Flower Power

Gentle Fawn top & bfrend bracelet (both from Violet Hill Clothing),
H&M skirt & rings, ring c/o Social Experiment, Club Monaco clutch

No, don’t worry, I didn’t forget to tuck in my shirt properly. What I did forget to do was to take a good look in the mirror before heading out in this ensemble. I initially wanted to showcase the cool back panel on my beautiful new Gentle Fawn top so I left it out, but very stupidly didn’t take the time to check out my reflection, and the unchecked effect looked slightly more sloppy than intentional.

But whatever, that’s what being a blogger is all about I guess. Looking like doo-doo and not apologizing for it…right?? Yeah, no I don’t think so either. But I still wanted to post this outfit because I love everything else about this look, especially my new bfrend bracelet! You may have already heard of these friendship-bracelet-inspired baubles, but if you haven’t, be sure to check out the lovely Monika’s creations. I picked mine up from Violet Hill Clothing in quaint Steveston Village yesterday and am already in love!

So some exciting news – I’ll be headed to Toronto right after I get back from Maui, around mid-May! I’m from Québec originally so it’s pretty exciting to finally head back out East, though I’m not very familiar with the Tdot. If anyone has any recommendations as to where I should go/what I should do, that would be amazing! I also want to get to know some of the bloggers in the area so please feel free to throw some names and URLs my way!
I had such an incredibly relaxing weekend, that (like usual) seemed centred on food. Amazing Mexican food on Friday, pasta galore on Saturday and about everything there was to offer in Steveston Village yesterday, including but not limited to fish n’ chips, frozen yogurt, lattes and cake. All that incredible food combined with amazing weather, some wonderful time with friends/family/boy and four intense but rewarding runs made for a very happy few days.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend as well and that your weeks are off to a good start! xx

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  1. 3.26.12

    love the floral H&m skirt! love this print! it's bright colors makes this a great statement piece to have!
    xo, Tina

  2. 3.26.12

    I realllly love this outfit!! The colour of this blouse is kind of amazing on you and that floral skirt is so great. That's exciting that you get to go to Miami and Toronto! I am very jealous, vacation would be so nice! Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend 🙂

  3. 3.26.12
    Ida said:

    Love the teal and the florals together. <3 Lovely ensemble!

  4. 3.26.12

    hey, girl! Love your skirt! I tried it on at H&M the other day, and I couldn't pull it off like you, I guess! You look darling though-thanks for sharing!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  5. 3.26.12
    Nicolette said:

    I JUST posted photos wearing the pants that match that skirt! isn't the print just lovely!? so vibrant and fun!
    you look gorgeous and I love the top you paired with the skirt!

  6. 3.26.12

    Such a gorgeous floral skirt! It looks amazing on you. I'm glad to hear you had a nice weekend! I've only been to Toronto once, when I was 19 but I really enjoyed Canada's Wonderland because I LOVE rides!

  7. 3.26.12
    Jen said:

    Alex, you look absolutely beautiful! One of my favourite looks ever for sure. The skirt hugs your curves in all the right places (and is that the same print as the pants that went through the unfortunate situation??). Also love how you paired turquoise tones in the blouse and bfrend! Really need to check out Violet Hill soon.

    Anyway, your weekend sounds like it was amazing. Have a great week and hope to see you soon!

  8. 3.26.12

    I do love that skirt!
    I bet your super excited to go to Toronto! I would be.

  9. 3.26.12
    yiqin; said:

    i love your bracelet <3

  10. 3.26.12
    Shannon said:

    Your skirt is so bold and beautiful. Love the colors so very much.


  11. 3.26.12

    that skirt is really just super stunning and great!! I love the shirt with it!!

