The Dailey Series: How to Get Toned Arms

Arm workout for summer

If you’ve been following my road to recovery since I had my series of back injuries, you’ll know just how much The Dailey Method has helped me. Just months ago I was able to do anything without ever having to think twice about it, and being an active person, that included everything from swimming to spin to boot camp to kickboxing. Since I’m still very much recovering and get flare-ups since my back sprain, I at first felt really dejected about how limited I felt with my workouts. But then, I discovered The Dailey Method – becoming a regular there and seeing the major impact to my body (and its serious help in recovering actively) has literally changed my life. So naturally, while you’ll get full benefits from heading into your nearest studio and experiencing it in-person, I wanted to share a bit of The Dailey Method magic with you over a 4-part series hitting each of those beach body areas we all want to tone up as the temperatures warm up: core, booty, legs and how to get toned arms, today’s workout!

Best arm workouts

The Workout

DO: 10-20 reps of each 

YOU’LL NEED: 2-3lb. weights

Bicep Curls

How to do a proper bicep curl

With palms facing in, bend at the elbow and hug upper arms close to the ribs. Curl forearms up and then press down keeping tension in the biceps at all times.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curl tutorial Hammer arm press

Just like the bicep curl, but turn palms to face in so the thumbs are pointing up. Start to slowly walk upper arms up until they’re parallel with the ground and keep curling the forearms in and out. Keeping tension down the front of the arm is key! After doing full range of motion, finish by doing micro movement punching upwards here for 20 reps, keeping upper arms parallel to ground.

Chest Press


With upper arms now parallel to ground and in front of the shoulder, open the arms out to the side and then squeeze elbows back in towards each other, keeping weights directly over elbows. This works the muscles in your chest, back, and the front and back of the shoulder.

Shoulder Press


Shoulder press

Bring elbows into sides (right next to rib cage) and then press up into a shoulder press – pull elbows back down to complete a rep.


Tricep presses Tricep pulse

Bend at the waist keeping a neutral pelvis and spine. Engage your core to support your spine and protect your lower back, maintaining a soft bend in your knees. Extend arms behind you holding the contraction in the upper arms so that weights are just behind your hips. Upper arms hug close to the body keeping shoulder blades and collar bones wide. Press up and hold the contraction with every lift up, not letting arms fall back down. Go through full range of motion for 10-20 reps then hold at highest points and do tiny lifts here, moving about an inch or so. The secret to this exercise is to feel like you’re barely moving so that the muscles in the back of the upper arm (your triceps) stay engaged! Finish off with a 15 second hold at your highest point on your tip-toes.

And that’s it! You can easily do this one at home with some weights (I’ve even used cans in a pinch if you’re without weights) or add it into your routine if you’re at the gym. I can’t wait to share the other 3 parts of this series – stay tuned!

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Finally, a big thank you to Stephanie and Jen (two of my favourite instructors) for being on hand to bring me through this workout series, and to the whole Dailey Method team for being so wonderful! They literally treat you like family and always take the time to get to know everyone who comes through their doors. Honestly can’t recommend the studio enough!

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  1. 5.16.16

    I can see that you are a tough person and I know that coming out of your illness will only make you tougher. I wish you a speedy recovery. Great article! Glad you shared.

  2. 5.17.16
    Katy said:

    How to get toned arms: use >3 lb weights. And, with a back injury, using >3 lb weights may not be advisable (I got my first back injury during a tricep workout). So. Sponsored post, yay!

    • 5.18.16
      Alex Grant said:

      Hi Katy – sorry to hear you’ve had a back injury too – they’re awful! This isn’t a sponsored post – I genuinely love Dailey Method and believe in them so much (and in what they’ve done for my recovery) that I asked them to support me with this series so that I could share workouts that have worked for me. Thanks for sharing what’s worked for you though! Let me know if you have any other tips.

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