It Was All Yellow

Club Monaco skirt, shirt c/o Jacob, H&M wedges, belt & rings,
bag c/o Mary Nichols, ring c/o Social Experiment, bfrend bracelet (f/ Violet Hill)

 It’s hard to believe that a mere four days ago, it was actually balmy enough to play in the wind in a tank for a bit (though I did eventually have to throw on my beloved Club Monaco men’s sweater). In true Vancouver fashion, it has now been raining steadily for the past three days and great news…it will keep raining for at least five days more! Style bloggers and the weather…it’s an eternal battle (or at least, a decade-long battle).

I am having the hardest time concentrating on school right now, which is kind of a shame because I only have two weeks left. I have become this freak rental-hunting weirdo and can’t seem to think of anything other than 4-bedroom apartments, lease terms and proximity to amenities. I swear I’ve been spending more time on ViewIt or Craigslist than Twitter lately, which is sadly very strange for me.
I must be really, really caught up with apartment hunting right now because for the first time in my life, I really just don’t care that it’s my birthday right around the corner. In all years past, I’ve shot for a big blowout party (which would always happen on the 9th for some reason so that I’d be barely functional for the 10th, my actual birthday). This year, my attitude has shifted and all I feel like doing is just having a low-key dinner with a few friends, some wine and maybe a movie, which makes me think…
….what’s happening to me?!?!?! Am I developing the stamina of a grandmother before my time has come? I do like AbFab an awful lot and I have been drinking abnormal amounts of tea lately…I’ve also developed this obsession with Sudoku. So I’m just a little worried. I’m going to try to kind of roll with this whole low-key mood for now but if I start watching WWI documentaries and buying festive Easter egg earrings, please reel me back into my youth.
Happy humpday everyone! To Vogue or Bust

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  1. 3.28.12
    Faith said:

    so pretty! i am loving the pale yellow and brown together!

  2. 3.28.12
    Laura-xo said:

    Gorgeous colour 🙂
    So springy 🙂

    Laura xoxo

  3. 3.28.12

    this skirt is so pretty! love the color!
    xo, Tina

  4. 3.28.12
    Shannon said:

    Your skirt is so pretty, I love it! I love yellow with a pop of aqua.

  5. 3.28.12
    claude said:

    your text really made me smile 🙂
    I think everyone knows a calmer phase now and then,
    but yeah we'll be there to stop you!
    Good luck for your apartment hunt!
    I really like the skirt you're wearing in this post
    and your hair looks lovely in the wind


  6. 3.28.12
    Marisa said:

    I adore how light and airy this ensemble is Alexandra! The pastel yellow paired with white and cognac is so clean. And hey, your birthday is a day before mine! I'm on the 11th 🙂 I have to admit that I enjoy the low-key dinners with friends more than a huge blowout but I've come to accept that I'm not 20 anymore. Although if you do start wearing Easter egg earrings I will reel you because I'm not even doing that…yet! 😉


  7. 3.28.12

    This is such a perfect spring look, that skirt is gorgeous, such a lovely colour and the the way it moves! The scalloped edge of that top is really wonderful too. Ugh fashion blogger weather problems, the worst. It's supposed to snow again on sunday? Eff off mother nature.
    I know the feeling of being old, I went out with some friends this weekend and my body cannot handle being out until 3am, I've been run down ever since! A low key birthday dinner sounds pretty great, and you have vacations coming up too so that'll probably pull you back out of old age!

  8. 3.28.12
    Wren said:

    I love your bfrend bracelet. I've been coveting them for awhile now.
    Happy early birthday! And I wouldn't worry about feeling old. Low-key and relaxing can sometimes turn into spontaneous wild fun.


  9. 3.28.12

    love your skirt!
    kisses from prague

  10. 3.28.12
    Kaitlin said:

    that pastel yellow color is absolutely amazing on you!
    i have to admit it's so gorgeous!

    xo kaitlin

  11. 3.28.12
    hattitude said:

    Hattitude Style Blog

    i always feel like i'm a 90 year old grandma living in a 24 year olds body! i drink tea, collect vintage tea cups, and get aches in my bones long before my time i know it! haha

    good luck with apartment hunting! which area of vancouver are you looking in?