  12. 3.26.12
    hattitude said:

    Hattitude Style Blog

    i tried to go to maui while me and my boyfriend have been out here on the west coast. we just could not find a spot to stay. where are you staying at? we head back to toronto in may! it's a woonderful city. queen st west is the best for shopping. i love fresh collective (all artisans in one shop) but pre-loved has my heart through and through and through. it's right by trinity bellwoods park, which is a cute little park! the horse shoe tavern if your not too sqeemish, it has low ceiling and kind of grungy, but it's my favourite bar in the whole of toronto, if they are playing a good band. Usually some awesome local talent is playing. A lot of famous bands have sung there. where are you staying? it's easier to direct from there 🙂 haha
    ah i miss home! ha

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  13. 3.26.12
    Wren said:

    I actually don't know any bloggers from Toronto. There's a few in Montreal and Quebec who are quite wonderful to follow though.

    I love the floral skirt with that top. So simple and elegant.


  14. 3.26.12
    lisa said:

    The neon floral print is beautiful. You should wear pencil skirts more often! They really suit you.

  15. 3.26.12

    Fun weekend! I wish I could give you Toronto recommendations, but I have not been there yet. Love your pretty jewelry, and that skirt is calling my name!

  16. 3.26.12

    oh hey, you have the panst version of this skirt too right? I actually love the skirt more since i'm not really a pants kind of girl 🙂 I didn't knew they had it! Must visit my local H&M now, haha! x

  17. 3.26.12
    Ly said:

    You look just lovely! I'm really into florals for this spring too! I just need to get my hands on some…

    I think toronto is only 4 hours away from me! Please make a visit down here to the good ole USA…wait I rather go there haha.


  18. 3.26.12
    Bonnie said:

    I never tuck my shirt in well. Don't feel bad. This is one of the many reasons I forego tucking in my shirts. It just doesn't work out for me.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. 3.26.12
    Kelly said:

    I just love this look! I've eyed that skirt for a long time but I think I'm gonna have to make the purchase now! looking gorgeous alex!


  20. 3.26.12

    loving the skirt!
    you look very pretty
    kisses from Prague

  21. 3.26.12

    I love the skirt version of this popular print. Looks great on you, Alex!

    xo, alison*elle

  22. 3.26.12
    eDina said:

    I love the colur palette so much and also the sunglasses are super nice!



  23. 3.26.12

    Such a fun weekend, You look lovely in this look, love the color palette here.


  24. 3.26.12
    Asher said:

    I'm in absolute love with this outfit! That skirt is amazing!!

  25. 3.26.12
    Laura said:

    You look absolutely beautiful again! So classy, love your skirt!:*

  26. 3.26.12
    Rachel said:

    Hey alexandra you look great I love the pop art flowers on this skirt!

    xo Rachel

    Glam Hampton

  27. 3.26.12

    I love this flower print of h&m, they have it on so many things, that's great! but I think on the skirt it looks best! and I love how you combined it!

    xxx Anita

  28. 3.26.12
    jules said:

    this skirt is gorgeous! is it a knit material or …?
    i recognize that freedman shoes/cafe crepe in the background … right in my neighbourhood!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  29. 3.26.12
    Marisa said:

    Can't get enough of that floral H&M print! The skirt fits you perfectly and the green tones from your blouse and bracelet are perfect. And if you didn't mention it, I wouldn't have noticed that the back of your shirt was sloppy 🙂


    PS: Love your post's title. I have the same title in my post with the floral pants! Great minds, right?

  30. 3.26.12

    So excited to see you in floral my gorgeous Alexandra! You always rock pastels and earthy tones but floral is just as perfect on you!! The pencil shape of the skirt accentuates your silhouette in the best possible way and the chunky wedges set off the look ideally!!

  31. 3.26.12
    Kate said:

    How gorgeous is that skirt on you?! Absolutely LOVE it! Actually loving every single detail of this outfit – the glasses are amazing on you, the shoes are killer, and of course, the bfrend bracelet is the perfect little accessory! Love it!

  32. 3.26.12
    Sam said:

    I am loving your spring style…this is a brilliant colour on you, and it's actually really great that you added your own blogger touch with the untucked shirt…it adds character. The skirt is beautiful, lovely print.

  33. 3.26.12
    Katie said:

    Girl, you will never look like doo-doo! That skirt is hot!I love it 🙂

    Katie- Hems For Her

  34. 3.26.12

    Love the skirt – you look fantastic!

