Snap and Repeat

If you guys follow along already on Snapchat (tovogueorbust), then it’s probably pretty obvious that it’s one of my favourite platforms. I honestly believe in it so much as part of a brand’s storytelling and being able to organically share who you really are, whether you’re an individual brand or a company consisting of many people. So naturally, I was really honoured when the amazing people at ROAM asked me to speak at their Vancouver social media conference (happening May 12-13!) about how I use the platform, and of course all my tips and tricks. 
Last year, I spoke at ROAM about Instagram and also got a chance to attend the full conference. It was honestly such an incredible experience and when I came home, I was not only brimming with new ideas to implement in my own business, but I’d also made a bunch of new friends, felt really bolstered and supported as a business owner and just truly inspired to tackle new projects head-on armed with so much new knowledge.
I’m so excited to not only be spilling my Snapchat secrets, but to get to attend the full conference going down here in Vancouver this year. It’s going to undoubtedly be chockfull of amazing inspo and practical business solutions, a combo I’m all about.
You can buy tickets to ROAM here—make sure you don’t wait too long if you’re thinking of coming as tickets are selling fast! Really hope I get to meet you there and to connect while listening to all the amazing speakers sharing all things social, entrepreneurship and so much more!
Already attending? Join the conversation on social with the hashtag #HowWeRoam!
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