveless dress in February! Especially since you were still in the province when it happened 🙂 So envious of the warmth and sun you had during your break, I could definitely use a recharge right about now. Hope your week back at school is going well so far – you're almost there!

  31. 2.16.12

    Okay, I'm totally crashing your next trip to the cabin, it looks AMAZING!!! These photos of you are especially pretty, that dress is so perfect for spring. And picturing your Kristen Bell sloth like moment with the seals made me laugh out loud!!! Photo walk this week? I'll Twitter msg you xo

  32. 2.16.12
    Heather said:

    You both look beautiful!! I love your photos. It seriously makes me want to go on a getaway!!

  33. 2.16.12

    love the pics! I especially love the bracelets! I totally saw that dress at H&M but never ended up buying it 🙁

  34. 2.16.12
    Squared said:

    love these pictures! beautiful

  35. 2.16.12

    These photos are beautiful! And I have that dress also and it is one of my favorites 🙂 – Pam

  36. 2.16.12
    Kelly said:

    You are so gorgeous my dear!! I love the pictures you added. It gave your trip more of a majestic feel!


  37. 2.16.12

    I am so inspired by these stunning photos! The Kristen Bell clip was so hilarious, I can imagine the seals. Your dress is so lovely!

  38. 2.16.12

    ohh i'm so jealous of your right now! spring hasn't given any hint at all here., how i wish I could be at the beach soon!
    by the way, I was supposed to buy that same dress you're wearing last month (H&M right?) but i figured spring isn't anywhere near so i passed it out., it looks great on you!!

    cheers, Carla

  39. 2.16.12

    This place is so beautiful. The final photo is the dreamiest thing I've seen all winter and I'm jealous. It matches your pretty dress too! Oh, and that Kristen Bell video is my favorite.

  40. 2.16.12
    MizzJ said:

    Is that your sister? Why is everyone in your family so freakin gorgeous?! Lol

  41. 2.16.12
    Leonie said:

    Beautiful pictures, you're so lucky you have a cabin where you can spend a few relaxing days and enjoy the stunning nature. I am not a canoe person at all, but after seeing these pictures I would definitely like to try it some time.

    Love how you, even though you're just surrounded by nature, still look so elegant and chic, it's such a pretty dress!

    Finding Balance

  42. 2.16.12

    Lovely pictures…I really like the beach and the sea…

  43. 2.16.12

    You look so gorgeous in these photos! love your red dress! 🙂

  44. 2.16.12

    Such stunning photos! What a perfect getaway with your sister! Love your print H&M dress. I need some more summery dresses in my closet like this. I will wait for next spring/summer now though.
    Suzi x

  45. 2.16.12

    you two are so beautiful! 🙂

    The thousand and one mises

  46. 2.16.12
    Mica said:

    That dress is so cute! What a beautiful place, the photos are amazing 🙂

  47. 2.16.12
    Sunkissed said:

    What an amazing place <3 That dress is so pretty on you, I love how you're walking around barefoot !
    That last picture is a beauty !

  48. 2.16.12

    beautiful, romantic photos! you look gorgeous :*

  49. 2.16.12
    Dora said:

    Beautiful pictures! XX

  50. 2.16.12

    this looks amazing! so beautiful. i want to take a trip to a lake house so bad! just have to find one first haha

  51. 2.16.12

    How totally gorgeous. AND I love your dress as well!

  52. 2.16.12

    Beautiful pictures! So pretty and lady-like! Love, Mary Fashionbirds

  53. 2.16.12

    So beautiful – jealous! The sunshine coast lives up to its name; great lighting for your shots.

    You're going to have so much fun in Maui!! Have you been before? I've been a couple of times so if you need tips (ie where to surf, shopping/dining), let me know. Make sure you get up to Paia for the hippie boutiques, and make the drive west past Kapalua to Honolua Bay to watch the sunset and the surfers below.

  54. 2.16.12

    Wow, really beautiful photos! I just adore the dress, and it fits you like a glove, really pretty! Love, love, love!

    ps – following you on twitter now

  55. 2.16.12
    Ashley said:

    Such beautiful photos! I love your polka-dot dress!