  35. 3.26.12
    Danie said:

    Love this outfit! the floral print of your skirt is amazing. i really love your sunglasses!! the frame has a really nice shape.


  36. 3.26.12

    STUNNING. This is a bang on perfect spring look, I love everything 🙂

  37. 3.27.12
    Well... said:

    Wow, sounds like a wonderful weekend! All that delicious food you listed is making me crave some. Haha, and you're a runner huh? I was wondering how you worked off all that food 😉
    And honestly, I didn't even notice the tucked-in mishap until I read that. Haha, shows how much I pay attention. All I thought was "WHOA. Amazing H&M floral print!"
    Love that skirt girl! And the teal top complements it perfectly.

    Trendy Teal

  38. 3.27.12
    Amy said:

    I love that floral skirt!! Super cute!



  39. 3.27.12
    MizzJ said:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! All the best weekends are centered around food and friends imo 🙂 You look gorgeous in this outfit and I didn't notice anything odd actually about how you tucked in that top, does it look different from the back?

  40. 3.27.12

    you look so stunning and we totally love your skirt 🙂 i have a pants with the same print on it!


  41. 3.27.12

    wish I can see some decent sunlight like you do! Those shoes with the outfit is fabulous!

  42. 3.27.12

    I love the sunlight in these pictures, so lovely! And so is your outfit girl, loving the green with the floral skirt! And your bracelet! Okay…what do I not love in these pictures haha! 😀
    Have a wonderful week hun!


  43. 3.27.12
    Leonie said:

    This must be one of my favorite outfits, Alex! That skirt looks great on you (didn't know it came in a pencil skirt as well!) and I love how you paired it up with that pretty blouse from Violet Hill.

    The jewellery is gorgeous as well. Definitely wanting to get a bfrend bracelet myself, such a fun piece!

    xo Leonie

    Trying Something New

  44. 3.27.12

    That skirt is amazing, love the colors and the print!

    Be Frassy

  45. 3.27.12
    KT said:

    Love this H&M skirt!

  46. 3.27.12

    I love your looks, that skirt is beautiful! Such vibrant colours. Do you have any pictures of that cool back panel you mentioned? I'm intrigued!

    Emma xo

  47. 3.27.12
    Carmen said:

    I´m glad you liked my little nail tutorial 🙂
    And OMG how amazing you look in this outfit! This makes me want to buy this skirt immedately but I don´t think anyone else could rock it the way you did.

  48. 3.27.12

    Very chic look!! This high waisted floral skirt looks great on you!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  49. 3.27.12
    Daria said:

    gorgeous outfit!! so Spring-ish

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  50. 3.27.12

    Love your skirt! Nice print.



  51. 3.27.12

    amazing skirt!!

  52. 3.27.12
    Heather said:

    That skirt is so beautiful.. the colors are perfection! And I actually like the not so perfect tuck – very effortlessly cool and chic… Flower power indeed! Looking amazing girl!


  53. 3.27.12

    big love to your floral pencil skirt!
    really accentuates your figure very well.
    and the prints are soooo spring-y!


    btw, i dun sell my paintings.. haha, im such an amateur, and just paint for fun!

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  54. 3.27.12
    Natalia said:

    Very pretty, the sunglasses fit you so well and I like how you matched the rings with the skirt 🙂

  55. 3.27.12
    Sandy Joe said:

    WHERE ARE YOU SHOES FROM? They are a DREAM! Here is my Toronto list…. I'm not sure if you're a vegetarian but here goes:


    Parts & Labour
    The Black Hoof
    Sushi Marche
    Lakeview Diner
    Smokes Poutinerie
    Big Fat Burrito
    Le Petite Dejeuner

    That's off the top of my head. I'll let you know if I come up with anything else.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  56. 3.27.12

    love the floral skirt and heels! are they steve madden??


