No-Heat Beachy Waves

no heat beachy waves by To Vogue or BustIt would be the understatement of the century to say that I am low key when it comes to my hair. I honestly can’t think of the last trip that I packed my curling iron for—I not only am supremely lazy, but I also find that in the summer there are some seriously easy styling hacks that give my naturally straight hair some movement and waves without having to plug anything in! Best of all, if you do use heat in your hair very often, this easy-peasy beach waves tutorial will give your hair a bit of a break from the heat so that you can keep it as healthy as possible this summer! Give the video below a watch then follow the steps listed below.

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No-Heat Beachy Waves

  1. Wash your hair as always then towel dry hair and comb out
  2. Spray in a wave spray or salt spray (I’m using OUAI’s Wave Spray), comb through then let your hair dry to about 80-90% dry.
  3. Part your hair in a top half and bottom half and quickly tie the top part. Start spinning your lower half into a knot until it starts spiralling on itself and then secure with an elastic!
  4. Take your top half out and twisting away from your face, knot both sides the same way you did the lower half and secure with elastics. Keep the front pieces out and tuck them behind your ears (this will create a cool, natural bend).
  5. Keep in for as long as you can (while you’re doing your makeup, having breakfast, or even overnight!) and then remove elastics, combing through hair with fingers or wide-toothed comb and reforming some curls.

beachy waves hair tutorial by To Vogue or Bust best beachy hair tutorial by To Vogue or BustAnd that’s it! Super easy, lasts all day for me and best of all, if you don’t need to wash your hair every day (I find I need to, my hair’s just too fine not to) you could braid it at night and the waves, bend and texture (thanks to the salt/wave spray!) will result in some really cool new movement the next day! I have some of my other go-to picks for sprays below, as well as the only comb I use on my hair! Finally, kudos to my stylist Chris Weber—I haven’t touched my hair colour since February and I still love it! You can find him at Vanilla Loft in North Vancouver.

beachy waves hair tutorial by To Vogue or BustAnd with that, I’m off for the weekend to score beach waves of mine from the ocean itself because I’m off to the cabiiiiiin! This week has kinda kicked my ass between post-travel catch-up, feeling run down, some personal biz and getting over a back spasm. I am 100% taking it easy this weekend and so excited to be with my family. To my fellow Canucks, I hope you have an amazing long weekend and an even better Canada Day!


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