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  12. 3.28.12
    Leah said:

    Now I know why we should be friends lol. I am at the exact same stage in life right now, and feel like a 25 year old g-ma. We did find a place, but now I spend my hours looking through craigslist and kijiji ads for cheap furniture! And I drink copious amounts of tea on a daily basis! 🙂
    Good luck with the hunt!

  13. 3.28.12

    Love the yellow skirt! You look so springy! We still have snow on the ground so I'm jealous of your bare legs. Good luck with the apartment hunt! I found both of my rentals on Craigslist when I lived in Vancouver but that was pre-Kijiji ; )

  14. 3.28.12

    Hi beauty,
    I just found your blog & I just adore it – your sense of style is amazing, you look fabulous in everything..!

    If you like my blog too,WE COULD FOLLOW EACH OTHER!!! 😉 😉


  15. 3.28.12
    Sam said:

    Your skirt is a very pretty piece, the colour is sublime! Exceptional with the tan & turquoise accessories. All the best with searching for a new apartment, it sounds like an exciting venture. Tea & Sudoku can only be good for you, so worry not! P.S thanks for your lovely comment!

  16. 3.28.12

    Hahaha that last stuff about Ab Fab (I like it too!) and Sudoku (I haven't even attempted it) cracked me up. (And also made me want a cup of tea…)

    Also, I really love the tan, turquoise, and gold accents with the lemon and white.

  17. 3.28.12
    Ida said:

    So pretty! Love the scallop detail and the wide belt over the skirt. Perfect ensemble.

  18. 3.28.12
    Well... said:

    Hahaha! xD Oh man, don't worry, I'm sure its just a phase. I love drinking abnormal amounts of tea too…and oh no, Sudoku is such a nerdy pleasure of mine. What's wrong with us!? 0_o
    I'm sure you'll be partying it up again soon once school is done though. And psst, in case I miss it, happy early birthday 😉
    I love this yellow skirt! Everything paired with it is perfection. This is the perfect summery outfit. If only the sun would come back out!

    Trendy Teal

  19. 3.29.12

    This skirt is sooooo pretty!
    Gorgeous outfit honey xx

    Friend in Fashion

  20. 3.29.12
    becks said:

    such a pretty skirt!! and really love the rings 🙂

  21. 3.29.12
    jessica said:

    I love this outfit! That skirt is perfect. Perfect shade, perfect flow, I just love it.

  22. 3.29.12

    i really like the scalloped neckline, but that skirt is the absolute perfect shade of lemony yellow!

  23. 3.29.12

    The skirt is so pretty— glad you got some good weather! And I am sure things will go back to normal once you find your new place!

  24. 3.29.12
    Nuha said:

    you are so cute! love this outfit. and don't worry, the best memories are made when you focus on the quality of people around you and not the quantity. happy early birthday – hope you enjoy it 🙂

  25. 3.29.12
    Danie said:

    love your skirt and your bag!
    lovely outfit!

  26. 3.29.12
    amuseume said:

    Love the soft colours of the whole palette, it allllmost tricks me into thinking summer is right around the corner. And then a giant gust of wind nearly blows me over and I'm reminded that we live in Vancouver. Regardless, the scalloping on the neck is such a great detail of the shirt that adds that femininity. The cat eye sunglasses are great too by the way!

    — Laina

  27. 3.29.12
    Romi Ya said:

    Hi Alexandra, how you going! 🙂

    I'm hosting my first GIVEAWAY: 7 Bar necklaces and wanted to share with you.
    Hope you can check it out!

    7 Bar Necklaces GIVEAWAY! Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  28. 3.29.12

    I remember those amazing few days of flawless weather and now I am just more excited for it to warm up! This outfit is the essence of spring! You look great in yellow!!

  29. 3.29.12
    Laura said:

    Don't worry sweetie, I'm sure this is gonna pass fast:) I'd love to drink more liquids though, tea or anything…but, unfortunately I can't:(
    As for your outfit, you look gorgeous as always, love that skirt on you!:X

  30. 3.29.12

    love your outfit! so pretty and flowy

  31. 3.29.12

    Love it! So cute!