  57. 3.27.12

    Beautiful outfit, the skirt is lovely! It doesn't look at all sloppy with the shirt out at the back! <3

  58. 3.27.12
    Gabriele said:

    oh now, your shirt looks fine (trust me, no one even noticed, hehe).. Love the colours so much though, the floral skirt is very pretty!!:) Have fun in Toronto!!:)
    Much love, Gabriele.xx

  59. 3.27.12

    You look so gorgeous, I love the skirt and shoes! Your top looks fine 🙂


  60. 3.27.12
    Ramona said:

    Alexandra, you look absolutely fabulous.I like all look and even how you tucked in front of shirt effortlessly. It look super stylish. I have done it as well and my bofriend always says that it looks messy and isn't tucked in properly, but I don't think so 😉 Your skirt print is so trendy and shoes are so cute.
    I had so hectic weekend, but lots of fun.

    xoxo Ra

  61. 3.28.12

    wow, i love ur skirt, and u look so feminine!!! <3


  62. 3.28.12
    Heather said:

    YES I totally just bought that skirt too! You are soooo rocking it. Loving that you paired it up with a green top that matches in the green in the skirt.


  63. 3.28.12
    jess said:

    I love the print on that skirt. It looks great on you.

  64. 3.28.12

    gorgeous outfit, you look beautiful!

    I recently did a review on a pretty Lulu's dress, hope you will stop by and check it out, Thanks!

  65. 3.28.12
    Ashley said:

    Your skirt is gorgeous! I love your blog as well 🙂




  66. 3.28.12

    I've seen that H&M floral print everywhere and I love it! You rock it soooo well though! Definitely one of the better looks I've seen with it!


  67. 3.28.12

    No doo doo here hun! You look beautiful!!!! Congrats on TO. How long are you going to be there for?

    Jen xo

  68. 3.28.12
    Blaine said:

    Good dress,looks so fashion,thanks for your sharing,and I will share Abercrombie and Fitch Outlet with you,you can get the fashionable and cheapest dress there,good luck.

  69. 3.28.12
    Ivana said:

    Aww, I love your floral skirt so much, it has the perfect cut and pattern! I'm obsessed 🙂

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  70. 3.28.12

    how exciting, I've never been to that part of Canada before! I bet it'll be nice being so much closer to home 🙂 love the skirt! Xo

  71. 3.28.12
    Ashley said:

    Love this look! The skirt reminds me of your H&M flower pants!


  72. 3.28.12
    Megan said:

    Oh my goodness this skirt was made for you! It fits you perfectly and the print is so pretty. I love the way you styled it 🙂

    Sounds like you had a great weekend… mine are usually centered around food as well!

  73. 3.28.12

    That skirt is so cute, and I love your shoes!
    Looking great, dear! <3

  74. 3.28.12

    You look gorgeous! I picked up the pink bfrend bracelet that night too 🙂 I love how you've incorporated it in this outfit.


  75. 3.28.12

    Tucked in properly or not, this look is stunning. I'm in love with the way the skirt fits your body and the coloring is simply perfect.

  76. 3.28.12

    Love your floral skirt! Perfect for spring!

  77. 3.28.12

    Lovely skirt,
    love your lipstick colour!

  78. 3.28.12

    I didn't realize you were Québécois. So is my grandmother, and (on my good days) I like to think I inherited her perfect French Canadian skin.

  79. 3.28.12
    Ana said:

    Well besides the obvious like the Art Gallery of Ontario (http://www.ago.net/), check out the amazing Jack Chambers exhibit until May 13; or the Distillery District (http://www.thedistillerydistrict.com/), try a bacon donut inside The Sweet Escape Patisserie, here is a short guide to some of my fave destinations in Toronto.

    You like Club Monaco so if you don't have a flagship store in Vancouver you should absolutely visit ours in Toronto, it's at the corner of Avenue Rd and Bloor West. Bloor Street is great if you want to shop for high end fashion pieces as well. Speaking of flagship stores, don't miss out on going inside the Loblaw at the corner of Church and Carlton. It is stunning and they have almost an entire floor upstairs dedicated to Joe Fresh fashion, tons of great basic pieces for super cheap and most made of natural materials. Winners at the corner of College and Yonge is packed with spectacular designer stuff at fraction of the original price, but be ready to spend lots of time sorting through the stock.