  56. 2.16.12

    Such pretty photos!

  57. 2.17.12
    Analisa said:

    These sunsoaked photos are so beautiful! Your dress is perfect for Valentine's Day 🙂

  58. 2.17.12
    Mabel said:

    I love canoeing! It sounds like you had a lovely time. You look beautiful as always, great dress!!! 🙂

    Mabel Time

  59. 2.17.12

    um, Alex…………. i think somebody needs to check my pulse!! it's elevated so high from viewing this beautiful assortment of loveliness and i bet Matt can attest it's a common place physical reaction to such smashing style and beauty!!

    this trip sounds like something too amazing for words, a pod of seals?! whaaaaaaaaaaaat? omg, all i saw last weekend worth any note was my bra laying there on the floor cos i never once put the darn thing on – bahaha! i'd waaay rather have had your view 🙂

    has summer arrived? my gosh, you just look simply stunning in every shot and the two of you together is a power packed plug in that burns brightest. xo ♥

  60. 2.17.12
    Fabliha said:

    you are so gorgeous! sounds like a lovely getaway! I've been meaning to go to the sunshine coast for a while noe… – your style + blog is amazing!



  61. 2.17.12
    yiqin; said:

    you rocked this outfit <3

  62. 2.17.12
    Melody said:

    I love the pics you put up! And I love the dress you're wearing. 🙂 Very pretty!

  63. 2.17.12
    Brandi said:

    Looks amazing! last summer I went with my best friend to California to a lake house and stayed a week and we never wanted to leave!!

  64. 2.17.12
    Jen said:

    Awwww you look SO beautiful Alex, and your time at the cabin really looks like it was amazing. The canoeing shots are my favourite – it looks incredibly peaceful. Was it much warmer there than it is here, or were you freezing your butt off in that dress? Hahaha if you were actually warm, I am super jealous!

    Have a great weekend lovely, hope to see you soon!

  65. 2.17.12

    So beautiful! Gorgeous photos! and the most important the place just screems:here's warm, sunny and absolutely wonderful:)



  66. 2.17.12

    Beautiful dress! Oh wow, I definitely don't blame you for having a Kbell/Sloth moment, that sounds like an amazing experience!

  67. 2.17.12
    Gabriele said:

    oh wow soo nice! must of been lovely to get away1 love your red dress, pretty pictures. 🙂

  68. 2.17.12

    Such beautiful girls and these pictures are seriously gorgeous. It's hard to believe that we live in the same country when you're rocking a pretty little dress and I'm in a woolly coat! Anyway, this looks like the perfect way to spend a weekend. I hope this one is just as warm and sunny for you. XO

  69. 2.17.12

    That place looks so peacefull! And you girls completely adorable.


  70. 2.17.12
    Jackie said:

    These photos look so pretty! Glad you had some time to relax!

  71. 2.17.12
    Wren said:

    Adorable dress. And check out that sunshine!!! Wow.


  72. 2.17.12

    All your wonderful images really make me anticipate for the summer! Love your dress!

  73. 2.18.12

    I love love love your dress and all these photos!

  74. 2.18.12

    these snaps are ridiculously beautiful doll!! X

  75. 2.18.12

    Love this post – the pictures are so beautiful and make me really feel the need of a vacation far away! And you look beautiful as always!

  76. 2.19.12
    Sandy Joe said:

    This looks like an absolute dream! Glad to hear you and your sis had a time. The scenery is absolutely stunning – fantastic photographs.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  77. 2.19.12

    Oh the beautiful west coast. Lovely pics, I am mega jealous of your little getaway.

  78. 2.20.12
    Heather said:

    Looks amazing! I love that first picture, and your dress is too cute!


  79. 2.21.12

    stunning photos! you're such a gorgeous girl! xx

  80. 2.21.12

    WOW! Great photos 😉 You looks so nice!


  81. 2.26.12
    Rea said:

    can't wait for summer to come back 🙁

  82. 3.10.12

    aw this is such a beautiful sundress.very girly and cute

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