  32. 3.29.12
    Leonie said:

    Haha I think you're ok, you have plenty of "youthful" and "adventurous" things planned for the next few months… It's allowed to take it easy for a while 😉

    This skirt you're wearing is AWESOME! Is it from the current collection or an older piece? It's just the perfect length and shade of yellow. Looks great with the white tank top.

    Good luck with the apartment hunt! Hope I'll see you before you're off – we should plan something with the whole group! xo Leonie


  33. 3.29.12
    Jen said:

    I love the colour palette going on here – the soft yellow and cream look so pretty on you and make me long for summer even more! The scallops and pleats are just icing on top of the cake 🙂 I hope you're able to focus well in your last two weeks of school! Are you apartment hunting for Toronto or Vancouver?

    Hopefully see you tomorrow!

  34. 3.29.12

    I so love the whole outfit!!! 🙂

    The beautiful Mind

  35. 3.29.12
    Julye said:

    you look gorgeous – love your skirt!!

  36. 3.29.12

    you look so lovely! great pairing!

    p.s. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! i'm a new follower – i follow you on gfc, bloglovin, fb and twitter! hope you will follow back!

    xoxo, andie

  37. 3.29.12

    Awww love the bracelet. We're having a streak of good weather here in London – no doubt it will be over in no time! Spent the weekend walking the dog through Hyde Park = bliss. Hope you're well xxx

    South Molton St Style

  38. 3.29.12

    Beautiful skirt!….M*

  39. 3.29.12

    Great outfits ♥ 🙂

  40. 3.29.12
    Dora said:

    You look gorgeous, Alexandra!

  41. 3.29.12

    Pretty dress.I love the colour… 🙂

  42. 3.29.12
    Annie said:

    That skirt is gorgeous – such a pretty & fun color! I bet you could totally rock some Easter egg earrings 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  43. 3.29.12
    Heather said:

    LOVE the skirt!!!! Haha I sometimes feel old esp. now and days when I would rather be home then go out. But then I always get the itch to go out and go dancing. I like to think that when you get in the funk of just relaxing or playing it low key its just your body telling you to slow down. So don't worry I don't think you are turning into a Grandma just yet 😉

  44. 3.29.12
    Lia said:

    I love this! Looks so cute! xoxo


  45. 3.29.12
    Megan said:

    What a BEAUTIFUL skirt (and I am obsessed with that Coldplay song). I love that detail shot of your jewelry and the soft material…those rings are so pretty and perfect for spring!

    Kevin is on his last few weeks of school as well and is completely burnt out. Once the sun comes out it's hard to stay focused!

    I am the same way with my birthday. The older I get, the more casual I want my celebration to be. I think a low-key dinner and movie sounds fun… with lots of wine of course 😉

    Happy Thursday!!!

  46. 3.29.12
    Gigi said:

    You've got such a great style. The skirt and jewels are fantastic!

  47. 3.29.12
    Sabine said:

    Super cute skirt! The color is lovely!

  48. 3.29.12
    Katie said:

    Getting old! Uh-oh! Luckily you look stunning as usual 🙂 I love the scalloped edges of the tank and the lemony color of the skirt. Perfect spring and summer attire. Keep day over the next few days!

  49. 3.29.12
    Gabriele said:

    Oh yes, i have heard that it is very rainy down in america for some reason! The spring hotness of london is said to leave soon, and this weekend it will go back to the dull, rainy and cold weather again. 🙁 Anyways, adore your outfit, love the skirt soo much, perfect colour, love the pleats!
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

  50. 3.29.12
    yiqin; said:

    you really rock the yellow skirt <3

  51. 3.29.12

    Gorgeous look!

  52. 3.29.12
    Natalia said:

    However you were lucky to take some pictures of this great outfit! I love this hue of yellow, it's so pretty 🙂

  53. 3.29.12

    I think it's okay when we become low key at times esp if there are more necessity things that should be tackled such as your apt. hunt…there could'nt be more comfortable other than finding the perfect place to stay…the harbor looks warm..wish I have your sun!