    Queen St west of Spadina is amazing for small boutiques and cute shops as well as awesome cafes and restaurants. Lots of great shopping for unique fashion pieces by small independent designers and shops. Plus the street is super cute. If you are in the area, try this great patisserie (http://www.nadege-patisserie.com/) called Nadege for mouth watering macarons. A bit further west on Queen is the stunning and unique Gladstone Hotel (http://www.gladstonehotel.com/hotel) which deserves a quick visit if nothing more.

    Queen St east of the Don Valley Parkway is awesome as well. The best cafes and cute little stores line the sidewalk. Make sure you stop at Te Aro (http://www.te-aro.ca/) for a great latte and Dark Horse (http://darkhorseespresso.com/) for the best americano in the city.

    For breakfast, try the ultimate waffle at Le Petite Dejeuner (http://petitdejeuner.ca/) and head out to Blu Ristorante (http://www.bluristorante.com/) for delicious dinner, they have no corkage fee on Mondays so bring a bottle of your favourite wine!

    If you fancy Thai food, the best place is Khao San Road on Adelaide West (http://www.khaosanroad.ca/) but keep in mind that you shouldn't show up there unless you have a reservation, the place is always packed and my advice would be to reserve a few days in advance if you are planning on going later in the week. Try the coconut water, Thai iced tea, garlic tofu, squash fritters, and the green curry. Yum!

    My comfort food heart rests with Weezie's on King East. They don't have a website so this might do (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/food-and-wine/weezies-is-so-right-now/article1149578/), and they are small so you might want to make a reservation just in case. They don't always have it for dessert but if they do, try the ultimate malva pudding. Delish.

    For amazing gelato, head to The Mad Italian on College (http://www.maditalian.ca/), my fave flavours are ferrero rocher and pink grapefruit.

    Cute bars: Parts and Labour (http://www.partsandlabour.ca/), The Comrade (http://www.yelp.ca/biz/the-comrade-toronto), and The Underground in the Drake Hotel (http://www.thedrakehotel.ca/dining/venues/underground/).

    Whew, sorry for the essay and if you need any other info or you’d like me to recommend a specific type of place let me know.

    Have fun in Toronto!

    P.S. Your sunglasses are smashing.

  80. 3.28.12
    melissa said:

    I am looking for a top with flowers, but I don't do colour so hoping to find something black & white or grey! You look stunning!

  81. 3.29.12
    Aarti said:

    I absolutely love this skirt on you Alex… its gorgeous! I wish I had the height to wear a skirt of that length. That skirt on me would probably come way past my knees, and make me look shorter than I already am 🙂 I always try them on in stores, hoping I can get away with it.. but never had any luck! I also love all the accessories you've paired with it… it's pretty perfect!

    xx Aarti

  82. 3.29.12
    Cee said:

    Just catching up on my blog roll after my business trip and it made me smile to see you wearing this floral print again – but in a skirt this time! Did you replace the failed pants, or just add your your H&M floral collection? Either way, the skirt is gorgeous and the print really was meant to go with that Gentle Fawn blouse. The addition of my very favourite shoes of your are really just the icing on the cake.

    Can't believe you're leaving so soon, pally, and that our timing is going to work out so that we're separated for over a year! We must do a get-together beforehand, I'll keep April 20th open on my calendar 🙂


  83. 3.30.12

    love, LOVE! the skirt is so amaze! X

  84. 3.31.12
    Elisabeth said:

    What a stunning outfit, so perfectly put together! You look great in this dark turquoise color!

    E from Helsinki

  85. 4.2.12
    Sevan said:

    oh i love this look! stunning skirt and great styling x


  86. 7.3.14

    the color contrast is absolutely perfect, lovely skirt

  87. 7.3.14

    the color contrast is absolutely perfect, lovely skirt Gander Mountain Coupon Code

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