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So, so, so excited to officially welcome you to the new To Vogue or Bust! As this space has grown over the years and developed into what I’m proud to say is a truly multi-vertical digital destination (from travel to fitness to style), I was really beginning to feel as if its layout just didn’t keep up with the content I was sharing. This new and improved space is all about making all my content easier to navigate and explore than ever before, and just a more grown-up destination in general since, well…I’ve grown up!

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Photos by Alicia Fashionista

I have to give major props to Meg White for swooping in when I literally was at a loss as to what to do with the site (near-finished but still missing critical elements needed to go live). My girl Christie had been in a similar situation and recommended her and she couldn’t have been more right about her. She was so professional and sweet and talented – if you’re in the market for a web designer/developer, don’t hesitate to reach out to her!

Like any new launch I’m sure there are a few things to finesse but whether it’s a little thing or otherwise, I would so appreciate your feedback! Please tell me in the comments below or shoot me an email!

And now, I’m back off to bed. So glad I had these stunning shots taken from Alicia, Bethany and I’s journey to Abbotsford last week as I’ve been battling a stomach flu all week. It’s the worst! I honestly just thought I was maybe a bit worn down from the weekend away with my besties when I started feeling ill Sunday, but…no. Definitely stomach flu. So in addition to any redesign feedback, if you have any tips for getting better fast, hit me up!

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  1. 5.4.16
    Lisa said:

    Congrats on the new site and get well soon!

  2. 5.4.16

    Hi Alexandra,

    The new site looks beautiful! I love your photo shoot in the tulips- so pretty 🙂

    Sorry you are feeling ill.

    To get your immune system working at its best you need key nutrients and gentle movement (walking/stretching) to get your lymph system flowing properly.

    A healthy immune system is all about balance. If your immune system is overactive and angry- your will have too much inflammation and be more susceptible to autoimmune disease. However, if your immune system is too weak- your body cannot properly defend against infection, so you are more at risk for colds, flu and infection.

    There are several key nutrients that directly control your immune system:

    1) Vitamin D- best food sources are fatty fish- wild salmon, sardines and mushrooms (even white button mushrooms). Your skin can make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. However, most people in Canada are deficient in vitamin D. Try supplementing with 1000-5000 IU VD3 per day. Do not take more than 10,000 IU per day.

    2) Vitamin A- food sources are egg yolk and cod liver oil. Pre-vitamin A compounds (beta-carotene)- best sources are carrots (carrot juice is delicious!!!) and tomatoes and other red pigmented vegetables. Do not take vitamin A supplements unless you have doctor guidance, as can be dangerous.

    3) n-3 fatty acids- best sources are fatty fish, flax seed, hemp seed, walnuts, chia seeds. Can take fish oil supplements- but make sure it is from wild salmon, sardines and/or herring. I take up to 2 g of fish oil per day.

    4) Zinc- mineral found in shrimp, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, spinach, dark chocolate (do not take too much if you supplement- can suppress your immune system)

    5) Magnesium- best sources are leafy green vegetables. Spinach!!! Can also supplement with magnesium. Can also try taking a bath in Epsom salts (source of magnesium)- very good for sore muscles.

    6) Mushrooms can also boost your immune system. You can take Cordyceps or Reishi mushroom supplements. Eating white button mushrooms (cooked) can also boost immunity.

    7) Garlic- try eating raw for maximum benefit- the active compound breaks down within 15 min of cutting. Try rubbing cut clove on piece of toast, then add some coconut oil or butter and voila you have yummy garlic toast!

    8) Ginger is amazing at boosting immune response and fighting infection. Try dried ginger tea, or can buy fresh root, cut into slices and chew (spicy but yummy!!!) *Also helps with pain

    9) Citrus fruits- oranges, lemon, lime, grapefruit- rich in vitamin C and other compounds that strengthen your immune system

    10) Probiotics and other good bacteria- try supplements (look for pills that have many different strains, including lactobacillus and bifidobacteria). Also try Kombucha tea- contains beneficial bacteria.

    11) Oil of Oregano can definitely help with sore throat and kill nasty bacteria. It is very strong though. Rosemary essential oil also works very well (milder and more affordable)

    12) State of Mind. There is lots of evidence showing that stress can directly affect the immune system. Try to take care of yourself and be nice to yourself. Watch funny movies. Talk to people that make you happy. Sleep as much as you can. Take a nice hot bath. Get your sweat on. Give yourself a foot massage.

    Hope you feel better ☺

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