My Fave Lightroom Preset (For Free!)

Best free lightroom presets 2018 About a year and a half ago, I shared my current go-to preset with you guys and I had such a great response to it that I thought I’d share my fave that I’ve been using on just about all of my Instagram pictures as of late! What’s more, because I’m clearly super sweet, you guys can get it for free! All you have to do is sign up to my newsletter, either here or at the sign-up form on the bottom and it’ll get sent straight to your inbox.

Best free lightroom presets 2018 Lightroom is where 99% of my editing goes down these days so I’m constantly updating presets as per my travels and the like, though I find I’m usually using a similar-ish one and then building from it for each new destination because I really love the same kind of tones no matter what – cooler greens, pops of blue, a sharpness and clarity to the shot and brightness. This preset I’ve been vibing with lately very much captures the same visual element but has a tiny bit more moodiness to it, which I love for the fall/winter months.

Best free lightroom presets 2018 This one’s particularly amazing for blues and greens, so if you’re up the mountain or by the ocean this fall (or even in the snow later this winter, this one would look awesome with whites and trees peeking out below). I used it a lot in the summer though so it can definitely translate to tropical shots too!

Best free lightroom presets 2018 Long story short, it’s a really great preset for getting out side and capturing those beautiful outdoor shots we get so much of here in Vancouver! I can’t wait to see how you guys use it on your own shots!

Best free lightroom presets 2018And on that note, sign up below and get your free preset sent straight to your inbox! You will need desktop Lightroom for this but even if you don’t have it downloaded yet, get the preset download anyway so that you can use it when you do get it set up! I’m always open to creating mobile presets too so if there’s any interest in that, let me know!


If you guys use it on any of your Insta shots, tag it with #tvobpresets & I’ll share on my stories! Can’t wait to see how you use them! Happy Friday guys!


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