  54. 3.29.12


    x ELLE

  55. 3.29.12
    Lexxie` said:

    lovely. I love this yellow skirt.

  56. 3.29.12

    Nice outfit, I like your blog! 🙂

  57. 3.29.12
    jess said:

    I love the neckline on your top.

  58. 3.30.12
    Cee said:

    Oh pally, embrace the joys of getting older – tea and sudoku are the good parts 🙂 I can't believe your birthday is just around the corner and you didn't remind us all sooner, but you definitely do have a lot on your mind right now! Hopefully the apartment hunt goes well and you find a beautiful place in the city. Always love seeing your wearing our skirt; I'm so sad I missed out on the beautiful, sunny weather we had! Lovely to see you this afternoon, my darling.

  59. 3.30.12
    Sarah said:

    You look so gorgeous in these photos! That yellow skirt is perfection

  60. 3.30.12

    Love the lemon skirt! It's a really lovely colour.
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  61. 3.30.12

    You look so chic in this look, the yellow skirt is so so cute.

  62. 3.30.12

    Hope you have a lovely birthday, grandmother 😉

    Emma xo

  63. 3.30.12

    You look fabulous! (As always) I, too, am having a difficult time staying focused on school. The end is so near, and I just can't wait to go back home for the summertime.

    Best wishes on the apartment hunt and the rest of your school year.

  64. 3.30.12

    I love love love this look! the skirt is the perfect shade of yellow and looks amazing on you.

  65. 3.30.12
    Jackie said:

    Haha every time I read your posts I feel like we are the same person! I promise to bring you back to the young-side if you become too granny.

    I am loving that pop of yellow on you, and of course your bag is just so gorg!

  66. 3.30.12

    You look amazing, dear!
    I love everything you're wearing!
    That skirt is so cute, and I like your shoes!
    Have a nice weekend <3

  67. 3.30.12
    jamie said:

    omg omg me too! i have become a bitter old woman, lol. sodoku? hell yes! Wold Wars documents? please! i spend all day watching the discovery channel and play trivia games, lol. my idea of a perfect friday evening is sipping on wine, reading a good book/magazine, and cuddling up next to my boo. but you know, i think it's okay 🙂 so you enjoy this time, girl! and can we talk about this look? you look a-maz-ing! the proportions are just right! that chunky belt is the perfect size and your shoes are perfection 🙂 good luck with the apartment hunting doll<3 talk to you soon! have a good weekend!

    love, james

  68. 3.30.12
    Rachhh. said:

    Love the way the lemon shades go with the brown tones! Lovely skirt!! xo

  69. 3.30.12
    Cathy said:

    Cute skirt! (:

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  70. 3.31.12
    Melina said:

    love that yellow skirt! so feminine!

    The Caffeinated Closet

  71. 3.31.12

    i love your lovely style !

  72. 3.31.12
    Nikki said:

    Your outfit is so lovely, you look so pretty! Wonderful blog:) XX

  73. 3.31.12
    Elisabeth said:

    Haha your post got me laughing..I've also been told that I'm an old spirit in the body of a relatively young girl..haha. I also enjoy tea, and other things that many relate to grandmothers..I felt the same way this year, didn't want to organize a party at all. But I did. But I think this was the last time though, or at least I'll have a break after this one. Like you said, a dinner would feel much nicer. When one has a party, there's never enough time to speak with everybody which is a shame…
    This skirt is absolutely beautiful, and you're right, so is the bracelet.

    E from Helsinki

  74. 3.31.12

    OoooOH love all the pastels!!!! I'm so glad that I accidentally stumbled on your blog, you have great taste and you're so pretty! I'm following you now, thank you! Hope you follow me back on twitter and or blog loving too. hope you have a great weekend! xO

  75. 4.1.12
    Kim W. said:

    stunning photographs! I love your outfit!! You have amazinggg style… I love the gold jewelery and the yellow skirt so much!! 🙂 xkim

  76. 1.29.13

    LOVE this outfit! So perfect for spring!
    xoxo stylelista

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