[VIDEO] My Facial Massage Routine

How to massage your faceI’m sure that by now, you all know of my undying loyalty to Amanda of Glow Dermal Therapy (read more about her here and here!). She quite literally completely changed my skin, and now I can proudly walk around without a touch of makeup on feeling totally confident and empowered in my skin. Let’s just say that wasn’t always the case – I battled with really reactive skin that was prone to breakouts for years, and while I still do breakout here and there, the overall glow and clarity of my skin is something I never thought I’d be able to achieve.

What I love about Amanda is that she teaches you and educates you (Mara, the latest addition to Glow, is also incredible about this!), ensuring you know how to take amazing care of your skin when she isn’t around to give the most amazing facials ever. I begged her to show me her massage technique and we actually filmed it last year in the studio but it was kind of a perfect storm filming-wise – sirens going on outside, echoing, etc. So I thought I’d just share a straightforward, quicker version of how to massage your face today in my latest video! Collect your products, give it a watch below and make your skin glow while you’re at it, then I’d so appreciate it if you’d subscribe to my YouTube channel as I continue to share my latest vids (every Thursday at the very least if not more)!


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